Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sleepless in Kansas City

In a much better mood today. Well, kind of. :) Thanks for the kind words and email - I am feeling a little better! I may (may may may) have a chance at a new job thru a friend of mine. I'm still awaiting some info from her but it sounds just like my cup o' tea. Plus, its in a new office so I would basically get to start everything out my way - which is always a good thing. Wish me luck.

New issue of IK is out. Have ya seen it? I am really hoping someone starts a KAL for the shrugs. A few of them are online and free - so it wouldnt even have to be for those who buy/subscribe to the magazine. I am more motivated and likely to finish if I am in a KAL. And....I don't know the first thing about starting one so.... if one of ya start one - holler at me.

I placed a order thru Knitpicks yesterday. Some of the merino in Pink and lime green to make a kicky felted purse, some Shimmer as I'm told by several people "its da bomb", some of the undyed Wool of the Andes so I can try my hand at using the Rit Dyes Laura sent and a couple of the cheapie wools. Yah for me. I am thinking of ordering some of the Tallahatchee color scheme thru Heritage Yarns too. Its a little pricey though....but...maybe.

Last night during yet another bout of insomnia (aka why I am a crank ass), I started a simple purse with some Lornas Laces wool I have had for a while. I hope to have it finished tonight and will felt it tomorrow. Its my own pattern, just made up as I go along. Its either going to be scary as hell - or really cute.

I also managed to use up all the Plymouth Alpaca in the last couple of days. I made a cute little chevron style baby blanket. Its not exactly practical for babies - but its soft enough that I think the handwashing will be worth it. Now... for someone to have a baby.

Pics tomorrow as I missed the best sunlight today.

Gotta run - have a good day!


At 5:36 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Yay, shopping! Can't wait to see pics. I need to check out the IK! Our knitting meetup is at B&N tomorrow night, so I'll get it then. Sorry you're not sleeping, bleah. But don't feel bad, I'm cranky even when I get plenty of sleep! haha


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