Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yarn Yarn Yarn

I placed a order for yarn thru Knitpicks on Monday - and today it arrived. FAST!! Lots of yummy stuff too -

Wool for my pink/green felted purse to come

The much anticipated Shimmer

A truckload of soft pink lace

And to try my hand at dying wool.....

I am soooo excited. In the midst of three other projects and the wait to start something with this new stash ....may kill me. :)

Speaking of stuff that may kill me, look at this.

What the hell? My Lornas Laces felted up all stripey. Totally not what I was going for.

So - if you want it gimme a holler, post a comment or email me at beedergirl*at*yahoo*com. Seriously - its a little too happening for me and my senior citizen ass. I did start a new one in solids, another of my own patterns but its not going to be fluffy on the bottom.

"fluffy on the bottom" - wondering how many google hits that one will get. And how dissapointed they will be.


To close - a pic of my dog (no groans please - you know you think shes da bomb) after a frantic game of get the bouncy ball out of the Uggs. I knew those shoes would pay off eventually.

Have a good one!


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