Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yarn.Com Anniversary Sale

My yarn diet resolve is being tested.

This is why.

And gawd - how I love this - Fantasia.

Is that not the prettiest mohair ever? And you know - it would make a wonderful (insert current obsession here) shawl. And its on sale. I mean, this must be a sign right?


To change the subject, while I am wiping the mohair yearning drool from my lip, tonight - is Survivor. Yeah buddy. And - so far Stephanie, my prediction for winner this season, is still in the game. Its also the night where I watch the lame Apprentice. Did you hear that the tobacco chewin' doof was arrested this week? I heard the end of the story on the news, along with a lovely mugshot. Not sure why the arrest - but if ya watch the show - you can probably wager a guess.

Still C8'ing and just started a ripple wave shawl in my own pattern for a friend. Actually a friend who is paying me to make it as a gift for her MIL. Free yarn and a little moola for my labor - life is good.

Now - back to - just one or two sk's.....who's gonna know? ;)


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