Friday, May 13, 2005

Ask Dr Phil - and stuff

Today I had an interview for a job that I don't really want but really need. Then again, all of my interviews are for this type of job. And I interviewed with two men which is never a win situation for me.

It seems like whenever I interview with a woman I can form a friendship, some sort of hidden bond that is just there. And this is with most women. Men - I am just a lump of nerves. Two men is even worse.

When they both appear to be younger than me - well its all over man.

Anyway, it could of been worse I suppose. Usually I break into nervous sweats. The kind where you thank gawd you wore bangs today as maybe they will act as a sponge to absorb the sweat before it slides down your nose.

I don't interview well. This I know.

They said they were interviewing all next week and would be in touch the week after. The nail in the coffin.

Its the equivalent of the phrase "its not you, its me" only in the job interview world.

Now I am trying to figure out why I interview so awfully with men. Or rather, not that I interview so awfully but come across as being un-hireable in their minds. I think the interview went pretty well, I mean ....I am THE chick for the job. Over qualified at that. And although on the inside I am a wigged out mess, on the outside I appear to be calm, smart and friendly. I didnt stutter or cuss or have anything stuck in my teeth. Nor did I even use the phrase "But I'm a fast learner". I even wore my push-up bra.


Ok, onto knitting stuff. Which is really why you came over here right? Not to listen to me ramble about job interviews and stuff.

Want to see some pics of the hand dyed yarn I made earlier in the week?


Kind of uneventful pictures as the day is cloudy - and the camera cheap.

One of these is going to be gifted to a pal who is just starting sock knitting and also doing a huge favor for me right now. I won't say the name - its a surprise!

Alright - I am out of here for now. Sorry such a dull, rambling post today - promise to be in better spirits tomorrow.




At 5:36 PM, Blogger Bridget said...

I just signed up for SP5 so I checked out your site. I, too, have had foot problems and surgery which limits the length of time I can exercise. That and I am sooo lazy I just don't want to get out of bed to go to the Y!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the job. I have had the same experiences and I still haven't figured out what it is either. I think it may be that men are intimidated by intelligent women - that's what I tell myself anyway!

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Debi said...

Hi Rox-
Picture the male interviewers in backless chaps while you chat :)

I'm sending *you are THE girl for the job* vibes!!

The hand dyed yarn is just lovely!!


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