Monday, May 09, 2005

Day O' Excitement

It is to be a day of dog sitting, i-cord making, house cleaning and folding the at least 1000 towels that I washed yesterday.

Oh and handwriting out entries for SP5 as my printer chose this weekend to crap out. Especially on a week where we had $600 in vet bills. Ack.

Everyone all at once now - "Grrrrr".

Ok. I'm done with the pity party.

Doogie is doing much better. Thanks to all of you for your kindness and well wishes for her. She is still a little woozy and on a very little movement routine - but she did manage to yell obscenities at the mailman today. Which tells me she is feeling back to her old self a little more each day.

Want to see the pics of the crochet scarves I started yesterday? Made with the yarn I dyed.

The first is pink/orange the second orange/creme. The pattern is from the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting. Really easy crochet, would be great for a beginner just learning crochet too.

I was going to post an uneventful pic of my i-cord for the not - ugly (per Erin) Booga bag I made last week. But, its just not necessary to terrorize you guys on a daily basis.

Erin was being kind. Even the handle would make babies cry. But isnt she the sweetest for saying that? :)

Spent a good part of the w/e working on SP5 stuff. I am shocked at how the participants are from all over the world. Malaysia, Germany, England, Australia & even one from South Africa. Amazing. And they are all so very sweet and kind. Its been a wonderful experience so far - and I am really enjoying it.

Have a good one!

ps. that Neil Diamond I hear on The Ellen Show today? Is it bad that I got me a little ND crush? Just his music - not his bod. You pervs.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger BeccaU said...

oh my gosh - handwriting?? wow. very admirable. I like your scarves - one more mental note to myself to learn crochet!

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Jacqueline said...

How did you dye the yarn? I'm assuming it's not kool-aid. It's gorgeous?

I got me some ND on right now. Cracklin' Rose!


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