Friday, May 06, 2005

My SP4 Rocks

Woo hoo! I finally found out who my SP4 was! Danielle sent me yet another box of goodies along with the grand reveal of who she was! Look at what graced my mailbox yesterday. Prepare to drool in sheer jealousy man.

CPY Cotton Chenille

A gazillion yards of worsted merino from Blue Moon

Passport Yarn Co - this screams Misty Garden :)

The cutest tape measure kitty & a ton of lip gloss.

She also sent a little lamb toy (which Doogie has called her own), a cat toy that Sable has hidden in some secret no-dogs-allowed spot and a brooch which was attached to the yellow yarn above - I forgot to photograph it! All wonderful, all very sweet.

Thank you so much Danielle. You went wayyy above and beyond and I am truly spoiled!

I finished my Booga bag, well most of it at least. Its kind of ugly. Be kind. I do still need to make the handles for it - but I just havent had time to look for (or at the links my SP sent me - tytyty) what a I-cord is. I will this w/e though - then its off to felt city.

Pics of my latest excursion into hand dyeing. Oranges and pinks. Some are blah - some I love. The pic doesnt really offer up true color - they are kind of bright.

And last but certainly not least - my pup. She is feeling a bit better. We built a cushy fort for her in the front room. This would not be a good day for Better Homes & Gardens to visit my house. Not that there ever is/was or will be a good time. Here's a pic of my sweetie resting with her heater fan, 4000 pillows and every comforter we had in the house. Thanks for all the kind emails wishing her well - she is looking/feeling better every day. Plus all this couch time gives me quality knitting time too.

Have a good one!


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Well, I hope Doogie gets completely better, though I wouldn't blame her for wanting to stay on the Isle de Pillo. Oh man! The first time I did i-cord (which, coincidentally was for the handles to my booga bag) I became completely addicted!! It's very fun and easy!

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Danielle said...

Go I cord crazy. It can be really addictive. I started using one of those icord makers and I made I cord for a whole day in all different colors.

Glad you like the fiber goodness. It was fun to find.


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