Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I totally stole this from someones blog last week (think it was Jacqueline). Couldnt resist. Try it... kinda fun.

Google an image for the following things in your life:

First Car

Lovely diarreah brown Chevette.

Place You Grew Up

Abilene KS. President Eisenhowers birthplace, home and gravesite, Historical Old Abilene Town, Greyhound (the dogs silly) Hall of Fame and yada yada yada.

Place You Live Now

What shows up when you type your name in- first, and LJ/Blog name

Nothing worthy.

Favorite Food

Chicken Lo Mein

Favorite Drink

Favorite Song

" Soon we'll be married and raise a family. (Oh, yeah)
A cozy little home out in the country with two children, maybe three.
I tell you, I can visualize it all.
This couldn't be a dream, for too real it all seems.
But it was Just My Imagination, running away with me"

Or any song by The Temptations.
I'm a Motown girl with a secret bad boy band side (G & R, Motley Crue, etc)

Favorite Smell
*I was going for chocolate chip cookies here but when I googled that - these guys showed up too. Who can resist puppies. I change my answer....

Favorite Pair of Shoes Ever
*Ok, my fave shoes would be my Born clogs - but.... again.... this guy showed up in the search.... and wouldnt you rather see him than my fave shoes?

Consider yaself tagged, baby!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger LisaB said...

Ooh that was fun, I'm going to do it too!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger laurie said...

waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...i can't find my first car...can i colorize one? lol

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Jenifer said...

Yea ... I'm saving this for myself as well! Thanks ...

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is "diarrhea".


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

Uhm, yeah thanks for the spelling correction. I was totally losing sleep over that.

At 4:00 AM, Anonymous Donyale said...

Well, I liked it...

Now about this sock thing? How do we figure out sizes and fav colours etc for the gal we knit for? Tell me oh wise one.


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