Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Life & times of a 38 year old.

Wow - thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes. My birthday even brought Eric (aka his highness) out of hiding! And a few people I am just getting the op to meet. I'm a lucky girl.

I feel the love, man.

Speaking of love, look at what Christine sent me.

A beautishus scarf. Nothing I love more than a handmade knit, you know. She also thoughtfully sent a couple of the Diabetes "care bracelets". Which goes beyond thoughtfulness as she remembered my FIL and the awful time that he is going thru right now.

You rock. I know you already know that, but I just wanted to say it in public. :) She is also co-hosting SP6. Pray for her. I've warned her of the nervous breakdown I am in the midst of. She said that she has like 23 children (ok, just 5) and ain't afraid.

I've been a knitting fool this week. Want to see pictures?


Heres the slew of (is slew a word? It should be) mittens I've been working on. Got me a mitten addiction lately.

These are pink/black mittens from SNB. I also made white/purple ones but the photos did not come out well.

And the Cigar glove from Knitty. (have you joined LisaB's KAL yet? Do it - these are super easy!)

I love the Cigar glove. This one obviously is not finished yet. My plan was to make a pair for all the boys in the family for Christmas presents. But - its really more of a pattern that I would need to get measurements for the wearer - and I'm all about having gifties be a surprise. So I might not be making a dozen of em' as planned. We'll see. The pattern is super easy though and I highly recommend it. It calls for using two circ but I am using dpn's and it came out just fine. I also went up a couple needle sizes.

The mittens are da bomb. So easy and so fun. And... I get to use all the extra chunky novelty yarn I had laying around the house. These will definitely be the mittens all the girls on the Christmas list get this year. Myself included. :)

Picked up the latest issue of VK.

Lots of great patterns in this issue. Sweaters, cables and a kicky pair of arm warmers that went straight to my must-knit list.

I really think there are a lot of patterns I will be knitting from this issue.

Ok, I'm off. Did I mention recently that I am in SP5 hell? Yeah. Hell. To those of you who had a pal that bailed - I'm doing my best to take care of you. I promise. SP6 is starting a little sooner than I prefer as I have only a few days after the end of SP5 to cover the whole Angel process before the new round starts - but.... I promise.... I'm doing my best.

Have faith. And patience with me.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Hey, don't worry about the SP6 starting too early for your angels...if i have to be an angel to 50 people, I will!!!! Thanks for all of the kind words...and there are people in blogland that love you. By the way... we want nasty commenters blacklisted!

At 7:58 PM, Blogger LisaB said...

Sorry to hear you have had such a trial with SP5. You are saint to handle all those people.

Ooh I like the look of that cable sweater in VK, haven't seen the rest of the issue.

Mittens and gloves are looking good! I think Cigar would be easier to make as gifts for women!

At 6:16 AM, Blogger Beck said...

Well I think you're doing a great job with the SP5. I've been spoiling and getting spoilt. Those that were not happy with their packages should think about the people who haven't been receiving ANYTHING. Anyway, you're doing fine and sorry to hear that you're having a breakdown.

At 6:50 AM, Blogger KSD said...

"Slew" is such a word, especially here in the Deep South. You go ahead, girl!

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

Even if my pal wasn't generous (and she IS), I would never blame you...good grief...let's go to the source of the problem, which certainly isn't the hard-working Rox!!!

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Tanya said...

Too funny - today is my birthdy (the 10th) and I'm 28 - we're we separated at birth? Happy birthday!

I'll make the embroidered gloves in VK, you make the armwarmers...

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Tanya said...

Doh. I meant 38. Again, happy birthday yesterday. Have some cake.


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous megan said...

Happy Birthday, oh-fearless-coordinator of SP5.
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for all of the time and effort you have invested in the exchange.
It is beyond comprehension that someone would email you and complain about the gift they were given! People amaze me every day.
THANK YOU for taking the time to make this happen, and a happy, happy birthday to you.


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