Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Necessity of Water

We've been having problems with the drain in our tub. Clogged but apparently this is a clog that is not deterred by the 72 different bottles of Draino we have chugged down its chute. Hubby decided that today, after he got back from a roadtrip to Nebraska, he would go into the crawlspace under the house (ohgawdno) and screw around with the pipes to try and find the clog.

Ok. I have not bathed since Thursday night when the drain first started acting up. But. Ok.

Not really ok, but I'm trying to be nice. And save us the $200 (or more) a plumber would surely cost. Its worth two days of no bathing. Right?

Last night 1:08am thunder roared so loud that the house shook. I swear, I've never ever heard thunder this loud.

Anyway, this morning at 6am the hubby gets up and yells to me (soundly sleeping thank you very much) that there is no water coming out of the tap.


And other curse words.

After a call to apparently the baboons that are running the 'after hours' phone line with the water department, we find out that a major main water line broke and it will be a few hours before we have water again. And we had to pry this info out of them. Like it was top secret or something.

My only thought of course is not that we won't be able to use the bathroom but that I am a few hours away from being able to play the part of Pigpen from Charlie Brown without any makeup or special effects being needed.

Its 5pm now.

We are still without water. Unless you count the brown, spitting water that completely destroyed my tub this afternoon.

So far. This weekend sucks.

And how is yours going?



At 3:45 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Yuk. Sounds like fun. Ok, so it doesn't, but it seemed the sarcastic thing to say.

My weekend is... well... I think I caught whatever illness was invading your body earlier this week. Thanks. teehee
Back to go lounge on the couch with my sad book and even sadder television programming. yeah I'm a reality tv junkie, too. Just got caught up on Real World earlier. Big Brother's on tonight.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger LisaB said...

Ooh, no water is a bad, bad thing. Hope you get it back soon. :)

Bad weekend so far. I was in a really, really grumpy mood today and not in the mood to deal with anybody. (Kind of bad when I spent the first half of my day at church and I'm about to spend the second half with a group of people at a soccer game). Just look for the grumpy b***h in the stands! :)

Hope your weekend improves!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger erica said...

I'm sorry your weekend is sucking that really sucks. I'm actually having a decent weekend. Working my first weekend working since 1998 is interesting, but hey it's a bookstore. For some reason, being forced to be friendly to high-priced-textbook-paying-grieving college students is actually a lot of fun and puts me in a good mood.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Christine said...

I'm still sick, but happy you got the card. I told you to come stay with me, we have running water. So, when are you coming??? Rhinebeck is right around the corner!!!!

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having so much trouble! I hope it gets solved soon.
I'm having a very decent weekend. Not perfect, mind you (I might have very high expectations tied to "perfect"), but we did find an important box that has been missing for NINE + months! So overall I'm pretty happy.

At 12:21 AM, Blogger Danielle said...

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with crap on toast!

Be well,

At 2:10 AM, Blogger Donni said...

Ink Pink You Stink :)

At 6:12 AM, Blogger Yarngirl said...

I am so sorry. We had a hole in our well pipe last year and that was a few days without water - starting on a Sunday night. Ironically enough - when I called in to take off from work, they were more upset about that then if I had been sick. I will send good water thoughts you're way, and hopefully you will have bathing capabilities shortly!

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

Sorry about your lack of water. Ugh.

As for the clogged drain: have you tried the baking soda, vinegar, boiling water trick? That's the only thing that clears my drains. Drano never works.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Laurie (Moo!) said...

The only way to look on the up-side of this (there is one?) is to realize that you're both, probably, equally smelly.

That should cancel out the smell!

And Pig Pen was cute.

Hope the baboons stop playing with themselves and get that water main fixed soon.


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