Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Day Late....

Alright. I'm here. What a awful blogger I have been lately. Especially when I have so much to talk about!

Combine the fact that I have absolutely no free time with the apparent brain fog I have been in = Bad Blogger.

Can you ever forgive me? Can we get past this little bump in our relationship? I'm lost without you, man.


Ok. First.... the gifts.

Let me just say that I have been overwhelmed with an abundance of gifties this week. Its been like Christmas for me. On days when I am lucky enough to be home when the mailman comes - its all I can do to not sit with my face pressed up against the window seeing if he leaves anything on the stoop.

The stuff.... the mailman has brought me. You better sit down.

First we have a surprise gift from Danielle. Danielle was my spoiler in SP4. And she never stopped spoiling me.

Yeah, thats right baby. 2 skeins of a tasty kid mohair from Filatura DiCrosa- a yarn that I've dreamed of but the budget screamed NO!! Its sooo soft. I have had it on my coffee table for the last few days just to gaze upon its beauty. And wonder what I will make with it. I'll pick a pattern then drop it cuz - its not yarn worthy. That would be how much I love this stuff.

And how badly I need counseling.

She also sent a bunch of stitch markers with a story behind em'. I foolishly once decided that I too would join the ranks of cool people who made kick ass stitch markers. I was wrong. I am sooo not talented enough to make these buggers. Mine were scary.

Trust me on this.

Or I'll show you the photos.

Babies will cry, windows would shatter and yada yada.

I gave up. I sent her my supplies. Which consisted of a few beads that I bought from a bead store and what I thought were suitable jump rings (only learned that term recently from Shannon!) and stuff. Danielle not only made up the markers using the supplies I sent (which I'm not even sure were right!) but she sent them back to ME! And they are beautiful!

Thanks sooo much Chickie! You rock!!

Next on my giftie week is a RAOK from Cheryl. Yeah, a RAOK. From a person I don't even know!

A lovely little bag that just screams sock stuff. Doesnt it look like a perfect bag to fit your sock knitting into? The bag reads "Love me, feed me, go away. Another healthy relationship". Apparently Cheryl has met my cat eh?

Thank you Cheryl - I LOVE it!

Lastly I have only a partial photo of the gifties I received this weekend from my friend Kendra. You may remember me talking about K a few months ago. She is a gal who I met online, she bought one of my knits in fact. We became fast friends. Which was probably a better deal for me than it was for her as she works in a chocolate factory. And... bestows chocolate on me by the truckloads.

Truckloads I say. I'd show you a picture of the candy but uh, well you know I gave it all away to the neighbor kids. And stuff.

Ok. Whatever. I did not give it away. Maybe we ate like three pieces of it.

Or forty.


But - here is a really bad picture (my camera is awful) of the bag she knit up for the charity blog.

Which is I think her first felted bag - pausing for the applause - :). My photo truly sucks - its much better in person. I think maybe she knit it with Lambs Pride (??) and used a ribbon/novelty yarn thruout. Its loverly!

Thanks Kendra - as always.... you surprise me!

Ok. That the mothaload (its a word) of gifts. As I said before - I'm a lucky girl! Thanks Ladies!

Now - what have I been working on? Welllll, there has been stick activity.

First, my sock for my SET buddy. Tina don't look if you want to be surprised. Ah, you know - I'll actually link to it so she doesnt stumble across it here so easily. Click to see my sock progress. You'll have to use your browsers 'back' button to come back. Or leave a trail of bread crumbs. Your choice.

Go on. We'll wait.

I have been soooo stressed over these socks. Dead serious when I say I have cast on for these socks (with many different yarns/sticks) at least 40 times. Each time - something was not right. The color was pooling weird. The gauge was off. The needles were too short. The wool was uneven. Yada yada yada.

Finally, I think that I may have found something - just right. Hoping.

Why does this whole sock knitting thing cause me such grief? Eh, I'm a determined girl. There will be socks. And they will be cute. And Tina will wear em' with pride.

And stuff.

Next, the shawl. A crochet project and an old familiar as far as pattern goes - this is the mindless crochet pattern I love.

A easy peasy shell pattern. Mindless I say. Using Knit Picks Alpalca Cloud lace. Its soft, smooshy and will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Next, a mitten. Just one mitten but the other is on the sticks right now.

Yeah, he's thumbless. I'm waiting to see if I have enough of the brown yarn left over after the second mitten. Might make the thumb tip brown. I actually think these are kind of ugly. But - we'll see. They too are much prettier in person. They are going to be for my SIL's guy. Unless they really do turn out to be ass ugly.

Thats it for knits. Kind of boring eh?


I also wanted to mention that Snooze is going thru a rough time right now. He son was in a car accident (he's ok) but the drama that follows any wreck is sometimes just as scary. She is going to be selling some of her book stash here in the next day or two. Check in - say hi - and maybe see if there is anything that catches your eye. I am sure she'd appreciate it. Love ya Snoozie.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger LisaB said...

Ooh such lovely gifties!!

And that shawl of yours looks so fluffy and airy!

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Tina said...

I exhibited much restraint and did NOT click the link, but I am sure I will love and wear with pride any sock that is made especially for me. I mean, hey, I'm a knitter, too - I know the work that goes into things that are handknit.

Your shawl is so pretty. Everyone seems to be making shawls right now, maybe I should start one.

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Donyale said...

JUST the right shade of Pink :)

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is fun but stressful making socks or anything really for someone else,but I'm sure she will love it.That colour (*&^ (I dont want to give the colour away) is just so pretty

At 5:38 AM, Anonymous ck said...

Glad you like the bag :)


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