Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok, a picture heavy post. And on a rare day when the sun is not blindingly (its a word) bright so my pics are not the greatest. Stupid sun.


Ok. First, the gifties. Yeah, more gifties. Don't be hatin' a gift getter. Again - its a word, man.

Dozens, no - thousands of stitch markers from Bethie & Tahlia. (these are in addition to the thousands they sent me the week before!)

These girls must of read my blog wayyy back. Cuz they knew stuff that even I had forgotten. :) Such beautishus markers with cards attached. Written on the little cards are things like:

"Because Sable is every bit as adorable as you think she is"
"Because they shouldnt let baboons run customer service lines"
"Because you hate Noro's slubs as much as I do"
"Because girdles shouldnt explode"
"Because I will never forget Officer Pain's name either" (hehe)
"Because people should not call you Roxy"

And many many more. I'm in a stitch marker frenzy. Thanks soooo much chickies!

Next we have a crochet book from Shannon.

A complete wonderful surprise for me and I was lost in the book most of the night. Already have added to my 'to make' list - which should keep me busy til I'm maybe 50. Totally made my day - Thank you!!

Speaking of Shannon - have you visited the blog o'charity recently. Got some new stuff up there, Ms. S just donated a handmade bag that I am drooling over. Check it out.... all of the proceeds go towards helping those in need due to hurricane Katrina.


Moving on..... has anyone else had huge spider issues lately? I mean - we have just been under attack by these giant ass spiders the last couple of weeks.

By scary ass spider - I mean this guy and his cousins:

What the hell? He was huge. Kind of beautiful I suppose. He was outside (thankfully) but we've had these huge brown spiders inside. Every night we see/slay another one. Which means there are 20 that you don't see.... just lurking. I am not amused.

What to do?

Knitting scoop.... yes, there has been knitting.... and crochet. More bad pictures:

Can ya guess what thats going to be? Eh?

Nah, not a good enough pic! Its actually maybe 3/4 complete - its one of the capelets from Wrap Style. This one -

I know - it looks nothing like it. But.... it will - I really think its gonna be cute. Using a cotton that I got from Webs a couple of months ago. Its much prettier in person, kind of a black pearl sheen to it. I almost passed out when I saw how many beads I need to complete the bugger. I think its like 800 glass beads.


But I am gifting it out to a friend..... so its worth it. I'll just buy 20 Sunday papers and use the 40% off Michaels coupons to buy the beads. hehe

Oh, like you havent done similar.



I have not made much progress on the arm warmers. Just a couple more pattern repeats on the first half. The gusset scares me and I think thats why I hem/haw over finishing it. I'm not really fearless you know.

Also bought some yarn on eBay recently. Patons Seasons - 6 sk's for under $6. A linen/cotton/acrylic blend. Love it.

I started a simple stockinette scarf on giganto sticks with it. (again - sucky pics...much more beautishus in person)

Its mindless knitting. Using the one and only skein of cashmere I have ever bought to add a few stripes to it. Yum.

When I'm rich - I shall knit only in cashmere. Sigh.

I'd like to say I have made progress on my Sock Thingie exchange. But I havent. I've been searching the net for the perfect pink sock yarn. Tina, who I am making socks for - is a pink-aholic. But you know, I can't just pick any old pink. It has to be the pink. I have a couple possibilities..... but I'm not telling. ;o)

In closing.... I found out on Friday that I might be having surgery. Its nothing major - but my first surgery in 30 years and I'm a nervous nellie about it. Not to mention that I just really hate hospitals. Not cuz of the normal reasons you might think - rather I am claustrophobic as hell. The tiny little rooms, the stranger in the bed just a few feet away from you - ick. I'm wiggin' out just thinking about it.

But - its not a big deal and I am not even positive that it will have to happen yet. So.... I'll save the official flip out /wiggin' out/ freak out til then. Eh.

Yeah, something for you to look forward to eh?


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate it when they put you to sleep,you know the feeling of not being in control,thats what i hate.hopefully you won't have the sugery
earth mother

At 2:16 PM, Blogger hockey mom said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's going to either not happen or if it does, it will be very, very minor and fast.

I'm claustrophobic too. When I had my surgery 5 years ago, doing deep breathing exercises helped alot.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger laurie said...

ooh who's a spoilt rotten girlie then? ;o) the marker notes are a real hoot!

yes i've had spider invasions this year *shudder* the monster one who lurks outside my front door (tolerated only for its bug capturing abilities--it's not that big in comparison to some but bigger than i'm happy about) has been joined by a's time to start thinking about relocating them *yecch* am hoping they'll be replaced soon by my annual ladybug invasion! ;o)

thinking good thoughts re: surgery in the hopes it'll become unnecessary!

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Tina said...

YAY for pink socks! I'm sure thay'll be great (seriously, anything pink makes me happy - hiliters, ugly socks, whatever).

I squished a spider in my dorm the other night, but it wasn't all that big and it was the only one I've seen.

Good luck with the surgery!

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Noeysmommy said...

I love your capelet! (I just like the word capelet!) I wanted to make that one but I can't crochet worth a darn, so I'm gonna make the Spiral Shell. We found a lovely, HUGE, black spider in our dining room this evening whilst enjoying our dinner!! Best wishes on your surgery - hope won't be necessary!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger pleutim said...

I've got about 16 skeins of that same Paton Seasons (the colour appears to be the same anyway) which I bought from the clearance bin at my LYS. No clue what to do with it as I'm not sure it's my type of fibre/colour. We'll see.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Danielle said...

I love the capulet....where do the 800 beads go?


There was the biggest nasties bug in my sisters bathroom. I wish I had a picture of this reall ugly bug. So I know your pain with the spiders. I hope the spider force is with you.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I have a couple skeins of different colors of pink sock yarn leftover from my finger puppets. I'll send it to ya with the check for the auction items if you'd like. I'll prolly never use it.


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