Saturday, October 15, 2005

Reality TV Saturday

Please check your local program times as Reality TV Friday has been moved to a Saturday slot - til further notice.


If you have not seen Lost or Survivor this week - don't read further!!!


Now. Lemme just start with Survivor. How on earth was (my pick to win in our contest) Amy NOT booted off last this week?? She clearly was on the top of her teammates list to be the first to go - yet somehow .... in her brilliance talked them into booting off someone else. I was positive that she was gone.

Yet - she's still there. Whew.

But.... the drama continues.

Crap. *&^$%

Did you see the previews for next week? They are having a challenge of some kind and from what I could tell a big ass boulder rolls right on top of Amy. She is under it flailing and screaming. Like a scene from the game Tomb Raider - where the boulder crushes Laura Croft - only Amy was in her place.

Say it ain't so.

This can't be good. We've only just gotten over the whole sprained ankle thing. Who recovers from a boulder rolling on top of you? But. Maybe its just shady editing. Leading me to assume that she is hurt. And stuff. Cuz - she made it thru this week - maybe...... she will be alright.

Next we have Lost. Which is not reality tv but I will chat about it anyway. The scene where Sawyer was in the hole and the girl (his future love interest no doubt *jealous sigh*) slammed the trap shut on him. All you hear is him say "bitch". Way, way too funny. And way ... way... what I dig about the character. I'm still trying to figure out who the Others are though - next week previews - did you see them? Did I see hairy apelike legs? What if.... oh.... this is like Planet of The Apes. Blech - what a let-down that would be.

Did anyone see Sayid on the Ellen show last week? Wednesday I think.

Well, and Kathy - forgive me for this, but.... he was icky. He was digging at his scalp like it was spider infested. I am sure this is a nervous thing that he does but - it was unattractive. He seemed really akward too, really hard to explain I suppose but..... just kind of not what I expected.

Sawyer still is tha man.

I got an email from Adele this weekend regarding my man, Sawyer. She gave me a link to visit and the header of the email was "did you hear the news about Josh Holloway"? I thought - oh no. He was caught with a hooker. Or drugs. Or running around the airport with a pistol or he's a wife beater.

Or similar crazy actor stuff.

But - turns out he was robbed at gunpoint at home. How scary that must be - I think that him and his wife are both ok though.

Ok. I'm off to felt. Finished another purse, this one is going to be mine! Photos tomorrow..... have a good weekend!!!


At 5:25 AM, Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hi Rox - Yep the baby news is pretty exciting. All baby knitting will be suitably worn and admired! I have no idea about the latest in Survivor but I can tell you all about The Sopranos and The West Wing! Your felting is looking very cool!! Love the diamond patterning!! I think the tribe is shaping up to be fun. :-) Stripey

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

I was actually snowed in on Wednesday and saw Sayid on Ellen. I actually thought he was pretty smoking on her show and thought his awkwardness was charming. :) He's still my man. Well, him and Luka on ER.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger knitabulous said...

Overjoyed to find someone to have Survivor chats with. It's on on Friday nights in Australia (unless it changes to Saturday so as not to upset the football fans). By now you will have realised that Amy did not go last week but young Blake.
My theory this season is that there will be no merge. The individual immunity winner will be able to sit in on the opposing teams tribal council until there are only three or four left. What do you think??
We must talk more about this, don't forget to do a recap this week!


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