Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday II

Ohhh. Ahhh.

My newest 'family' members.

Wool in The Woods in earthy, autumn type browns.

Not the best picture in the world but its very pretty. A merino blend that I have never worked with before. Never even heard of the brand before actually - but.... it was the only yarn I could find that I thought kind of fit my Scarf Me pal.

I also bought some Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Sherbert that I am going to attempt Ella with. I could only afford one skein though.... so I may wait until I have enough to complete the whole shawl.

Speaking of affording things - I did not buy the two circulars after all. I am such a big needle snob (when did that happen?) that I didnt want to buy the cheapie circs - and the addi's were $17 each which is wayyy too scary. I will use the sticks. And I will like it. Man.


Saw this button somewhere.... on his site I think. Yeah, I went to his site. I'm that smitten.

A little bit o' eye candy for my sidebar. ;)

ps - more stuff that I didn't know about....


At 7:28 AM, Blogger LisaB said...

That wool in the woods is very pretty.

I can't believe the prices of needles these days. I apparently became a needle snob as well!

You aren't the only one that didn't know about KnitScene. I'm out of the loop as well. But I'm definately going to have to buy it!

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Danielle said...

You don't have to have two needles the same length. That seems a little better. Meaning you can get to different lengths and still work the two circ method.

Pretty yarn.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

I LOVE that wool! I NEED some of that!thanks for the link ;) so your a LOST fan huh? me too, don't know who my favorite is???? all of them i guess!


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