Saturday, November 05, 2005

Reality TV Saturday

Yeah, I just talked about Survivor recently. Its my blog, man. My addiction.

You can skip this post. I won't be offended.

Really. I totally understand.

If I went to your blog and you were talking about Days of Our Lives or Fear Factor or similar - I'd just skip the post.

Its allowed. ;)

Its been brought to my attention that I might possibly be death to the Survivor contestants. As in, if I pick them to win - they will immediately be booted off the show.

This could be true. A cruel realization that maybe I was the reason Amy was booted or the kinda hunka hunka Brandon ( i see you A, all droolin' and stuff). Who, you remember I completely dissed at the beginning of the season.

I was wrong. I realized this recently, admitted that I was kinda digged him now. And *poof*. He was gone.

Therefor (is it therefor"e"?) I am going to take a chance and talk to you about my intense love and affection for Judd and Jamie. Yeah. I'm really digging them both now. Oh. Baby. Baby.

I soooo hope they DOn't get voted off anytime soon. Definitely. Cuz I am really so very completely positively sure that they are going to win.

And stuff.

(if this works - no thanks needed. Send yarn. )



At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Donyale said...

Aww, go on. You seem like the kind of chick that LOVES Judd and Jamie - it's all been a RUSE to hide your true feelings for them....but I see through your crafty plan...:)

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Laurie (Moo!) said...

Oh YES. Judd. IS. A. STUD.

He is the smartest man, ever!

Oh, I hope he wins.

(Does this have to be convincing? I can't do it if it has to be convincing!)


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