Thursday, December 08, 2005

Survivor - one more post to go....

Ok. So. For all of you that hate the show - just know that this is the final week for the season. And I will shut up talking about it.... til next season.


Well, Judd is gone. He was not a very happy camper about it either. To quote his fabulous departure speech - "scumbags, scumbags, scumbag, eaten by alligators, mumble mumble mumble".


In our Survivor contest, out of the hundreds of entries (ok, so there were only four) - Lisa has taken the grand prize. She picked Rafe to last the longest and.... he is still there. Shocking. I picked him as first to go. Proof again - I could not be MORE off on my predictions.

Lisa will be getting a prize or two for winning the contest. You lucky dawg.

Now. My predictions for the finale. You ready?

Rafe & Cindy to the final two. Thats what I think will happen.

What I'd like to happen is Dani & Rafe to the final two with Dani winning the bucks. Think about it. I first predicted that Rafe would be the first to go and that Dani wouldnt last. So - because my predictions are always completely off - I think that at least Dani has a shot. And I will admit that I misjudged her right from the beginning.

Plus, she's a KS girl.

Who do you think is going to win? Eh? Come on Kathy, Cindy, Lisa, Ailsa, Donni and all of you that watch the show but don't admit it!

And since I'm already talking about TV - lemme comment on Lost. What? Uh. The video dude and the book and the connection between the two? What is that again? Am I so focused on Sawyer that I am missing key parts to this show?

To close..... a pic of the newly shoveled driveway and sidewalk I just finished. 9 inches of snow in 24 hours. Gotta love this state.

I think I was probably shoveling this at the same time some certain chicks were off poolside relaxing in the sun.




At 9:33 PM, Blogger Cyndi said...

Did you see the show tonight?!? I think you are right... Dani and Rafe are going to be the final two. My guess is that Rafe will probably win. Cindy is a total idiot for not giving up the car. I mean, it's a Pontiac. Yuck. Who would pass up four $1M votes for a Pontiac? (no offense intended to the Pontiac owners out there...)

At 6:52 AM, Blogger G Sharona said...

I've never watched Survivor..I'm always on COH but I hear it's way cool.I didn't get snow Rox just rain and 18 degrees with a heavy'm wishing for some though..Merry Christmas.

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Well your prediction was wrong! I really don't like Dani, so I don't want her to win. I'm not sure who I think will be the final two... besides, if I say it out loud then it definitely won't happen LOL.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger knitabulous said...

OK, so Cindy took the car and didn't give it to the others. They kicked her off.

'scumbags... eaten by crocodiles... scumbags' - didn't you LOVE THAT??? I want that as my ringtone!

What about Stephanie - she'd double cross her own grandmother! Even if she gets into the final 2 the wrath of Bobbi Jon, Judd (can't wait to see what he has to say), and now Cindy will be a delight to watch.

I would have given them all a car and then regardless of the show's outcome my first phonecall would have been to the Pontiac marketing team to ask for another one. Everything's negotiable in the land of product placement.

Rafe definitely is going into the final two. Probably with Dani, but maybe Lydia, Steph's out next week if she doesn't get immunity. That's my pick.

Thanks for the koolaid!


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