Monday, January 09, 2006

Little bit of this.....

.... little bit of that.

My newest obsession. Obsessed I say.

Wrist warmers. Have made probably a dozen pairs in the last month. A three hour knit. Easy peasy and they make great gifties! These were made on #10's using Bernat Denim. Which might just be my favorite cheap yarn.

Next we have a photo of "where I knit". Cece tagged me for this last month! Behold the red loveseat in the den.

Yes, I will take the sheet off of the cushions when Better Homes & Gardens do their photo shoot in my oh-so-fancy designer home. If you've ever had a dog chew on a rawhide (brown stains!) while sitting on your NEW couch - you would have a lovely sheet on your loveseat too. Kim, that is my Dr Pepper mug. The little box in the mid right corner holds all my crochet hooks, dpn's and stitch markers. Don't forget about Sable Sable laying on the end - she's all about the warmth coming from the lamp.

Ms Danielle once again surprised me last week with some wonderful PINK stitch markers. A bad shot for you:

Cute eh? Also sent me some mints in the cutest little bear tin and a lovely card! Thanks chickie - I lucked out in SP4 you know. :)

Working right now on getting some knitting magazines up on eBay. Doing some serious stash reduction. Magazines (IK, VK and others), a couple Debbie Bliss books & eventually I'll have some yarn. Seems like things I sell on eBay always go very fast and I usually get a good price but its so much work. The pictures, the description, figuring out shipping, yada yada.

Which reminds me. I need a nap.


See ya tomorrow!

ps -thinkin' about starting a KAL for those of us making something for our pets. Any interest?? Eh?? Cuz I'm KAL free right now and feeling lonely. And stuff!


At 6:35 PM, Blogger LisaB said...

Congrats on the new computer and camera. Exciting!!

Your wrist warmers are awesome!

How do we find you on ebay...?

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Snooze said...

Nails! Woo-hoo!!!, call me, eh?

At 5:57 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Sweety, can you tell me which magazines you'll be selling on Ebay? I would be VERY interested if I could grab them before they go on Ebay, willing to pay whatever you want for them. I have all IK magazines from '04 and '05, but all before is welcome, and all Vogue magazines (that's what you mean with VK, right?) are welcome too. Others to I guess! :) Knitting magazines - except Sandra - are hard to get by here so, please, let me know!


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Cece said...

I'm addicated to wrist warmers too! Do you have the book Stitch and Bitch Nation? They have a really fun pair in there that I'm making now.

And I'm interested in pre-2003 IK's - if you need a buyer.

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Jade said...

It's probably a good thing you are addicted to wrist warmers - I've worn the red ones so much they are starting to 'felt' where the heel of my hand rests on the desk while I type, the purple/white and the black ones are well past ready for the wash. Thanks soooo much for mine - you just dont know what a life saver they really are (even if my uncle always 'puts up his dukes' when he sees me wearing mine - I swear I'm gonna slug him one day - heh).

At 9:30 AM, Blogger KSD said...

Oh, it is ALL about the wrist warmers and the DP, baby!!

At 7:45 PM, Blogger G Sharona said...

I love the wrist you have any for sale? A red pair the color of the scarf I bought would be great!!Let me know..check already in the mail..hehe.

PS : Cute Kitty:)


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