Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reality TV Thursday

So. Next week Survivor Panama starts. My absolute favorite show. Have you seen the previews? There are supposed to be four teams/tribes this season. Older men, older women, younger men and the younger women.

I'm thinking about how this doesnt exactly seem fair. Especially in the beginning of the season where its really not about who the smartest player might be - rather the strongest. Seems like a team of young men would kick ass in the competitions.

But this is Survivor. And God knows I am always off on my predictions. But... I'll play anyway.

Last season we had a little contest to guess who would last the longest in the game. Lisa won with her prediction of Rafe going the furthest. Hmmph.

This season, while I am not going to have a contest (but will join in if anyone else does!!), I am going to post my predictions. Because - surely - after years of guessing this.... I will eventually get one right. Maybe. Or close at least.


It could happen.

So. Panama.

The first to go is tricky as there are four groups to choose from. My first instinct says Dan (the astronaut) will be the first to go. Just because. But I have a feeling that the older women are going to lose the first challenge so I will go with Ruth.

Shane will be shady. He just looks shady to me.

Aras or Tina will win. Most likely Aras.

There I said it.

Aras, please forgive me for the jinx I've surely put on you.


And what is going on with Lost? Charlie is seeing Jesus? Sawyer is all cuddly?

Echo and the whole smoke monster thing was pretty kick ass though.

Maybe I'll make Echo my new man. Cuz Sawyer...... babe.... it kills me to see you all wussed out.



At 8:16 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I totally love Survivor and can't wait for the next season to start. I can't believe this, but I've never missed an episode (thank you dvr).

And yea, he is wussing out. But dear God he is freaking hot. Yum. I've heard he is quite the gentleman, too. In that bad boy looking way. ::swoon::

At 3:53 PM, Blogger knitabulous said...

I love survivor so much. But, I think it has jumped the shark a bit.
In Oz we didn't get Marqeusas and someone sent it to me on dvd (bless 'em) and I noticed some massive differences from how the game is now.
Firstly, there was a real effort made to create a society and 'survive' in the jungle. They really did try to find food. Now I think they do a lot of laying around and only eat what they get given or what's readily accessible.

Jeff interacted with them a lot in the challenges, patting on the back, I even saw him wipe a tear when the family members came to visit.

There were no free cars. The scheming didn't come at all until after the merge.

I'm glad they're shaking it up a bit, it needs a fresh twist because the contestants just plot right from the start - they know it doesn't matter if the work doesn't get done, they just save their energy for the challenges and try to lay low.

I'm not sure if we're getting the next season here, I haven't seen any of it on promo. (v sad if I can't see it).


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