Saturday, April 22, 2006

I've Moved

Please stop by the new blog at

Or else.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Breaking up...

Wrote out a long post earlier today.... and Blogger apparently went down during my writing. Of course, they don't tell you they are down when you are in the middle of a post. Nor do they save said post.

And its happened to me more than once.

Its official.... I'm moving to my own site. Working on it this weekend.

And maybe the Blogline users won't cuss me for the ginormous (so love that word Lisa!) pictures then!

Linkage .....

Pretty handspun yarn

Lace KAL.... resist.....resist....

Building steps help (this link is really just to make it appear that I am actually putting in time on the damn deck steps)

My to-do link list

Felt beads?

Furryarns - new to me but interesting

Sewing talent

My hubby dreams of this lamp. Won't that just class up an area? Hmph. But we do have an anniversary next month.... and he is a good hubby...... and really, I'm no Martha Stewart. Ok.. maybe.

Dr Pepper flavored beef jerky. It is as scary as it sounds. Kim can vouch for its flavor. Or lack of.

See ya this weekend. On the new blog. Huge party. Wouldnt be the same without you....


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taco Bell, Crochet and Coolness

Lots going on, will share with you this weekend. Boring health stuff, make sure you Tivo me for this weekend as I'm sure it will be a glamorous exciting post.


Just a quick note for those asking about the shawl in my last post. Its crochet. I see you making the faces.

Crochet is good.

Cool people crochet.

Say it with me now.....


It actually is a fast project for me usually and whenever I need an instant fix..... I get out the crochet hook.

Anyhoo, the shawl is a little pattern I came up with years ago. Very adaptable to any yarn or hook size. The yarn used for that item was a lace wool that I bought off a woman on Etsy. The Painted Dragon.... or something like that. Bought a bunch of rainbow colors..... there will be more bright shawls to come no doubt.

Can email me if you want the pattern or leave a comment and I'll email you.

Ok.... gonna go watch Survivor that I taped earlier. Who do you think will be voted out tonight?? Hmm.... I'm thinkin' Shane. My first instinct (never right) is Aras but you know I have predicted him to win. So I'm going against the gut intuition (also known as Taco Bell from two hours ago)..... and Shane it is.

See ya this weekend!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Last Weekend I.....

..... learned the financial value of a pool pump (craaaap), ate ham even though I don't particularly care for it, burned my hand pretty bad on the oven (oven hot me stupid), fell out of my flip flop at the Kwik Shop ........ and made this.

It was a gooood weekend just because I so love this shawl! :)

And how was your weekend??

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Adventures in Wool Dyeing.....

Koolaid.... not so impressive

Cheap color stuff I bought at Walmart

(yes I do know thats not the correct way to use dye's.... just experimenting!)

I also have some orange/blue hanging out to dry right now.

All in all.... nothing spectacular on colors but it was a lot of fun.

Also bought the new IK Crochet. You want? First comment who asks about it can have it!

ps... the magazine won't be mailed out til Monday as I'd rather not have to go near the Post Office anytime before April 15th. Which.... have you mailed your taxes in yet? Eh?!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I never talk politics on the blog.

Just this once.

Oh and this.

Here we go again.

It should be noted that not all of us voted for him.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Proof that I've done more this past month than just bitch about the house!

Blue alpaca lace shawl. Crochet pattern. I'm maybe 1/4 of the way thru this. The color is very vibrant and of course I love the alpaca. Made with Knit Picks Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor.

In a very lace mood lately. Which is good as I have a ton of it in stock. This KP Shimmer is wonderful if you've been thinking about trying it. Donna gave me a wonderful book a few weeks ago - and I think its also contributing to my passion for lace.

A baby bootie giftie. This is a cashmere yarn that I've had for a while, just waiting for a perfect home. Soft, lush and the socks could not be more adorable.

I've also (STILL) been working on SET socks for the gal that didnt get hers. Not sure why I am having so much grief with this but - just can't seem to make it work for me. Gauge is off. Its too thick. Too thin. The heel looks wonky. Yada yada. Socks. Hmph!

So.... see.... there has been yarn passing thru these fingers recently. :)

Snap Crackle Pop

Mmmm.... Rice Krispie Treats

Whatever kind of bad day I might be having.... these always make me happy. Better than chocolate even.

Stop by..... I'll save you one! Better hurry though..... :)