Sunday, January 30, 2005

If I just gave up the yarn.....

Today was a first for me. Just shocking actually. I went to my LYS and did not buy anything. I resisted. I almost blew a gasket but......I made it out with only my purse in hand. I actually went in there to get yarn for this stole . A friend asked me to make it for her.... she is buying the yarn. Yay for me....its like knitting for free. Anyway, my lys didn't have any of the yarns. Can you believe that? Three different types of yarn (ribbon) and they didnt have even one. I was going to pick up some of the silk Noro stuff as it was 20% off but...I even resisted that. I feel like this should be something I'm proud of, that I resisted a impulse buy - but instead I just felt naked coming out of that store without a little stash of yarn.

This is when I realized how serious my yarn addiction is. And I feel a little guilty about it. I mean, there are a couple extra car payments every year that could be paid if I just gave up the yarn. Maybe we could actually use the extra money to fence the backyard, buy one of those Sleep Number beds, maybe a Jacuzzi or a weekend vacation somewhere. All I have to do - is put down the yarn.

Uh. Yeah - that is so not going to happen.

There are worst addictions I could have.

Just think of all the things that would happen if I did give up the yarn. First, I would eat everything in site. Therefor I would weigh at least 700 lbs which would lead to all sorts of health problems such as HBP, diabetes, heart stress & the sort. I would also bite my nails to the stubs, sleep all day & be a social, unorganized misfit due to the fact that my mind would not have a single moment to relax and gather a lifeplan.

See, without yarn I probably wouldnt even survive.

Now, do you think my hubby will believe this excuse?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My er, 100 Things - For My Secret Pal

100 things. Kind of.

Now, why didnt I think of that?

Ya know that brilliant "idea" I had about starting a Scarf Style knit-along? Its been done! And wayyyy before I even "thought" of it! Having button issues but just click here for the link! Thanks to Tipper for hosting!! Now, I must come up with some other ingenious idea, about a small piece of paper that has an adhesive on the back of it to allow it to stick to other papers or items? Yeah, Yeah, you could POST IT to just about anything.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Up Close & Personal

From the files of "I don't remember taking that picture"

A Kiss From Schnauzer Lou

Perhaps she took this as a self portrait eh?

Or maybe a reminder to me that she is in dire need of a haircut?

Hotties & Scarves

Ok. So....I finally might of found a use for this Noro yarn. Yes, its me talking about the Noro yarn yet again. Here's a pic of a scarf I started:

Its from the Scarf Style book, a pattern called Braided Mischief. Just absolutely lovely. And soooo easy. I did use humongous needles though, sz 15's for this yarn. I'm a tight knitter so I usually go up a few sizes anyway. Whatcha think??

I also want to take a few minutes to talk about my new crush. Yes, 30 something women get crushes. Matt Damon, I am so sorry but I'm afraid you are moving down the list to 2nd place now. Its not you, its me.

Ok ladies...want to see the new man topping my hotties list this year? Are you sure? Be ready to wipe the drool from yer chin ....

Yeah, thats right baby. Mr Ryan Reynolds, of "Van Wilder" and "Two Guys & A Girl" fame has grown to be a man. A man. Shocking. I didnt even know it was him actually. Told my hubby that the guy on the cover of Mens Health looked like a buff, good looking older brother of that Van Wilder actor. Turned out - it was "that Van Wilder actor". Good gawd man.

Alannis Morrissette - YOU GO GIRL!

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Saga of The Arm Warmers....

Ok, so I admit I have had a bit of a addiction going on lately - I am digging arm warmers. Long, cuddly ones. Just could not find a pattern that I liked, other than SNBN which the chart was giving me lots of grief. So....after a weekend of football and extreme laziness I have come up with these. They are not fancy. Celebrities will not be calling me to make them some. I will not be in Vogue. But....they are warm - cuddly and mine. All mine.

A pic of the arm warmers on the sticks:

The finished arm warmer:

I bought the yarn at my lys, however I am trying to figure out what the heck it is. The label is entirely all foreign language, I mean ALL of it is. I see its made in Istanbul - but thats it. Trying to figure out the yarn blend as its just lovely yarn. Says: 20% yun, 77% pac & 3% viskose. What the hell? Its so very soft and really reasonable priced. Two of these made my arm warmers with lots to spare.

The label:

Ah well....I like'm it....thats all that matters eh?

Also, here is a pic of the Noro yarn, just in case anyone was interested in my previous post.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ya Can't Always Get What Ya Want.....

but if you try just might find....ya get what ya neeeed.

Have I mentioned I love Mick Jagger? Listening to cd's as I write this, must see them in concert.

Well, I'm back. The trip was wonderful, peaceful and dreamy. And too short!

I spent alot of time on the SNB Spiderweb Capelet and - I have thrown out the white flag. I surrender. What the hell my deal is with this pattern - I don't know! I must of tried it at least a dozen times now. Every time it seems my stitches are off or some other trivial blunder that ruins the entire garment. I must call it quits for the time being with this guy.

I am trying to come up with a simple ribbing for some really long arm warmers. Does anybody know of a pattern somewhere for something like that? Wanting them to be just long tubes but almost all the way up my arm. Help.

Picked up Scarf Style today at my lys. Gawd, how I love this book. Where should I start? Which one will I try first? Hmmm....this is one of those times when I wish I had a ton of readers. I would love a Scarf Style knit-a-long. Maybe I'll start one - if I am the only participant - so be it eh?! Could even have a prize (I'd give) to the best scarf or something.

Ok - if you are out there and want to try this....holler at me. I will make a button. And stuff!

Again. Denial here about anyone reading this. :)

News on the Noro front - not the biggest fan of this Kureyon stuff. A couple of things, its lovely yarn - very pretty and my top pick for anything variegated but....

1.) Its very slubby, and makes my knits look like my stitching is a little funky.
2.) Its wool and kinda too itchy for me.
3.) I can't find anything interesting to do with it.

Other than the SNB armwarmers which - I am thinking about restarting in something softer.

Sooooo.....if anyone out there wants to trade a stash of my Noro for something - please gimme a holler. I have six skeins, 2 have been partially unwound but all the yarn is there. I think one is naked with no label too. I will even wind them so they can be pulled from the middle. Lemme know if you want a pic - its earthy brown tones.

Ok...I am outta here. Watching "The Forgotten" tonight.

ps....the Secret Pal 4 came to a close!! Anxiously awaiting news of who my new pal will be. Might even be some Noro yarn in their future eh?! hehe!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Til We Meet Again....

Will be away for a few days so thought I'd post tonight!

News in yarn - ya better sit down for this one. I used my very first Noro yarn. Yes, me...the Queen of all Acrylic yarns. Ya see, I had a coupon for my thought....why not. I bought six sk's of a earthy brown Kuryeon . I got it for $30. What a steal! And lemme just say that....I am diggin' it. For anyone whose a Noro virgin - this is the DREAM variegated yarn. It changes color gradually. Gradually man. You don't even realize it until you stop your work and look at it. Amazing stuff.

Currently, I am working on the arm warmers in SNB. Its my first chart (is this even considered a chart to you experts out there?) so its going really slow for me. I have a feeling the whole thumb gussett issue will be a stumbling block. Ain't afraid.

However, I am afraid of the damn Spiderweb capelet in SNB. Good gawd man. I have tried this pattern at least 6 times now and frogged em' all. Of course, this just ticks me off and motivates me all the more but....I gotta figure out what I am doing wrong. This is such a easy pattern. Going to try a different yarn....Maybe TLC Amore with it? As I even was desperate enough to go hunting for the Merino Frappe by CP that it calls for. My lys said they thought it wasnt being made anymore.

Also, my hubby is hoping he might have a job in Tampa. I can't even imagine it. One part of me is excited, the other is horrified. First of all.....I don't have a very positive relationship with the sun. I don't tan, even a little. I burn. I boil. Its ugly, ugly stuff. In fact, a simple drive across town in the summer will gimme a burn on my arms thru the car window. Splotchy, like hives or something. Second, from what I've seen everyone in Florida is beautiful, tan and slim. I might just be the ONLY fluffy girl in the state. Will they put me on the news about my being the biggest woman in the state. Will people stare in horror and shock at me. Babies cry? Worse, will gawd awful punk ass teenagers try to tip me over just to see if I could get up? It could happen.

I am kidding.

Or am I? might just all be worth it to walk along a beach (layered in sunscreen of course) in January. Hmmm.


Friday, January 14, 2005


Ok. I tried my hand at knitting my first sock last night. Let me just begin by saying, knitting in the round has never been my thing. I don't know why, but I always end up with the joining stitch being really loose and the item in general looks like crap. But - the joining stitch with socks is the very least of my troubles! Here are some issues -

1.) Akwardness holding the needles. Does one of them always have to be jabbing a part of my hand?

2.) Where do you put the place marker for the beginning of the round. Before the join stitch? and if does it stay on the needle.

3.) Dear gawd - how do you purl on these sticks? I have tiny hands (the only part of my body that is actually) and I can't even imagine doing ribbing on the toothpicks.

4.) How do you keep the stitches from falling off of the other sticks? Am I knitting too loose? The pattern said to knit loosely as the socks will be tight otherwise.

5.) And lastly, could I possibly complain anymore? What a whiner!

Not gonna give up (no I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry - cuz you're not worth my tears. Name that song chickies). Going to try this afternoon and just knit a circle, to get the feel of the sticks. Then...hopefully....don't hold yer breath....I will be ready to attack em' by tonight.

Must think positive.

I also started the SNB Spiderweb capelet and it was problematic for me. I know what your thinking now, its not the pattern - its the girl. Yes, I admit it. I am having the hardest time completing row 4 in this pattern. First time, I totally miscounted. Second time, I dropped a stitch and knew there was simply no way I would ever be able to count back to where I was so I frogged the whole bugger. Can someone tell me, again my self denial about anyone actually reading my blog is amusing eh?, am I the only one having issues with this pattern? One would think with it being knit on big needles - it would be a breeze. Hmmppph!

Went to my lys last night. Yippeee! Picked up the sock sticks, a #7 circular and some sticks for the arm warmer in SNB. I really, really want to make up some arm warmers. I saw a gal on another blog (who are you....I can't remember now!!) had made them using her own pattern. Just looked like a ribbing all the way so....maybe I can make some similar. I hate winter coats, hate em' I say. This can be yet another defense to keep me out of the big bulky things!

Been watching my show "Starting Over" for a while now. Anybody else out there watch it? If not...just skip the next few lines as I blabber away. Anyway, watched Primetime last night and they had testimony from Dr Stan. He has actually worked on the Michael Jackson case. Talked to the boys. Thought that was interesting, not sure why - but thought I'd share. hehe

Ok, its come down to me talking about MJ. Time for me to leave!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fun Fun Fun

The link for the Secret Pal sign up. See ya there!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Just looking thru my blog - and shock of shocks....someone actually left a comment. Gasp. Could it be there is at least one person out there who stumbled across this, felt pity for my comment-less self - and spoke up? I have hope. Actually - I think the persons name was Hope its a sign. :)

Well...I did it. Signed up for my very first Secret Pal! Can't wait! Will post a link to the gal who is hosting this one - praise to her as I don't know how she finds the time. I am really looking forward to this!

Been working on my WIP's this week. Just getting over a nasty cold and didn't want to work on my orders til I was over the crud. Who wants a germ tainted scarf eh? My WIP's are growing almost daily it seems. I can't seem to control myself in starting new projects. I think its mostly fear that I will forget I wanted to make THAT one special I start it in hopes of not forgetting......which leads to yet another week where other stuff on the sticks gets ignored and yada yada yada. Its a vicious circle man. But just not in my control. My house is kind of the same I suppose. The bedroom that has yet to get the ceiling repainted but the walls are a lovely shade of blue. The curtains in the bedroom hand sewn but completely half-assed on the hems - which I planned to redo months ago. The fact that I will scrub the tub or scrub the tiles in the bathroom but never the tiles AND the tub. Maybe its laziness. Maybe its craziness. Maybe......its me.

Anyhoo....this is the current SOS's ( stuff on sticks) - waiting for their turn.
Tube Neck scarf
Lion Brand shawl in B/W
Petal Shawl (crochet) from Planet Shoup
Red/Orange shawl from the dead sweaters
Matching red/orange scarf
Double Pleated Cable scarf
Gray wool mittens - two needle -God bless
Granny Square afghan - what the hell was I thinkin'?
Asymmetrical red tweed Plymouth poncho

Yup - I should be ashamed. My sticks should be taken away.

I havent started the socks yet. I am having a really hard time finding dpn's. Well, that and I havent exactly been searching very hard. Socks are scary. I procrastinate. But I do have a name to live up to here, eventually I will fearlessly knit socks. Eventually.

I also have a confession. While I am here confessing my SOS sins I suppose it would be a good time to admit this. I am back on the Dr. No, not George Clooney in ER (and how much do I miss him there). Although, a girl can dream. I am back to guzzling Dr Pepper. I lasted barely a week. Uglyness ensued and my hubby happily brought me home a 2 liter. But its sooooo damn good!

A girl could have worse addictions.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Just Three Things....

Saw this on another website - mind numbing stuff here - read at your own risk!


1. Rox
2. Roxanne
3. Roxy - to those that do not understand me at all~

1. Snuggles29
2. Roxerina
3. Gidget - don't ask

1. I have a great sense of humor
2. I will not back down if I know I am right
3. I have small wrists

1. 7 days a month (sigh) I am a complete bitch
2. I'm too much of a neat freak
3. I cannot save money

1. German
2. ?
3. ?

I know its sad I just don't know, but its just something in the family we don't talk about - for specific reasons.

1. Snakes
2. Knitting in the round
3. Bugs

1. Knitting
2. Dr Pepper
3. My Cat

1. My Christmas present Uggs
2. Target socks
3. Light blue robe

1. Alicia Keys
2. Doobie Brothers
3. No Doubt

1. Ack....the Real Woman/Real Man song by Alicia Keys
2. Love is Strong - Rolling Stones
3. Can't Get Next To You - The Temptations

1. Sock Knitting
2. Lobster
3. Dieting. sigh

1. Trust
2. Forever
3. Honesty

1. I was once a hair model
2. I got married at 30
3. I am a pro wrestler

1. Sense of Humor
2. Kindness
3. Confidence

1. Eat onions or fatty meat
2. Apparently, scuba in open water
3. Bite my tongue when someone is obnoxious

1. Workin' the 'sticks'
2. Crocheting
3. Planning vacations

1. Have the Snickers I hid in the kitchen
2. Sleep thru 10 solid hours. No pee breaks, or bed hogging dog, etc
3. Sit in a hot tub

1. Uh, Yarn store owner
2. Knit Designer (Teva wannabe)
3. Back to the old grind - secretary

1. Australia
2. Maui
3. Alaska

1. Tea'
2. A secret I can't share in case niecelets read this and steal yet another name. Grrr
3. Taye

1. Have a baby
2. Come to peace with some things in my life
3. Have a sucessful, thriving business

1. Maybe, possibly, at times - cuss like a sailor
2. Defend whoever sasses any of my friends or family
3. Love to camp?

1. Gonna die with 47 cats
2. Shopping problem
3. again - 7 days a month - complete loon

1. Hugh Grant
2. Dermot Mulrooney
3. Tommy Cruise

Happy Photo Day.....

Ahhh....luuuuke into my are getting verrry sleepy.....

Sable - Professional Hypnotist

Well.....I'm here. Not a half bad w/e. Some issues but won't bore you with the details - this time. But you will owe me one eh? Weather finally decent so I took some pictures of my finished items. Here is a peek....

The Patons Divine shawl - LOVE this

I really like this color scheme - knit #8's

I am about halfway thru my double pleated cable scarf - I am wishing I had went with a different color though. Maybe a dk blue or red? Either way - I love this design. Its gonna be on a sweater next.

Also, here is a pic of the shawl that I am crocheting with the recycled yarn. The red sweater and the orange sweater - going to be able to get at least a shawl & a couple of scarves out of the stash. sum this picture party - I feel I should add what my hubby has spent the ENTIRE day doing -


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Acrylic - The Anti Yarn?

I have been reading alot of knitting blogs the last few months. One thing I notice is that all of these talented knitters do not ever mention using acrylic yarn. Why is that? Is acrylic a bad, shameful thing. Personally, I can say that there are times (most) when I prefer acrylic. This ain't your Grammas yarn folks. I remember the itchy, stiff scarves and hats I was a kid. This is simply not the same yarn. Acrylic has come a long way baby. I'm not talking about Red Heart stiff yarn, you know the stuff - thick ww coarse stuff. (which is great for afghans btw), but Caron Simply Soft or or Bernat - the cotton blend Denim or Lion Brands Wool Ease or Homespun. I, for one use them with pride. Am I the only knitter who has bought yarn at Walmart? Not that I don't ADORE my lys - I just do not have a lys budget. For instance, I was going to knit a Rowan sweater for myself. Biggie Wool - my lys had it at over $9 a skein. I needed 10 skeins!! No way could I afford that. Lion Brand (acrylic) Thick & Chunky $4 and...I only needed 8 sk's.

Maybe, people who buy the pure blends are just more into their creations? I can't imagine loving knitting, or the product anymore than I do - but maybe...just maybe...I need to buy a pile of pure silk or angora to figure out this mystery?! convince my hubby that missing one car payment to solve this dilemna is worth it!!

Wanted to take a minute to see if anyone out there (you are out there right?) has seen the movie "Open Water"? If you havent - then don't read beyond here - don't want to ruin it for you! Ok....the movie freaked me out. Its about a couple who get left behind on a dive boat tour in the Pacific (I assume). First, lemme say that I am just not so gung-ho on getting my scuba license for my trip to Australia this year anymore. Sharks and eels and jellyfish - oh my. Hell no. And the movie ended bizarre too but just in case someone did go ahead and read thru (I See You) this who hasn't seen it - I won't elaborate.

My hubby and I were talking about the ocean not too long ago. He jumped off a boat into the ocean. Just jumped and went down several feet underwater. The open ocean. ohmygawd. A man who refuses to go into a KS lake in fear of snakes, cannonballed into shark country? What the hell. Anyway, despite his moment of insaneness - he is one of those guys who wants to know whats under the water with him. I am the opposite. I prefer to be left out of that part of the experience. Wondering what this says about each of us. Maybe its better I don't know eh?

Friday, January 07, 2005

A Moment in History - Double Pleated Cable

Someday, I will recount this amazing day to my childrens children. It is to be known as the day I accomplished a swatch of the elusive double pleated cable. Gasp. Why I have had issues with this cable in particular - I don't know. Some specific damage to the part of my brain that decodes the mystery of the double pleated cable I suppose. Either way - I'm thrilled. The swatch was very curly at the edges, a result of stockinette stitch. I plan on making a scarf tomorrow, to eliminate the rolled edge I will just do garted stitch on the first/last three stitches. Hopefully - this helps. I used two strands of Caron Simply Soft for the swatch on #9's and it came out a bit bulky but...I dig it. I am going to do a single cable down the center of the scarf, with wide stockinette sides which I will fold and sew up the center for a double knit feel. Its gonna stop traffic. Trust me.

Have also set another New Years goal for me. I am going to learn to knit socks this year. I tried last year and it was just scary. I was all thumbs and nervous shakes. This year -- it will be different. Looked at Hobby Lobby for a pattern book with easy step-by-step instructions for socks but saw nothing. May search the net. Its on. Me vs. the dpns.

Still icy and cold around here. IF the weather ever clears up I will have LOTS of photos to be taken. I have about 12 ponchos/shawls/scarves/capelets to list on eBay or at my website, they all need to be photographed though. I will post a couple here, and a pic of my beloved dpc swatch as soon as I can.

Funny how I am still in denial about my being the only one reading this eh? :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Doogie Schnauzer- & her beloved blankie

Fear not - the storm came, is still here and all is well. We did lose power for a while and there is a strong chance we will lose it again. Its really just all ice, no snow. Heres a couple pics of our poor trees.

Below - our beloved Magnolia tree.
My city-boy hubby calls it the Marigold Tree. hehe

I have been working diligently at getting some new colors finished for my asymmetrical ponchos and the new shawls. Hoping sooooon I can get outside to get some decent photos taken. The sweater yarn (recycled) is making up a helluva shawl. I put the neon orange together with the bright red (from the second sweater) and the look beautishus together. I have always wanted a cotton shawl - so this bugger will be mine. All mine.

Ok...will post more later today. Icy walks calling my name! Don't want our mailman to take a tumble due to my laziness!!

I'm back. I got my box o' yarn in from Smileys today. Woo hoo. I have been buying alot of the Patons Divine from them as its $2 cheaper than buying it locally. They also had a special - they sent extras in the box. Several booklets for blankets/afghans both crochet and knit. THREE (count em') sets of needles (sz 2, 5, 9) and a afghan crochet hook. What a deal.

I am on day five now of no Dr Pepper. Day 5 man. Whodu thunk I'd make it this far eh? Without flipping out at least. I have discovered something that makes me temporarily happy - Sonic Slushes. Cherry Slush. It keeps me occupied, has sugar and tastes wonderful. Or at least thats what I am telling myself. ITSJUSTASGOODASDRPEPPER. ITSJUSTASGOODASDRPEPPER. .

Business is very slow right now. I am hoping it picks up here shortly as we just do not have the finances to have me out of work for long. I may have to go back to a part time job to tide us over for a while. a scary thought. I couldnt get a job after being laid off (which is how my online biz thing all started!), now...after 2 years of being out of the workforce - I doubt employers are just wishing someone like me would come along. We'll see. Its too bad there is not a online community that hires people to knit or crochet. That would be my job.

Ok starting to bore myself !!......I'm really out of here this time!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Supposedly, there is a huge ice storm heading our way. The tv news weatherman even labeled this as a "devastating" storm. Devastating? I mean, doesnt that word sound a little much? The tsunami in Asia - devastating. 9/11 - devastating. A ice storm that will entail a couple cocky people driving too fast and ending up in a ditch, possibly the loss of power for a few days & not a empty motel room in sight - is not devasting. But then again, is this not what the news media has become? Tragedy ambulance chasers. Just hoping for something big to happen. Just hoping to send the masses into panic, rushing out to hoarde water or batteries or.... And sadly enough, it works. I see people standing in lines 30 people deep just to cash out with a couple battery packs, gallons of water or that last pack of beef jerky. People in Africa living on a handful of food a week and we are panicking if there is a chance we won't be able to watch CSI tonight. Oh - the horror.

As I write this, I realize I sound unappreciative. And maybe even a little holier-than-thou. Living in this wonderful country and all that it offers me, I certainly realize how lucky I am. I am not perfect. I have 300 cable channels, high speed dsl, drive a fairly new SUV, have more yarn than I know what to do with & my cupboards are full of food. I am Thankful. Just not Devastated.

Ok. On to yarn issues. I found another sweater. I lied to my hubby, told him it was snagged but it wasnt. I just must must must unravel another sweater. More yarn please. Totally obsessed with this new hobby now. Thank gawd its not garage sale weather here as I would be on the hunt for more sweaters to disassemble. I have a problem.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Closet Cleaning....

First I was afraid....I was petrified...kept thinking I could never live with out er, Dr Pepper by my side....

Did I mention that I gave up Dr Pepper? I may die. I have the energy of a slug. Too weak to knit even. Ok, thats a lie. But - I'm close. 2 Full days of no caffeine. Gawd man.

Alright, I have whined enough. Yesterday I kidnapped my hubbies new sweater and did some massive damage. Massive. He ordered a HUGE sweater from Lands End in what looked like a lovely dark orange. The computer screen photo was soooo not accurate. We are talking highway cone orange. Bright neon orange. Not a attractive sweater. Plus, it was politely mentioned that anybody who is not perfectly slim and trim - would have the definite chance of being referred to as a pumpkin while wearing this sweater. That sealed the deal and the sweater was mine. All mine. 100% cotton and ALOT of it. I unravelled it (thanks to Neauveau for tips) and had over 6 giant balls of yarn. I plan on looking thru closets for more sweaters. More more more! Will post a pic of the stash as soon as the weather is better - rainy and cold - my camera photographs best outside.

Also, in the slightest, tiniest hope that anyone reads this - does anyone know how to add links to the side of your blog. I may just have to redesign this in my own software as I am having a hard time with blogger! Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Forgive me ............

In light of what has happened this past week with the earthquake/tsunami tragedy - forgive me for going on about myself. My thoughts and prayers go out to these countries devastated by this act of Mother Nature. This gal is selling a original sock pattern - all of her proceeds go to charity to help the victims. Please take a look.

If socks arent your thing - visit here for more organizations that are accepting and in need of donations. And...take a minute. Call your Mom, sister, cousin or that friend you arent talking to anymore - but can't remember why - tell em' how much they mean to you. How truly blessed we are to have our loved ones safe right now.

The New Year Resolution I Might Actually Keep....

Ok. Here it is. Day one of my new blog. All of my many readers - Please form a line to the right, no pushing or shoving. Yup....I know I am the only one reading this! Have talked to myself before, won't be the first time....nor I doubt the last!!

To start out I would like to begin by explaining my blog name. The Fearless Knitter. When I was a kid, my sister and I joked that I was fearless. Which - I was. Perhaps in time I will share some of my adventures with my fellow bloggers but for now - its just too much muck about me. Needless to 'fearless'ness has carried over to my knitting. I have made some of the strangest things, from wristlettes to funky ponchos to items that I could only call "The Thing". I'm a outside o' the box chick. I don't like the inside of the box, its cold and dark and I am pretty sure there are spideys eyeballin' me. Would much rather take the box, shellac it with tinfoil, crochet up a bitchin' handle to tie on it and slide it down a snowy ditch. Live life. Fear nuthin'. Except Spiders.

This blog is just intended to be a somewhat daily journal of my travels in knitting and life. So visit me once in a while, gimme notice and I'll even see if I can find another box. :)

ps...just figuring out this whole blog thing.....might just prettier er' up soon!! Heres a pic of one of my latest....