Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy To See My Mailman Day

Today - the mailman stepped outside of his regular routine of bringing me bills & junk mail. Brought me two lovely packages full of fun stuff. Want to see?

Knit Picks Bag o'fun

("Alpaca Cloud" - Baby Alpaca - sooooo soft)

Merino Wool - lots of colors - hello felted purses.

Yes - my Knit Picks order came in a very timely manner. Very pleased! Pleased with the order too - yarn seems very nice. I even managed to get some stuff for my Secret Pal of which I will not share - but its goood!

Also - heres a pic of the fluffy novelty yarn that I plan on using to put my name on my black felted purse. Its Trendsetter Masai:

And last but certainly not least - my mailman also delivered a yummy gift from Michael. Gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill boucle. Hello spring scarf! Thank you thank you thank you!

Yeah - a great way to start my weekend! Where should I even start?!

Non knitting news - we went to the casino last night. Now, lets play the whole good news/bad news scenario. First - only in KS. We were stuck in a traffic jam right at the casino entrance. Due to a - cue banjo music - freight train. Yes, the casino is right next to a railroad station. Brilliant planning when building this place. Not. Anyway, after finally getting to the casino we each went off our own ways with $50 in pocket. I hit the slots and my dh hit the blackjack tables. The hubby ended up breaking even while (pause for effect......) came out almost $400 richer. Gasp. Never ever happens. I'm convinced it was because of my new, sassy underwire bra. The mechanics of it had some sort of effects on the slot machines. It could happen.

Well, of course - the saying about one door shutting and another opening was in full swing here. Only reversed - a big old $400 door opened which caused another door to swing shut and shatter upon impact. Yes, the money is all gone. First - the explorer's electric window (badbadbad) jammed and we had to replace the motor in the door. $250. Then the shop misunderstood my hubby and did a big oil change/maintenence check scam which cost a extra $75. ACKKKKKKKK. Then, because we still had a little money left over - our poor little dog pulled out a nail and we had to rush her to the vet. $50. So - the thrill ride of winnings is over.

But - (cup half full cup half full) - I look at it as all this stuff was going to happen anyway, at least we had the money to take care of it all. Nothing gained, nothing lost attitude.

Or at least thats what I tell myself. That - and God has a hell of a sense of humour.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Gorgeous day today. Just beautiful - sunny and warm. A preview of Spring that is just around the corner. I love Spring - planting new flowers, green grass, rain showers & of course the opportunity to show off the light airy scarves I've made just for this time of year. One bad thing about this time of year though, BUGS. I hate em'. And they seem to get a bit more diverse each year. Last year we had these furry centipede things in our bathroom. In our house for Gods sake. HORROR! Granted, I saw just two - one in the tub and one what I can only describe as attacking me when my er, defenses were down. Maybe a bit over a inch long, gazillion gross legs, covered in a gray fuzz and they run like the wind. Again, HORROR. I have no idea what they were but I live in fear of them again this year. Have you ever been in the midst of a 2am potty and saw a bug from hell dart towards you only to dissapear under a bathroom rug? I have. Trust me - there is not enough therapy for me to recover from the trauma. Hoping all the preventive measures we did last year, and again this year will be sucessful in a bug free bathroom.

I have heard that alot of states are bug free. My sister lives in Alaska and claims that there are absolutely no bugs there. Moose run freely but - no bugs. This sounds like my kind of place.

Boy - get me talking about my bug phobia and I never shut up. Just wait til snake season starts.

Obviously, I have no knitting news to talk about today eh? I did buy a couple sk's of Lambs Pride in black and some fuzzy loopy yarn. Will be a purse with a funky design on the front and maybe back. Thought about maybe my name on it. A big book bag type purse felted in black with my name on it. Whatcha think?

Going to a casino tonight. DH plays blackjack while I play the slots. We only go maybe twice a year or so - basically when the casino sends us coupons for a free buffet. Their buffet is fabulous dahling. A giant area with all different types of foods. Italian, mexican, seafood and yada yada. Costs $29 pp usually so when we get coupons - what a deal. Usually we don't spend more than $20 ea in the casino so its a relatively cheap night out for us. Even better if we can drag along friends. Wanna come?!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

To Felt or not to Felt?

That is the question. Take a look at the beast that will be forever known as my first felted purse.

Could this be any uglier? Is this the purse only its Mother could love?

I seriously need to start over and try some new colors. Perhaps felting is really only for vibrant, bold colors. Who knew this lovely caramel yarn would end up looking like my nephews diaper?

A note to all fellow virgin felters. FVF's? Pick your yarn colors wisely & swatch this thru the washing machine before you put alot of time in it. I also noticed it took two days (still a little damp) for this to dry and (gasp) it seems to have a little funk about it. Is this normal? I doubt it - maybe I needed to put it in a better ventilated room, in front of a fan or something.

Either way - the next one will be da bomb baby. I knew the first one wouldnt be perfect and I learned from my mistakes. So - tonight - I'm off to pick up a couple sk's of Lambs Pride and try again. I could wait for my Knit picks order to arrive but .....gawd....two weeks? Thats a long time. Easier to drive the ten miles and get started tonight!

A pic of the Patons Brilliance I picked up at Hobby Lobby last week. Still waiting for my attention now as I am in the midst of a felting fog.

I also knitted up "Josie" from the Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection. I tried a different yarn. Bad idea. Just not as pretty as the Ribbon Twist. Will I bring myself to dish out the $30 in yarn for this purse? Doubtful - but I might. This pattern also came out really small, as in I can barely fit my hand thru to the bottom. I do have the tendency to knit really tight - but on these HUGE needles I don't see how I couldnt be knitting with proper gauge. It will make a cute purse for some lucky little girl though.

What the purse SHOULD look like!

Alright thats it - you talked me into it - I will get the Ribbon Twist yarn tonight. Surely missing just one little car payment won't be such a big deal. Right? Uh - hello?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Day by day....

What a busy week I am having - and God help me - its only Wednesday. We have decided to not move after all. I know, I know - make up your mind already. Just too many things against moving out of state - so..... we're here for a while. Which makes my nomadic spirit very unhappy. Living in KS for a good part of my life has left me wanting. Although we moved around ALOT when I was a kid - it was never away from KS for good. As an adult I am really wanting to dip my toes in other waters now. Before the hips crack, the walker travels along with me or I just give up on the dream. Insert picture of my Mother here. In time I suppose - until then lots and lots of vacations.

Knitting news - I am now officially a felter. Fearless Felter. That would of been a better blog name. I just finished knitting up a cute little purse, beautiful caramel slightly variegated yarn that I LOVE. However, I notice that once it felted - the subtle color changes in the yarn became kind of blech. I am waiting for it to dry so I can add some bamboo handles - hoping the color changes after its dry. This attempt at felting did light a fire under my butt though to try it again. I love purses - making my own would be fabulous!

I placed a order thru Knitpicks yesterday. Lots of wool (felt me felt me) and some lace weight that I am wanting to use for a shawl. I will post the pics when the yarn arrives. Anyone know how long it takes Knitpicks to ship? My invoice said up to two weeks - TWO WEEKS?! Just might kill me.

Other WIP's are a baby blanket for my nephew, just started it. Using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Blue and Antique White, double strand pattern with one of each color thruout. Should go super fast as its knit on #17's. I have to admit I just don't have the patience for afghans/blankets that I once had. But....for a new baby.....anything!

Must go start supper - Baked fish, mac/cheese & we'll see on the canned vegetable. Have a great day~

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Purple Twist & Stuff

Found a pattern on the net - where I don't know. Was a knitting blog. I think. :) Long ruffle-type twist scarf. Not practical in any way - but so cute. Really easy pattern too - knit lengthwise. It reminded me of the Ruffle scarf from Scarf Style - but much MUCH easier on my hands. Holler if you want the link to the site - I am sure I'll find it in my mess of bookmarks! Made with RH Purple Tweed on HUGE size 17' circs. Ends up with about 400 stitches which were brutal to bind off - would make this with something fuzzy and on smaller needles if I make another one.

Also working on a second scarf from Scarf Style - same as my red mohair only using a mercerized cotton with this one. A friend requested it - lovely color and perfect for spring. Just noticed that I screwed up in the beginning and maybe did one too many knit rows - but I'll just do the same on the other end and pretend its supposed to be that way. Vibrant turquoise, two strands on #8's. God bless my addis as this pattern is a breeze with them!

Thoughts on Colorado

Top Ten List of Things I Noticed in Colorado

1.) Fog. God, the fog. I drove thru the state in the wee hours of the morning and there was dense fog. Visibility 3 feet fog. I drove back out of the state in the wee hours (stoooopid) and again, FOG.

2.) They drive under the speed limit on the open expanses of highway (75mph there btw) and like Nascar pros in the city. I also did not notice many, if any Hwy Patrol cruisers either.

3.) The scenic view I imagined was highly over exaggerated in my mind. I visioned a city pretty much on the side of the mountains, breath-taking views and log cabins. I saw what I can only describe as a normal bustling city with a view here and there of what may or may not be mountains in the backdrop.

Just noticed that my car made this shot - I'll let ya guess which one it is.

4.) Visiting any city, be it Denver or anywhere else, on a day when something major in happening sportswise is not a good idea. There was a basketball'ish type event going on - I couldnt find a motel room anywhere. I settled on this. Dingy & more than a little scary. The desk chair fit under the door handle sufficiently thus allowing me a false sense of security in this motel from hell.

5.) The people are very, very nice. I mean all of them. The guy at Arby's actually told me to have a nice day. The motel clerk told me I had beautiful hair. The guy at the convenience store helped me with directions and let me have his copy of the daily paper. Sadly, this was shocking to me. Which makes me want to move out of this state all the more.

6.) They have a kickin' yarn store. Big store with everything imaginable. Very helpful staff. I bought my first angora yarn there. $25 for 236 yds in Ivory. So begins the search to figure out what scarf I could make with it.

7.) Highway medians are huge. Really huge. Like two blocks wide. I suppose this is for the bad weather to prevent vehicles sliding off the road into oncoming traffic. Thats a guess but...sounds good.

8.) The first half (eastern) of the state is all prairie. Unlike KS its not prairie and farmland. It just seemed to be kind of barren. There was nowhere to stop and rest or get a tank of fuel for probably at least 150 miles.

9.) I really figured I might have some breathing issues with the elevation - but I didnt. Perhaps this is because I drove in and the change was gradual.

10.) I listened to my very first audiobook. Ok, this does not have anything to do with the state itself - but it was one of the good things about the whole trip. I bought the new Dean Koontz audiobook (Life Expectations I think is the name) and listened to all but the final disc on the drive back. I highly recommend audio books for anyone taking a long trip. I really thought it would drone on and put me to sleep but - it was wonderful and actually kept me very alert.

Thats all I have - to sum - it was basically KS with a mountain in the backdrop and very nice people!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Just a quick note to say that Knitters & Crocheters are absolutely the best. Ever. I have been selling misc stuff on eBay for years now, alot of people don't pay. Which completely pisses me off but its one of the downsides to selling on the internet. The last few weeks I have been (gasp) weeding out my yarn stash. I've sold a bunch of yarn and books on eBay. Mainly to just eliminate more stuff to pack but - the extra moola certainly doesnt hurt either. Anyway, everyone of my yarn or knitting books auctions have been paid for now. In record time at that. Which, if I estimated I would guess that about 40% of my buyers of non-knit/crochet related items just never pay. Grrr. Just shocking. Proof that it takes a certain kind of wonderful person to work the sticks eh? ! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


So. Today was supposed to be Day one of my journey to the great unknown. AKA Colorado. But stuff happens and my trip was delayed til possibly this weekend. And now my DH might be going to. This throws all kinds of kinks in my devious plans to visit CO lys's in reckless abandon. Must find a way to distract him....

Bought some Patons Brilliance today at Hobby Lobby. Crystal Cream and a soft pink. Got a scarf addiction that I can't control. Wanting a scarf in every color. Wondering how long this phase will last.

I also was surfing around knitting blogs today. Ok, I am just going to say it. I was spying. I am desperate to remodel my blog. Desperate I say. I've tried adding links on the side, doesnt work. I've tried different templates than what Blogger offers. Doesnt work. I've tried to make my site cool, hip & trendy like the wonderful Fluffa. And (obviously) - it doesnt work. So, I may or may not have been looking elsewhere for inspiration and tips . Sigh. I also am pretty sure that I have my SP4 narrowed down to 120 people now. hehe `She has told me she is to the West of me. Which really narrows it all down. Or not. Of course, I don't know if by West she means in this country. She's a sly SP for sure. I was reading a blog where a gal was saying she was tired in this whole game of hiding her identity from her SP. Noooo - is that not part of the fun?!~

I'm off - taped "Lost" tonight and dying to watch it. Survivor - tomorrow people. Lets hope its a better year. Less supermodels, more women of substance. Less brainless hottie boys, more interesting smart MEN! Or at the very least - more scenes with Jeff Probst in them!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mrs. Adventure

Today was spent getting ready for my trip tomorrow. I am driving out to CO to find us a house. Maybe ..... a job for me. We'll see how much time I have. I'm a little nervous about taking this drive alone (8 + hours) but....then I never said was a "fearless" trip taker eh? Just a fearless knitter. :) Don't tell my DH but this I Mapquest'ed out some yarn stores in the area. You know, just in case I happen to be in the area. Or maybe, our new house should be located in the vicinity eh?!

I did find the Mother of all yarn stores in Lakewood. Or so it seems online. Its called Showers of Flowers. Might just be the biggest yarn store I have ever seen, oh how I wish to name it my LYS! Its on my list of important places I must visit while in the area.

Again, things my DH just doesnt need to know.

Started last night working on my very first felting project. Going to make a purse. Using a slight variegated, inexpensive wool for this baby. Just positive its going to be hideous but...I have to try. Simple pattern, all knit in the round with gradual decreases for a round bottom or no decrease at all for a flat edging. Will make that decision when I get there. issues so no pics today!

I got a e'card from my SP yesterday. Thank ya SP! Cheered me and my grumpy'ness up! More than what my DH got for me! But thats ok....I really can't talk. His Valentines present from me was a new pair of work shoes. Ahh...the romance of a couple married for 10 years. Imagine what we will be like in 10 more years - scary. Thinking maybe of Raymonds parents on "Everyone Loves Raymond". hehe

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I have to admit it hasnt been the greatest for me so far today. My hubby is out of town and I'm thinkin' he may have forgotten about it. No flowers or cards or chocolates yet. But its only 5pm so...a girl can hope! I did get a card from my Mom though - does that count?!

I havent exactly been a bloggin' superstar lately eh? Want to hear my excuses? Welllll....first - I'm tired. Ah, lets just make that excuse number 1-8 as its the main one. Suffering from a bout of insomnia for about a week now. Right now I'm at the stage where I could just about fall asleep standing up. Of course, it would only be for a hour or so. Grrr. Grumpy, baggy eyed & suffering from lackosleep stupidity. Today, I went out to start the car and apparently went back 20 years in time. I turned the key in the ignition AND floored the gas. Which of course is not only not necessary in our one year old car but the car was super pissy about it. Flooded it. I decided that I did not want it written on my tombstone that I was a idiot driver who braved the 75mph highway as I napped. I went back in the house and took a nap. For a hour.

I'm done complaining now - ah yes...I hear the applause. ;)

In knitting news - I finished my Misty Garden scarf. I took pictures of it (toooo cool) but something is amiss with the computer as I can't open the camera program. Or else - its the lackosleep stupidity I mentioned earlier. Could go either way. Its a beautishus scarf though! Can't wait for chillier weather so I can wear it out!

I also bought some orange/yellow mercerized cotton which I made up a quickie crochet scarf for my SIL. Again - imagine the pictures here ....ohhh ahhhh. I bought another paid of Addis too. Yay hoorah. Used a frequent shopper points card for those and they ended up being free! Did I mention its my goal to replace all my needles (circs at least) with Addis? I love em that much. I did notice though that the pair I have right now seem to be tarnishing a bit where I hold them towards the ends. Is this normal? Do I need to do something to prevent it....or just not worry about it. I'd hate for anything I'm working on to get damaged due to this....but not sure if its anything to be concerned about. to try another nap.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

On the road again...

Man how I hate moving. Actually, I love the whole feel of moving to a new place. Change is good. I just hate the packing, loading the truck and unloading the truck parts. I was born into a nomadic type family. My Mother (single parent) was always on the go, moving from town to town across this state and wandering into a couple others occasionally. We always seemed to find our way back to what I consider my home town - Abilene. I told my hubby that he married a nomad and that it was just in my blood - he should get used to it! As I grow older though I find myself wanting to settle in and plant roots. I just am not sure where I want to start the planting. Right now, we go where ever my dh's job tell us to go. Strange how my life circle continues from the traveling with my Mother onto the traveling with my dh eh?

Went to my lys last night. Again, I am amazed how I walk in there with specific yarn on my mind and come out with everything but the kitchen sink. I went a huntin' for a gift for my Secret Pal. She has specific yarn preferences (unlike myself - sorry sp!!) so I thought it would be easy enough. I was so wrong. I'd find the perfect color but the type of yarn would be wrong. I'd find the perfect blend but her color faves werent available. I have to admit though that I just love shopping for my SP. We are completely different yet we have this one little obsession in common - knitting. Which, is really all you need to form a friendship. I did find a little something I think she will dig.

This was on the front page of my online news today - is it just me or does yarn seem like a dumb place to smuggle that? I mean, its not like its going to mask the smell to the drug sniffing dogs. People are stooopid I say. Not to mention, wasting some perfectly good yarn. :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Movie Questionaire

Because I was asked nicely - here ya go!

1.What was the last movie you went to see in a theatre?

Matrix Revolution - thought it was kind of lame, big fan of the first one though!

2. What is the last movie you watched at home?
The Bourne Supremacy - Matty Damon hmmmm

3. How many movies do you own?
Maybe a dozen

4. What was the last movie you bought?
Last of the Mohicans and Gladiator

5. Got Netflix (or a similar service)?
6. List five movies you adore / mean a lot to you

a.) The Sound of Music"doe a deer, a female deer"

b.) Fight Club – One of the best movies I have ever seen. Very violent, not for the kiddies but...awesome

c.) Gladiator – The make-me-cry movie

d.) Bridget Jones – Girl movie alert

e.) Last of The Mohicans"Stay alive, no matter what - I WILL find you". Gawd.

7. Name your guilty pleasure film?
Blade or Dirty Dancing (the original) – Oh yeah, I confess this dirty little secret and I can see you already - judging me. Sigh. Its a weakness man.

8. What's your favorite quote from a film?

Uh....too long to explain but - Tom Cruise to Jamie Fox in Collateral "You don't have the trunkspace". Cracked me up. Ok, that wasnt a deep, thought provoking answer but it was my first thought.

9. Name Three people who you will pass these questions on to.
Sarah, my Secret Pal & the Pal to whom I am a secret!

Ahhhhh.....already I am singing it like a crazy woman - "me, a name I call myself / La, a note to follow me/ sew, a needle pulling thread....lalalalala...that will bring us back to ....Doe...a deer"

Off to debrainwash!

When my mind wanders....

.....this is where it goes.

This picture was taken in Kihei Maui in 2003. My very favorite place in the world.
The rocks formed a little circle area where clear water came thru. There were surfers out beyond the rocks just waiting for the next wave. A gal was sitting out on the rocks, I assume watching her guy surf. I was going to go and sit out there and maybe dangle my feet in the water. I walked out about two feet out and a mouse ran in front of me and into a nitch in the rocks. Pretty much all it took to dissuade me from sitting out there....but it was still tempting!

Gray Picture Day....

What a week its been. Sorry for my poor blogging - just busy busy busy lately!

A special shout out to my Secret Pal for the e-card she sent me today. A "just because" e-card. The best kind! Thanks SP!

In knitting news - I have gotten about half way thru Mystic Garden. I am really digging this pattern and this yarn. I have the perfect outfit to match so now I am impatient as ever to finish it! Heres a sneak peek:

Poor lighting today - so the picture is not the greatest! Very pretty, vibrant red mohair!

Also, a present from my friend Pam. Check out her little sweater and hair bow - all mohair and silk! The cutest bearfriend a girl could have:

And last....(ya like how I am throwing in alot of pictures to distract you from the fact that there is very little musings? - hehe - I'm tired!!)...a pic of the gray, non Hawaii, sunny beach'less day we are having here in wheat country:

Friday, February 04, 2005

FIRST of all....

A few firsts for me today. First, I fried up my very first sausage brats. Yeah, the gross sausage wrapped in pig intestines. Won't be eating them - but they are a fave of the dh's. Supper tonight will be the gross sausage with spaghetti and sauce. Two outta three aint bad. I might even run over to Wendys and get myself a baked potato and chicken strips instead of this spaghetti stuff

The second thing I did today was clean out the scary hall closet. And it was scary. Books, magazines, my poor sewing machine and all the accessories, bingo dabbers, emergency candles (so thats where they are). the adapter for the power drill, bills that should of been shredded and yada yada yada. This closet was every spiders dream. No more. Its been cleaned, the shelves relined and the clutter discarded. I feel good. Now...onto the junk drawer.

I also started Mystic Garden from my beloved Scarf Style book. I am using a mohair blend that has been in my stash forever. Its looking pretty nice actually. Just hoping I had enough to complete the scarf, only had 2 1/2 skeins. Send me all your hopeshehasenoughyarn thoughts please!

And the last thing I did...for the first time. What a sentence. I finished all the squares for my very first (and probably only) granny square blanket. Now, I thought joining them would be easy. A simple crochet, no problem. But I tried it and it looked awful. So I need to search the net tonight to find out the proper way to join em'. Here is a pic of some of the colors. Only used pinks and grays. Going to be a baby blanket for a friend with a kidlette on the way.

Off to search for seaming em' up help!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Much Better Day...

Ok. So, remember the arm warmers I was knitting up a couple weeks ago? Want to see my progress on em?

Thats right. I took em' apart. Don't judge me people. They were too loose on my arms. Although warm and soft - I just kept pulling them up all day. Do they make belts for arm warmers? Or suspenders? hehe

Either way, I will find a new home for this yarn. Maybe a plush scarf, or mittens. Yeah, mittens sound like the ticket. Now to find a easy mitten pattern that will put my new dpn skills to work.
Look what was awaiting me at my doorstep today!

Thats right - the teaman cometh. Woo hoo. Caramel, vanilla, chocolate, rasperry (for the hubby), apple & their Valentines special blend. Which - actually smells the best! Tonight....its a cup o' tea, the ex-arm warmer yarn and The Apprentice. Gonna be a good night!

Yeah...ya Secret Pal even arranged programming on the telly for me so I could have a peaceful night. Thank ya Secret Pal - lifted my spirits!

My Sunshine

Today - the sun was worshipped by Sable Sable. I drew the blinds and let the house get some sunlight. Sable feasted on that patch of sun as it drifted across the floor all afternoon.

How a non-sun loving girl got such a sun loving cat - I don't know!

Go ahead, noones watching....ooooh and aaaah over her cuteness.

And....the belly shot.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Funky Funk

Ok, so. I feel like I am in a funk. No, not funky. A funk. The two are completely different things!

Perhaps its a mid-life crisis. I mean, what exactly defines a mid-life crisis anyway? I know that I am normally a very happy person. Ok, I'm not like happy happy (scary scary people)- just very much a cup-half-full kind of girl. And lately I have just been so out of it. Kind of sad, kind of stressed over things I don't normally stress over, kind of bluesy, stress eating & a unmotivated knitter . Its very strange. Maybe its a weather thing.

I know, I know - get over it already!

Knitting news - well....I finished my Braided Mischief scarf. Pics to come. I will say that I am not liking the way it wears. If that makes any sense. My hubby has a tendency to stretch scarves and the more he stretches this one, the thinner it becomes. Just ruins the pattern/beauty of the scarf. Maybe it because I went up too many sizes on my sticks? Could be.

I also crocheted a scarf a few days ago. Had a bug to make a Ettie type scarf, here is my version.

Don't ask me what the center pattern stitches are all about. I was going for a lightning type effect and failed miserably! But I do like it....very fuzzy and foo foo. Made it with the discontinued final skein I had of Lion Brand TerrySpun. A yarn I will miss dearly! Just so soft!

I am currently looking for a mohair substitute for a scarf in Scarf Style too. May hit my LYS tonight.

Many Thanks to my secret pal (from North Dakota, yeah - ya thats it) for a gift certificate from Adaggio Teas. My tea should arrive tomorrow - ordered chocolate, apple and a couple others. Will post a photo! Thanks again SP4 bud!