Thursday, March 31, 2005

Movies, TV, Trades & Missing Patterns

I might be losing my mind. Granted, this is not a shock to those who know me but I'm starting to believe it myself. A few days ago (?) I bought a magazine that had lace scarves as a couple of patterns. Gorgeous scarves, draped over a fence - probably six patterns. I thought I wrote about them in my blog but if I did, I'm missing it. I'm also missing the magazine. Which I bought just a few days ago. Didnt I? Its not the FC Easy Knitting nor the Interweave Knits Spring issue. What else did I buy?

Must let it go. Must get more sleep. :)

I do have good news though - both of my trades I offered up have been taken. The Sock Lot is on its way to Laura in trade for a surprise - I love surprises! The Plymouth yarns are on their way to Rebecca for some Lambs Pride. Thanks girlies!

Watched Lost last night. Again, the scruffy, grumpy blonde guy is too gorgeous. I read somewhere that he's a southern boy and a jokester. I also saw a show on VH1 where the actor who plays Sayid is married to Barbara Hershey who is 20 years older than him. You GO Barbara! I do like the show though, its not ALL about the eye candy men. Kind of.

I managed to make it thru the night without shaking in my boots too much. I fell asleep on the couch with the tv roaring which helped with scary house noises. Also watched a movie on PPV - The Notebook. Good gawd man. I am soooo not the weepy type, I mean there are maybe 3 movies in my whole life that I have cried over. The Color Purple kills me every time, Steel Magnolias & Without A Trace - a really old movie. But thats it. I am just not the weepy type. This movie (the notebook) will be added to my list. I boo-hooed all the way thru it. If you havent seen it already - I highly recommend it. Its a little pushy on the sentiment but the overall meaning on true love and the meaning of Forever - is just very touching.

On the flip side - I also watched The Hulk, or rather I watched what I could stomach - it was really bad. Alot of popular actors too - but still bad. You win some, you lose some eh?

I do have a potential new trade to offer if there are any takers. I told you a few weeks ago about the audio book I bought - Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. It cost me almost $40, has been listened to once. 10 CD's, approx. 11 hours and I really liked it. If you are a audio book person - this is a great one. Again, I'd trade for yarn or something knit related. Email me at beedergirlATyahooDOTcom or leave a comment here!

Ok - gonna run! BTW I managed to resist buying yarn yesterday at my LYS. See - don't you feel bad for doubting me? :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ain't Ascared

My dh left for Atlanta today. I've found that when he goes on business trips - I LOVE it and absolutely hate it. Its a full day of girl time. But its a full night of scary noises in the house. Where all the horror movies I've seen or books I've read my entire life come back to memory in vivid color. (damn Stephen King) A night where I lose all of my ain't-scared-of-nothing self and spend a restless night with the phone on the pillow next to me just waiting for me to punch those three numbers - 911. I didnt used to be this way. I was a single gal til I was almost 30. Someone trying to break in the house - they'd regret it. I eat axe murderers for dinner man. Not anymore.

Why did this happen? Is this also a age thing. Perhaps I've reached that age where I realize that I am not invincible. Uncool. What is my future going to be like if I almost pee myself when the lilac bush brushing against the side of the house scares the crap out of me. Can you see me in 20 years, like that cartoon cat where (is it Tom?) a loud noise or the dog barking startles him and he is hanging from the ceiling by his nails? Is this my destiny?

Ok. Thats just sad. And lame. And so old lady'ish.

I did manage to pull my head out from under the covers today and go to my beauty shop. Is beauty shop the correct wording - or is it salon. Or do girls like me go the the beauty shop and girls like Paris Hilton go to a salon? Ahhh. Moving on - I got a trim and Terri put my hair into a little clippy thing which I thought was too cool. Want to see? Ok - a self pic in my bathroom, the best lit room in the house.

Kinda cute. Won't last once this wind thats come up in the last few hours hits me - but for a brief moment I had foo foo curls.

Nothing much to report in knitting and/or crochet news. Working on the same old same old. I may make a quick run to my LYS today - just to look. Or you know. Maybe, if something is really cheap, or if they are having a big sale or if they are overstocked with yarn and plead with me to help then - maybe I might want to think about maybe you know.

Hey - its gonna be a long night for me - new yarn could help.

Speaking of which - I did lock the screen door right? :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter and Stuff

So how was your Easter? Mine was ok. Went to see my Mother in Abilene where I took her on a little shopping spree. She wanted a electric skillet - so we shopped til we found just the right one. Who knew electric skillet shoppin' could be so complicated? Don't want one thats too deep, nor too shallow, there has to be a simmer type temperature choice, the plug has to fit in a certain type socket, it can't have that non-stick stuff - and I thought I was wierd about yarn!

I looked all over this state for the Cadbury Cream Eggs as I have a couple of friends who were frantically looking for them before the season was over - but found none. Personally - I think they are gross - snot chocolate. But - would of been a nice surprise for a friend or two. Maybe next year guys.

My knitting was pretty minimal this weekend. I spent some time on the lace shawls ( ya bored with hearing about them yet?) and started a new Teva shrug.

The shawl is taking me for-friggin-ever. The last row I crocheted took me over a hour. And I am - in my own opinion- a fast crocheting chick. I'm terrified thinking of how long it will take me in the end. I'm maybe half way thru it. But - I do LOVE it - so its all worth it in the end.

The shrug is going to be black and I am using TLC Essentials. Yes, thats right - the horror - acrylic yarn! But - I had it in my yarn stash and I think its soft enough. Don't hate the girl on a budget.

Ok - I have to go watch Oprah. Lisa Marie Presley is on today, bound to be a interesting show.

Check below as I started with the "Great Stash Elimination Project" today - make me a offer.

Make Me A Deal

Finally I have managed to go thru a small portion of my yarn stash. And - gawd - theres even more. The tote in the closet that my dh thinks is summer clothes, the plastic shelving full of misc skeins, the bookcase yarn, the stash in my cedar chest and yada yada. Take a look at this - and if any of it strikes your fancy let me know. I would be willing to trade for just about anything - yarn, books, food - whatever! Just email me at beedergirl*at*yahoo*.com (without the little stars of course) or leave a comment here!

A sock lot - book, size 6 dpns and two new skeins of Regia (same dye lot)

Next is a total of 12 skeins (plus a couple partial sk's) of Plymouth Encore ColorSpun DK

4+ of Butterscotch Tweed

3 (probably close to 4 sk's as 2 are rewound in a centerpull ball) of Blue Rainbow Tweed

5 Skeins of Red Tweed

Thats it for now - more to come soon!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday .....

I bought the new issues of FC Easy Knitting and Vogue Knitting. Love them both - the FC has a couple of lace scarf patterns which are definitely on my to-do list now. Also I am going to make the off shoulder sweater on the cover - maybe in light blue as I think I have enough yarn.

Of course, this is after I finish all of my current WIP's which now number in the thousands, if not millions. (They multiply you know) As my rule is to not buy yarn til a couple are finished. What a moron I was to commit to that.

I have been working on both of my lace shawls. I'm dying to take pics but the weather has been very gray lately so photos would be awful. Once the sun comes out - be ready for the slow loading, picture ridden blog. I re-started my Teva D shrug. Its in all black. Black is safe. After the debacle the stripes turned out to be - I went clear to the other side of the color spectrum. I also went up a couple of needle sizes as the project suggestion size was too small for me and my tight knitting self. Well - that and the chunky arms issue.


I am working on getting some sort of a trade/barter thing posted here in the next few days too. Again- the sun is not cooperating with my schedule. Probably have a couple skeins of sock yarn, couple pairs of sticks, a sock knitting book, Plymouth Encore Colorspun tweeds and maybe some Beacon Hill light weight yarns. Interested?

The hubby is making dinner tonight - I think its some sort of spicy chicken with pasta dish. He rarely cooks - but when he does its delish. Of course I pay the price with the disaster area the kitchen becomes - but soooo worth it.

Must sign off - have a great weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Must. Resist. Buying. Yarn.

Gawd, the yarn diet may be the death of me.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Objects may be closer than they appear...

I took this picture with my cell phone last night.

I was on my travels for the elusive Wool Ease in Walnut mentioned in my last post. Sitting in traffic, minding my own business and the ball of floof in the car next to me is barking at me. Non-stop. It dawns on me that the woman holding the dog looks alot like her little co-driver (it was a really long light) so I snap a photo. A bad photo but you get the idea. The light changes and I go on my way. The next light I look in my rearview mirror and see this woman driving her van diagonally across the lanes behind me, scary. I feel like I might possibly have a bullseye on my bumper. It was one of those surreal moments - where you think......

....I'm thinking a couple of things here. First, let this dog haired woman dare a hit-and-run with me. I have a photo of her and her dog. Second, and this is lame but true - did she see me snap a picture and now is driving crazy to catch up to me and kick my ass? Oh sure - like you wouldnt of thought the same thing. And last I thought about how friggin easy the drivers license renewal exams are these days. Mine is for seven years - seven years. And at most I have taken a little written exam to renew since I first got my very first license.

Where was I? Oh - the dog haired woman is barreling in her minivan right for me. Kind of. She actually cut off several people and managed to make it over two lanes to the left of me without killing anyone in the process. I lived to find the wool ease yarn.

See - I could of just not blogged another day and you would of missed out on this er, adventure. The things I do for you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Too much fun - as stolen from Christine who stole it from someone who .......

Want your own? Click here!

Today was a day of crochet for me. I went on a little yarn hunting adventure (where are you dear Walnut Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky?) and came home without the much needed yarn. And no - the yarn wasnt for me - so there. Its actually for a poncho that a friend asked me to make. I thought I'd had enough of it - 5 sk's. I will go out tomorrow and hit Joanne's before I may be forced to order it online. I'd hate that as I only need one skein - so wish me luck!

Most of my time was spent on the two lace shawls. Both are just random crochet patterns for me, I'm not following any pattern. Just started tonight with some shells on the lace boucle and its really looking wonderful. A dull, dark day or I would have bored you with some pictures of it.

Watched The Amazing Race tonight. Let it be known that I am really trying very hard to not get on the I-Hate-Ambah-&-Rob bandwagon. But gawd, they make it difficult. I know most of it is all editing. Lets just say that I really hope that after this show - Rob and Amber's 15 minutes are up. To all of you reality tv junkies such as myself - did anyone watch MTV's RR/RW challenge yesterday. You've gotta give Beth props. I know, you don't want to - but she is like pushing 40 and on a game where most of all the other women are young and a little on the skanky side. The girl had no chance.

Yes. I need to get a life. Sigh.


Monday, March 21, 2005

My Friend Kendra

As usual - she surprised me. Want a peek at what my mailman dropped at my doorstep today? Can you handle it?

Yes, thats right. I am going to be bouncing off the walls for weeks to come. A chocolate high the likes of which few have known. Gawd man. Life is good.

I met her on eBay of all places. She bought one of my knit ponchos - and we have been friends ever since. We have alot in common and I am sure if we weren't 1000 miles apart we'd cause a ruckus a yarn stores all over town. She's a beginning knitter, a little unsure of herself with the sticks - but I've seen some of the items she has made - they are lovely. She also listens tirelessly to me as I ramble on about my knitting adventures, which considering I have absolutely no local friends who knit - or would want to feign interest in my maddening hobby - this is a special thing.

I am lucky to have met her - and so appreciative. And, aren't ya'all jealous?!!! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Yarn Diet Clause

Ok. So. The rules were never specified about this whole yarn diet thing. I am left to assume that although I am not allowed to buy yarn..... I can buy knitting books, or needles or ......

As with my dieting with food - I have found a clause.

My latest non-yarn purchases:

I have yet to jump off the poncho bandwagon, I bought "Ponchos & Wraps, A Knitters Dozen" today. Some really pretty capelets and scarves that were irresistable. Also a entrelac shrug. For that day when I figure out how the hell to do entrelac without it having huge gaps. My day will come.

Also the new Spring Interweave Knits magazine was FINALLY available here in KC. I actually joined a KAL (cable 8 pattern pictured below) and I had yet to get the magazine. I also am thinking about maybe making one of the capelets - for me, and the sweater vest for my FIL.

I also stumbled across Teva Durhams new book thats to come out in June. Which - I managed to pre-order today - and since it won't be billed til June - the hubby will have forgotten all about the money I spent on knitting stuff this weekend. Evvvil laugh!!

Alright - a lazy blog day for me with all pictures on this post - forgive me - more tomorrow. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Prettiest Snake ever.....

Last night my hubby asked me the most awful thing a person can ever ask a knitter.

He said (parents, this would be a good time for your children to leave the room) - upon looking at what I have been knitting for the last month, toiling over daily, longing to be finished with - he said "What is THAT?".

Oh no he di'int.

And it wasn't a tone like he was looking upon the ultimate in loveliness "oh, what is this vision of beautishusness?". No - it was the "what the hell did I just step in and now want to puke" tone. Has he not been listening when I told him how I was going to change the pattern, kick it up a notch and end up with a beauty other knitters would drool over? Did he not pay attention to the fact that each night I manage to find time to painstakingly knit a minimum of two rows on tiny little wooden sticks that I can barely hold in my big brute hands? Who is this man?

After a look that would kill thousands - I told him that it was my be-friggin-loved Teva D Shrug. He cowered in shame. A little. But it was mostly fake. More of fear than in shame. Fake fear.

After having my Snickers and a giant glass of Dr Pepper I asked him what he thought about the shrug. Yeah, I said it. I know - I'm asking for it. Its a no-win situation. He says its nice and I know he's a big ole liar. He says its not nice and I go straight for his jugular. But I said it. And it turns out that he might just have a point - he said it looked like a striped snake. After trying it on - sigh - sob - oh gawd how will I go on - he just might be right. You judge.

I know what you are thinking. He is right. Whats worse is that it looks like a snake that just ate and his meal is a big old lump on the end. Also known as my hand (which does not actually look like raw sausages in person). Can you imagine what it will look like further up the arm where the jiggly fat starts? This was a hard blow. My very first dpn project and it looked like a snake with a fully belly. Man. This is going to be a hard one to get over.

I am going to post it on the SS KAL to warn others. Learn from my mistakes.

In other news - I managed to unravel the sleeves of the most adored angora sweater I found a the thrift store. Want to see? Knew ya would.

From this:

To this:

I'm thinking about making a super fluffy red scarf. Ideas?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lace, Yarn Sites & Stash Reduction

Well....I posted a day or two ago that I had emailed Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio asking about some specific yarn they were to have in stock, I didnt get a response so I emailed again. -- - and I have yet to hear back from them. That is so dissapointing. I did find another yarn site though, that I am sure you already know about - but just in case - Handpainted Wonderful site with lots of gorgeous stuff! Check it out. This one is soooo calling my name. But - I am trying to resist! Its just so cheap though - I could get a shawl for $6.

I have been working on two shawls the last few days. Crochet on both, simple shell pattern using Lace yarn. After going thru my yarn stash and repeating the "yarndiet,yarndiet" mantra in my head I discovered I had tons of lace. Tons I say. The first shawl is the Cherry Tree Hill boucle lace in wild colors, the second is Knit Picks Alpaca in light gray. One will be a gift, one will be a keeper - I'll let you wonder which is which. Lace really takes me a long time to make up, but so pretty and delicate in the end. Plus - make perfect Spring/Summer gifts.

I have also decided that I might just start a little swap and trade yarn party here in the next week or so. I have a bunch of tweedy yarn that I will probably never do anything with - and more. So - keep a watch and if you see something you like - we can trade. Make me a offer!

In not knitting (crochet) news - our furnace went out yesterday. We waited until today to call someone as we didnt want to pay extra for the repair guy to come out after hours. Unfortunately, our furnace guy probably won't be out today either. Grrr. Couldnt get a appointment. Its not too cold, maybe 50' during the day and 30'ish at night so its bearable. We have just turned on all of our heater fans. The furnace couldnt wait just a couple more weeks to die? Then we should be decently into our Spring season! Ah well - never dull.

I'm off - house cleaning, laundry and figuring out just where exactly we are going to order supper from tonight!

ps - did I mention that my SP4 made those stitch markers I posted here a couple days ago? Is she talented or what? I think she should try selling them online - gotta be alot of knitters such as myself that are looking for some pretty markers! I also am going to be the proud owner of a needle case, handmade by the wonderful ......... ah - its still a secret! I'll post pics when it gets here - you are gonna want one - trust me!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gifts, Gifts & then some more gifts!!

Ok - lemme say for anyone considering high speed cable for your ISP - its sooo not all that. I have not been able to stay online for more than 5 minutes this whole weekend. So annoying. But - I'm here now, copying every 30 seconds in hopes that the browser doesnt crash - just the ISP and my blog might be saved. Grrrr!

Ok - thats all I have to complain about.

Now - onto the GOOD stuff!! First - I got a package in the mail from my SP4 on Saturday! Hooya! Wanna see it? Ok - here goes

First - and my absolute favorite thing ever - stitch markers. Too pretty and just perfect. Wondering if my SP made them as they are fabulous!

I have already used them!

Next we have, two books. One is 'Pursenalities' which - and this is too wierd - I was going to buy on Amazon Saturday morning. I put off buying it until I could find a second item as Amazon has the free shipping thing going on if you spend a certain amount of money. So, SP - it was PERFECT timing and the perfect gift! She also sent me a Patons book that has knit AND crochet patterns - as in each pattern has the crochet and knit instructions. How awesome is that? There are so many cute purse patterns in these two books - I may deem this the year of the felted purse!

She also sent me two skeins of Noro Kureyon in gorgeous greens/yellows/golds/orange which is already slated for a Spring'y purse, some sock needle end protectors and a little sheep beanie bag thing that my cat (the much photographed and shamelessly forced upon you here in blogland - Sable) has already claimed as her own.

So - ya see - its been a great weekend for me. Thanks so much SP! I love everything!

What else - I did start a shawl or two. I am making a crochet lacy shawl out of the boucle that Michael sent me. A sneak peek will be offered tomorrow! I also started Lady Eleanors shawl - but gawd, what a disaster that turned out to be. I can't figure out why I have gaps in between the pattern repeats. I have only cast on once for it though - so I am certainly not giving up! Also this is first time I have worked with Lorna's Laces - its quite lovely. I'll try again tomorrow.

Finished the pastel scarf I posted pics of a few days ago. Its going in the Christmas tote for someone to be determined later in the year! I planned on it being a Easter type scarf but - changed my mind.

To sign off - I leave you with a picture of Doogie, anxiously awaiting my DH to return from picking up take-out at our favorite chinese restaurant! More tomorrow - when I am hopefully not living in fear of the net crashing!!

Thanks again SP!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Day of Indecisiveness

I am feeling much better today. Managed to actually go to work today - blech. But I survived.
Kind of.

Here are the pics from the very-last-yarn I am going to buy until I complete some WIPs.

Lornas Laces - Merino Blend for the Lady Eleanor stole:

And the much anticipated CP Merino Frappe:

This is it man. No more yarn. Yarn Diet is in full effect.



I trimmed my bangs today. One would think that after 20 years of cutting my own bangs - I would have learned to not cut when my hair is wet. One would think that eh? Hello forehead - haven't seen you in a while. Ah well. I am going thru a hair midlife crisis anyway. You know, I saw somewhere a gal that had a chunk of her hair some funky color. Like red, just a chunk of it and maybe dyed halfway up. Like she put that bunch of hair in a clippy and dipped it in red paint. And - (this is the scary part) I liked it. Yeah - I know. For twenty-somethings this might be really cool - but for mid-life thirty-somethings its probably very sad. Right?

Don't answer that.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Bug

Ok. So. The crud has struck. I am sniffly, stuffy, sleepy and cranky. I had a feeling it was creeping on me - but whats a girl to do? Crud happens.

I managed to top off a already busy day with a quick trip to my LYS. Of course - as if I could ever be sick enough to not want to yarn shop. They called to let me know the Crystal Palace Merino Frappe came in (too lazy to walk cleeaaarr across the room to verify but I think Raspberry was the color). So once again - you are doomed for two weeks of me wondering what the hell I am doing wrong with the Spiderweb Capelet from SNBN. I am sorry - but I must. I am convinced that the first 78 times I tried this pattern and failed (and failed and failed and..) is because I was substituting yarn. I know - I'm in serious denial. But maybe, just maybe....

I also picked up some gorgeous Lornas Laces that was on sale. Yeah for me. Will try and post pics of both tomorrow. This is it for me and yarn purchases for a while. I am officially on a yarn diet until I finish at least two current projects. Now - if any of you want to give me free yarn - well....that would be ok!

I also have found THE perfect needle case. Thats right - the PERFECT one. I don't want to put my source (hehe) on the spot right now as nothing is definite - but its really a cute case. Not frumpy like most I've seen and very original. Will have more details soon! Ok - hitting the pillow!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Did ya ever just have one of those days where you just could not get it together? Yeah? I am in the midst of one of those weeks.

Well, I needed some mindless knitting so....I started another scarf. Using what pattern you ask? Go ahead - guess. What pattern have I used the hell out of in the last two months? What pattern are just sick of hearing me talk about? Thats right - its another Misty Garden. I can't help it. Its truly just the easiest pattern in the world - and it comes out beautifully. Plus (and this is the biggie) if I screw up, its really only a max of 4 rows that I would have to rip out to correct. The scarf to knit if you are in a tv coma. Heres a pic of the latest one. Anyone want to guess what my family and friends will be getting for Christmas this year?

A close up of the colors - pastel alert.

The yarn is by Plymouth and its called "Bella Colour". Probably take 3 sk's at $4 ea. Cheap! A cotton blend, quite lovely. Its a little to pastel for me but I am sure I will find a nice home for her. I do love this yarn though - holler at me if you see it on a yarn website somewhere.

I also bought this pattern booklet:

I have been really wanting a jacket- type- kimono for a while now. I am going to mess with the pattern and see if I can't come up with something less furry. Not using the Patons Allure yarn either as the pattern calls for *gasp* 20 balls. Which - at $6.99 ea is wayyy out of my budget. Not to mention - its just too fuzzy for my tastes. I bought some Woolease Chunky, going to see what it looks like with this pattern. Heres a peek at the color -

Another something that I won't be wearing til the end of the year! I also stumbled across another site (yarn yarn yarn mustbuyyarn) - Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio. Lots of interesting stuff. I emailed them today asking about a specific brand (Feza Du Du - don't laugh - its gorgeous stuff!) I had heard they sold - but didnt see it on their site. I have yet to hear back from them though. Has anyone bought from this place? I am wondering if they have a actual online store as the yarn catalog page doesnt have any links to see the yarns.

Must run!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Couches, Socks & Bad Ass Cats

Ok - I missed the prime sunlight part of the day that I needed to take decent pictures of our new couch - but here is what I was able to come up with. Its much prettier in person.

Full shot without the giant ottoman:

Sable Eastwood on the ottoman (closer look at the color):

Its a little too fluffy right now for my preferences - but gimme time and I'll have my butt print on there shortly. Too much information?

Here is a sneak peek at the Teva Shrug:

What do you think of the colors. See - what I am worried about now is that I won't like the striping in the neck area. Should I try and make the turtleneck part of this all one color? And if yes - then what color? And where would I start the solid color. And and and. I'm leaning towards the stripes. Ah well.....I have a feeling I will be working on this for months to come so I'll figure it out then.

Big news in my knitting world. I cast on for my first sock. As you know (or do you?) I decided I wanted to learn sock knitting this year. I went out and bought some bamboo dpns and cast of this afternoon. Ribbing galore - but I am excited about this as its such a small project. Wish me luck - I am using Regia in a bright colors - self striping. I wish I had Addis dpns. Does anyone know where I could get these? Just found out recently that they make them - if anyone has extras I would be willing to buy or trade. Or have my cat give your mortal enemy "the look". Which would scare em' - bad. Think about it. My cat is for hire. :)

Ok - I'm off. About time for The Simpsons and I must figure out what we are having for supper tonight. Hmm....which Hamburger Helper will we go with tonight?

Sable Eastwood

You're probably asking yourself "do I feel lucky".
Well - DO YOU?

Its been suggested to me that my cat looks like Clint Eastwood. Now, I am not sure exactly who her real parents are - but - one never knows. She just needs a big dusty cowboy hat and a western poncho to complete the look.

I'd also like to mention that I LOVE Clint. He gets better looking every year (along with Paul Newman) and he is absolutely brilliant. Plus - he could kick your favorite celebrities ass. Yeah - I said it. ;)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Today is absolutely the best day (weather wise) we have had in a while. I am just exhausted from a day of running - but the weather was so beautishus - I didn't mind. Went couch shopping today. When you have a limited budget and are wanting a quality sofa - ya must shop ALL the furniture stores. We ended up buying a cute, cushy loveseat with a full ottoman at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I am not sure if I recommend this place or not - its so huge and kind of impersonal. You get the feeling like you are a little fish in a sea of fisherman who are all eyeballin' you, waiting for you to take the bait. Waiting to get that 5% commission or whatever. But, price wise they were the cheapest. I'll post a pic tomorrow of the new addition to our little living area.

I also managed to stop by a thrift store and pick up a couple sweaters that I am going tear into. Get this - I found one that was angora. OMG. Its a bit small but even if I just get a scarf or two out of it - soooo worth the $2.99 price tag. Want to see pics of them?

I knew you would.

Fun fun fun!

I havent gotten far on my Teva Shrug. I'm just not a fan of the dpn's. Seems like sometimes I fly right thru them - other times its just a grueling pain in the ass. A lousy attitude - that and knowing I can't wear it til next year. Patience. Patience.

What else ...... - could I be more boring? Will post more tomorrow - I think I am just beat tonight! Getting super old where going to furniture stores kicks my butt. Must go take some geritol and soak my dawgs!