Friday, April 29, 2005

Not one of my favorite things.....

Ok. So. Yesterday, not a bad day. I actually stayed home most of the day with the intention of running errands after the hubby came home from work. I was not feeling great - kind of sleepy and sluggish but with the insomnia lately - thats pretty normal for me.

I notice our dog is not feeling well. She's kind of sluggish herself, not eating, sleeping alot and not once did I get the biscuit dance - which is her way of begging for a treat.

I sit on the couch and knit while watching tv for most of the afternoon. Hubby comes home, opens the front door, sees me on the couch, comments something about looking like the living dead - then says "Oh my God". And runs to the kitchen.

Apparently the pilot light on our gas stove went out. We think it must of happened early in the morning when he was getting ready for work and had boiled water for oatmeal. I had no clue whatsoever - until I stepped outside for a few minutes and came back in. Awful.

Everyone is ok, we took Doogie to the vet who actually hooked her to a IV for a few hours. He also took some labs just to make sure there was nothing else going on. We had called the Fire Department just to see what steps we should take in making sure it was ok to be in the house last night. Basically - just open windows, no heat and of course - the stove was given last rights.

What a day. We ended up opening all the windows to air the house out, which of course the weather was completely uncooperative. Rainy and unseasonably cold.

And now - I'm wondering why - oh why I have a cold.


And to close and offer some comedic relief after forcing you to read my woes - a little Mikey Jackson fun.

Just wrong!

Thanks to Susan for her advice with helping me with the whole yarn dyeing thing!

And - don't forget about my new KAL. Go on - sign up. I'll wait.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Short and Sweet

I am running late ( I first typed 'runny late' - hehe) , forgive me for the short post! I managed to set up a new blog today for a KAL I am starting. Please join - it will be fun, you'll get a gift and a chance to win a couple of prizes!

Just do it man - a small project you will def have time to complete!

Really have to run - more tonight maybe! And btw - I see you Lisa S!! "oh no silly, I have no idea who you are". :) Thanks for humouring me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

These are a few of my favorite things....

I caught the end of The Sound of Music this morning and since I don't really have any knitting news to share - I thought I'd make a list of some of my favorite things.

Because - its either this list or we have a in-depth discussion of yesterdays graphic Oprah.

Yeah, I thought you might prefer the list.

1. Popsicles. Duh
2. When our Daddy's girl dog shuns my hubby and sits with me. Selfish yes - but wonderful.
3. Chicken Lomein from Chien Dynasty.
4. The 'just because' emails from friends & family.
5. Sitting on the dock at Kanopolis Lake with my toes in the water.
6. My new favorite band - Fisher.
7. Having the gauge be just right.
8. Lilacs
9. My cat scratching at the bathroom door when I so rudely shut her out.
10. A book so mesmerizing I read it in one day.

How about you? Yes - you! Consider yourself tagged if you made it this far on this post! A list of 10 of your favorite things for your blog - and yeah ...even you Eric!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last night - and this is shocking...brace yourself.... - I slept for six hours. Six long, dream filled hours. Insomnia has become a part of my life, my day to day routine really. To sleep a full night is a wonderful treat.

Finally, the sun has blessed our house. I managed to get a few photos of some of my WIP's and a few FO's to share.

First we have my beloved pink/green felted bag. I love this bag - perfect colors. Used Knit Picks Merino Style in asparagus & petal. This didnt felt as thick as I prefer - but I just can't bring myself to complain as I so love the colors.

Next is a shot of the blanket I made with the Plymouth Alpaca Brush. Super soft, I'm wishing I had bought more to make this bigger and a lap blanket for home. But - it will make a lovely baby blankie for someone.

Next is the back of my Cable Eight tank from IK (the last issue). This is a pattern thats super easy but also a little tedious. Its gonna be too cute when I'm finished though - so worth the effort. Sable seems to want to be in this shot no matter how much I shooed her.

A pic of a pink crochet shawl I have been working on off & on. Its a mindless thing that I can work on when watching tv. The yarn is a mercerized cotton that I got a while back and didnt know what to do with. The color is kind of sparkly which I just can't capture well with my cheap little camera.

And last a photo of the hand dyed yarn I made last week - wound into a center pull. I actually ordered more undyed wool earlier this week as I am addicted to this whole hand dyeing process. I am trying to figure out what to make with it though - 400 yds, sock weight - ideas? Already tried another sock - and it just is not happening for me!

Thats it for my pics. Exciting eh? Makes it worth the trip over here right?


Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh Dear Creamsicle - how I love thee

I am a girl obsessed. Bought a box of Popsicles over the weekend - and I can't leave them alone now. Today, already - and its only 4pm...I have had 4. No, not four boxes - four Popsicles. Although at my current rate by this time next month I should be up to four boxes daily.

Also known as the period of my life where my main form of transportation will be me being lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck.

Of course, these are sugar free. But I'm thinkin' there are limits to even how much sugar free crap you can put into your body before you explode. I'd rather not test the theory so I will try to stop at one box.


Knitting news - I (hooray) finished my pink/green felted purse. No pictures yet again as the weather refuses to budge a inch and give me a sunny day. But its cute....and makes a wonderful addition to my last unphotographed felted bag.

I'm thinking about starting some sort of KAL with bags/purses where you make a purse for a fellow knitter. I saw something similar with handknit/crochet flowers recently. What do you think? Would you sign up? Might be fun. If I get enough responses - I'll do it.

Ah hell - if I just get one response I'll do it. And we'll be the only cool chickies sporting handknit bags from a friend.

And won't you be jealous and regretting never signing up? hehe

Email (beedergirl*at*yahoo*com) or leave a comment if you are interested!

I'm off to walk the doglette. Hoping this rainy weather lets me get around the block before it starts up again. Gotta love Spring!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ok. So. Susie is my first ever blogline subscriber. Of which I am totally honored - thanks chickie! Email me your addy and I'll send you a "first subscriber ever" prize! Really!

This is where I admit to my internet inadequacy - I'm not sure what Bloglines actually is/are?! I thought it was a program that allowed you to track other blogs and be alerted when they had new posts. Which, gawd - would be a dream. So, I signed up for it - notice the pretty link on the sidebar. But - I'm totally lost in the whole thing. Am I missing where it allows me to add blogs, or where I even know who's signed up ( rock Susie) for my blog?

Maybe I should try for more than two hours sleep tonight and look at it again tomorrow?


Either way - I'm very flattered to be Bloglined.

Not alot in knitting news today. I felted my purse that I was working on the last few days and its actually cute. I will post pics tomorrow after its dryed a bit. Stuffed with plastic bags and a towel right now! I also started on my lime green/pink purse. I'm looking forward to finishing it maybe tomorrow ? Hopefully. I thought about trying Fair Isle and adding a heart to the front of it.

Also tomorrow I will start back on my Cable Eight top. I am so unmotivated with this k2p2 ribbing - and I'm only on the back panel - still have the front to go! Ack. Managed to pick up the new IK - and again - hoping someone starts a shrug KAL - so many cute ones. I love the short sleeve fiery red one - just enough coverage to hide the scary parts of my upper arms!

To close - have I mentioned how completely sick I am of this stupid football draft. 9 hours a day on Sat. & Sun. Killing me here. And when its over, then we just go back to baseball being on every single friggin day. Football is my sport of choice, one or two days a week for 4 hours each day. Thats doable. Seven days a week for 6 months is hell. Hell I say.

Ok. I'm done with the whining.


Friday, April 22, 2005

More Yarn Porn

My first attempt at hand dyeing today:

Dk pink and lt pink

Lt pink and white

Wayyy, wayyy too much fun! And not bad one the eyes either! Thanks Laura!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yarn Yarn Yarn

I placed a order for yarn thru Knitpicks on Monday - and today it arrived. FAST!! Lots of yummy stuff too -

Wool for my pink/green felted purse to come

The much anticipated Shimmer

A truckload of soft pink lace

And to try my hand at dying wool.....

I am soooo excited. In the midst of three other projects and the wait to start something with this new stash ....may kill me. :)

Speaking of stuff that may kill me, look at this.

What the hell? My Lornas Laces felted up all stripey. Totally not what I was going for.

So - if you want it gimme a holler, post a comment or email me at beedergirl*at*yahoo*com. Seriously - its a little too happening for me and my senior citizen ass. I did start a new one in solids, another of my own patterns but its not going to be fluffy on the bottom.

"fluffy on the bottom" - wondering how many google hits that one will get. And how dissapointed they will be.


To close - a pic of my dog (no groans please - you know you think shes da bomb) after a frantic game of get the bouncy ball out of the Uggs. I knew those shoes would pay off eventually.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I was reading a post from a friends blog today and it got me thinking about my blog and the reasons why I have one. I started it out as a venue for knitting gossip. I don't have any friends who knit or even crochet. Its such a huge hobby for me, something I just adore but not having any friends who share this passion is kind of depressing.

Anyway, as I'm reading his blog it occurs to me that my blog (and its writer) is/are rather shallow. Reading over my past posts - there is nothing really there about me. I find myself deliberately leaving out key things that are happening in my life just because I figure that people do not read my blog to hear me lament about my woes. Or opinions. Or non-knitting thoughts.

But yet - this is who I am. I'm wondering about you now, is your blog just really a way of reaching out to other knitters, what made you start your blog? Maybe I need to personalize this a bit more, maybe I shouldnt. Maybe I should just let it be what it is - my knitting and let those who may judge ... bite me.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sleepless in Kansas City

In a much better mood today. Well, kind of. :) Thanks for the kind words and email - I am feeling a little better! I may (may may may) have a chance at a new job thru a friend of mine. I'm still awaiting some info from her but it sounds just like my cup o' tea. Plus, its in a new office so I would basically get to start everything out my way - which is always a good thing. Wish me luck.

New issue of IK is out. Have ya seen it? I am really hoping someone starts a KAL for the shrugs. A few of them are online and free - so it wouldnt even have to be for those who buy/subscribe to the magazine. I am more motivated and likely to finish if I am in a KAL. And....I don't know the first thing about starting one so.... if one of ya start one - holler at me.

I placed a order thru Knitpicks yesterday. Some of the merino in Pink and lime green to make a kicky felted purse, some Shimmer as I'm told by several people "its da bomb", some of the undyed Wool of the Andes so I can try my hand at using the Rit Dyes Laura sent and a couple of the cheapie wools. Yah for me. I am thinking of ordering some of the Tallahatchee color scheme thru Heritage Yarns too. Its a little pricey though....but...maybe.

Last night during yet another bout of insomnia (aka why I am a crank ass), I started a simple purse with some Lornas Laces wool I have had for a while. I hope to have it finished tonight and will felt it tomorrow. Its my own pattern, just made up as I go along. Its either going to be scary as hell - or really cute.

I also managed to use up all the Plymouth Alpaca in the last couple of days. I made a cute little chevron style baby blanket. Its not exactly practical for babies - but its soft enough that I think the handwashing will be worth it. Now... for someone to have a baby.

Pics tomorrow as I missed the best sunlight today.

Gotta run - have a good day!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ms. Cranky

I'm tired, cranky, headachey, still unemployed, chubby and bitchy.

I shall follow in my doglettes lead....

*note the Elmo bouncy ball right behind her - her favorite

.........and nap the day away.

See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The storm is over because.....

..... the yarn diet is no more. You will not have to hear me bellowing about my tortured, yarn yearning life any longer. Please, please - no applause.

After a long lunch with a friend, I was in the mood for a little drive yesterday. I hopped on Hwy 10 and cruised over to Lawrence to visit a wonderful yarn store - Yarn Barn. First, let me say that out of all the highways I have travelled - and there has been many - Hwy 10 is my all time favorite.

What - you don't have a favorite highway?

Its just a dream: a fairly new road, four lanes and very little traffic. Plus, I have yet to see a Highway Patrol car at all on this stretch of the road. Which means - I can let out a little of my speed happy self. That is until I do see the my rearview mirror...lights wailing...right behind me.

But until then - its officially my fave.

Anyway, I bought a bunch of yarn. Too much in fact. Share in my joy:

5 sks of Rowan Kid Classic

5 sks of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush

The Plymouth is probably the softest yarn I have ever seen. Looks a bit like a thick mohair, only sooo soft. I bought 4 in a soft green and 1 in a light yellow. The Rowan - well, I may be the only knitter who has never used Rowan yarn and I decided to change that. Kindly remove my name from the top of the list. I bought it in a dusty green.

Now - what am I going to do with all of these? I thought about making a tank with the Rowan, and maybe a knit shawl with the Plymouth. But....undecided. Any ideas?

I also bought a final gift for my SP4 - its been alot of fun shopping for her. She is into socks right now, which is yarn/books/misc. that I never buy. Its even helped me along on my journey to learn sock knitting. Wondering who my next SP will be.

Wondering who my current SP is too! Ms. Oregon, college student with a black cat whose name starts with a D. You'd think with all these clues and the billions of blogs I read - I'd have figured it out already eh?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yarn.Com Anniversary Sale

My yarn diet resolve is being tested.

This is why.

And gawd - how I love this - Fantasia.

Is that not the prettiest mohair ever? And you know - it would make a wonderful (insert current obsession here) shawl. And its on sale. I mean, this must be a sign right?


To change the subject, while I am wiping the mohair yearning drool from my lip, tonight - is Survivor. Yeah buddy. And - so far Stephanie, my prediction for winner this season, is still in the game. Its also the night where I watch the lame Apprentice. Did you hear that the tobacco chewin' doof was arrested this week? I heard the end of the story on the news, along with a lovely mugshot. Not sure why the arrest - but if ya watch the show - you can probably wager a guess.

Still C8'ing and just started a ripple wave shawl in my own pattern for a friend. Actually a friend who is paying me to make it as a gift for her MIL. Free yarn and a little moola for my labor - life is good.

Now - back to - just one or two sk's.....who's gonna know? ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wet Dog

Just got the new Knit Picks catalog in the mail. I love the fact that they pay for shipping over $30 - always hate spending that extra money for shipping when I buy online. I saw a yarn called Shimmer - have they always had this and I missed it? Very pretty and since I am currently in the midst of a lace shawl obsession - it fits the bill. May order some. Have you bought any of this?

Lets see - what else do I have in knitting news. Still working on one side of my C8 tank. A close up of the number o' the day for you:

Its looking a little better each day, more defined I guess. I am noticing though that this yarn - LB Microspun - is starting to fuzz a little on the edge. Which is not a good thing - fuzz is not my friend. Just nothing you can do about it. Not to mention that this cable stuff for me is hard work - I'd be pissy if this sweater got fuzzed up right away. Ah well - its a little late for me to be worrying about this now right?!

Doogie was the victim of the deadly assault known as "a bath" today. She hates it. Just walks around the tub trying to get away from her splash happy Mom. Looks alot better though, smells like my Herbal Essence shampoo too.

She is funny after the bath, runs at full steam thruout the house. Which of course makes her sweaty and stinky yet again. Also rubs the sides of her face/snout along the carpet or rugs to dry the whiskers. Or maybe to frustrate me by cleaning the floor with her face after I so undeservingly and rudely dip her stinky butt in water.

Sable (the cat kid) sits on the side of the tub and bellows all the while, whats that about anyway? Then she manages to stay out of the maniacs way as she runs from one end of the house to the other. Spreading the lovely stench of wet dog.

But ....who cares? If ya can't handle a little wet dog funk once in a while then just don't visit me.

Ya snob. hehe

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kids With Tails

We also went to visit an animal shelter today. Tami and her latest blog entry motivated me to make this trip. ;) I am trying desperately to get my hubby to agree to adopt a new "kid". We also pick up dog/cat treats every time we shop and then will drop off a big bag of goodies to the shelter once in a while. This time - I went in. Big mistake. I saw this fella and a dozen more that were just callin' my name. My hubby is worried that our current dog will not deal well with another dog in the house. He had a bad situation when he was a kid with two dogs who just hated each other and now he is nervous about it. I'm like - not all dogs are that way. Just because of one bad experience - ya can't lump all kids w/tails into the same behaviour. He is on the verge of caving - I can feel it. Nonetheless, we came home without a buddy this time - with me boo hooing all the way.

Please - spay or neuter your pets. And if you are looking for a friend who is loyal, sweet and will never let you down - adopt a homeless animal. You won't regret it.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My Weekend & Stuff

Ok - first and most importantly - my doorstep was blessed today. My trade with Laura was waiting for me this afternoon. Woo hoo! I love surprises. My box o' fun contained a pattern from Stitch Diva's for flower pins/embellishments, a yummy bar of handmade soap, 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca in a creme color, a couple boxes of Rit Dye (gotta get some plastic buckets at the dollar store for a little color party!) & some fuzzies yarn to make the flowers with. Thank you girlie - what fun!

Here are some pics for my nosey peeps:

I'm a lucky girl!

I also managed to start on my newest KAL - the Cable Eight from the latest IK. I am using Lionbrand Microspun in Lime. I wanted something soft and giving as the pattern looks a little rigid in the finished state. I am estimating I will probably have to use about 8 sk's, which since I had four on hand (stash reduction alert here) it will only cost me a extra $10'ish to complete this project. Its really coming along too as I am two pattern repeats in after a few hours.

I am thinking (muststopjoiningKALSmuststopjoiningKALS) about joining another KAL too - its the Mini-Sweater from Glampyre. I don't know why I'd knit this - it would look awful on me as I am just toooo bulky a chick. And I don't really have any friends who would probably wear it if I made it as a gift. But I want it. So - if I must. :)

Had a decent enough weekend I suppose. I planned on going to the lake just for a walk with the dog and maybe a dip of the toes in the water. But rain threatened those hopes so we stayed home. A little house cleaning, Papa Johns pizza (which they made incorrectly, I called to complain as it was gross onions and totally ruined - they gave us credit for a free pizza next time - how cool is that?) and watched movies. I have to say that I really wanted to see both of the movies - and I was completely dissapointed in each one. Don't read further if you don't want the movies ruined for ya.....go'll just hate me if I spoil them for you. Ok, now - the new Bridget Jones movie. LOVED the first one. I've seen it probably a dozen times, truly one of my faves. This sequel was such a letdown. I mean - international smuggling? - come on man. I could go on - but I won't. Bridget in my heart will always be the first movie. The second was ....and people are so going to hate me for this ....but the second movie was Ray. As in the Oscar winning movie for Jamie Foxx. Now, Jamie was very good in this movie - but I found the movie itself to be a little long and at times stagnant. I loved the music, LOVED it but I just felt like we were missing out on alot with the story. Hard to explain I suppose, but to sum - I guess I thought it could of been alot better.

Everyone I know who saw these movies thought they were great. So, what did you think.....? Was I perhaps too involved in my Cable Eight and missed key scenes?!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Uh, What yarn diet?

Welllll....I heard from a friend that my LYS was having their first EVER storewide sale. OMG. No way /no how was I missing this. The first EVER sale? Uh - the yarn diet would be put on hold til Monday. We can live without groceries for a week right?

So off I went....gleefully. Joyously. Checkbook in hand and the 'emergency only' credit card in tow - just in case a, you know - emergency were to arise. Like - some Rowan Kidsilk Haze in blue or something. Or a flat tire. Whatever.

I ended up walking out of there with two gifties for my SP4, 1 sk of handpainted wool and a wonderful book of shawls - The Knitters Magazine book of Lace Shawls. Dreamy. Whats better is that I only spent $40. Which considering my yarn was $24, the book was $20 and the other two gifties were probably about $20ish - it was a good day. Plus - I didn't go nuts like I figured I would.

So, we can eat this week.

Want to see some pics of the new stuff? Nothing of the SP presents just in case she stumbled across my blog.

The Single Sk of beautishusness:

Close up - arent the colors wonderful?

Next is the book:

And two patterns I plan on making from the book:

The one below will be for a dear friend of my Mother's.

I know ----ohhhh ahhhhh.... I do need to find some inexpensive lace weight yarn in creme or white though - at least 1000 yards for each pattern.

If you didnt already notice - I am in a shawl mood as of late. Its hard for me in the Spring/Summer to get into sweaters and the like. Speaking of which - here is a photo of my two recently finished summer shawls. Not the greatest pictures but the lighting is kind of cloudy today - I tried.

The last is not blocked yet. Which - I will probably put off forever as I hate blocking.

Well....thats it for me today kiddos. Bought some geraniums that I am going to replant in some cute little dollar store planters this that are just a' callin' my name. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 08, 2005

A Attempt At Posting

Ok - I don't know what is going on with Blogger - but I am not happy. First, my last post has completely vanished. Second, I cannot post comments on other bloggers sites. And last - when I try to post I get a blogger error that says "no data source" or something. What the hell man?

Not posting, or rather attempting to post much today as it might be gone tomorrow. Grrr.

I did finish my beautishus lace shawl. And, as much as I poo pooed it - I love it. Wraps around my shoulders just perfectly and a wonderful feel to it. Yay for me.

I also finished the mohair shawl. Which, after much debate - I am going to block it. I'm not thrilled about this as its HUGE and going to take me forever to block sections of it - but it has to be done.

I am working on getting my website/blog running. Probably this w/e....I'll keep ya posted.

Both of you.



Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Grumpy Cravings

Ok. So just in case I have not complained enough about my yarn diet - here is more for ya. I'm sick of it. Sick I say. I want some new yarn. I want to go to my LYS and not only ohhh & ahhh over the new yarns - but buy some of them.

Is this so bad?

I mean, I've been really good. Do I not deserve a treat once in a while? And I've noticed that this new yarn nutrient that I am so dearly missing is affecting my current knitting. The stuff I'm making now is more of a chore than a joy. In effect - I am ruining my love of knitting. One would think the only way to solve this problem is to just buy a wee bit of new yarn. Just a measly couple of skeins.


Have I convinced you yet...... cuz I had me at the first paragraph. How on earth does one resist this urge? And is there a 10 step group in my area that can help me?

I did manage to find a little stash of lace weight yarn I had forgotten about. I may try to make something with it. Perhaps persuade myself that I just bought it. I wound the skeins into pull centers and they are actually much prettier that way. No pic of the wound skeins as lighting is bad but here is a before pic of the beauties.

Tonight is the Amazing Race on CBS. Probably one of my favorite shows. Despite Rob & Amber. Again, I know its probably all editing - giving all us reality tv junkies something to talk about. But still - they annoy me. Also while I am on the subject of reality tv - want my prediction on who will win Survivor this season? And - I have said this from the beginning. I think it will be Stephanie. She is the gal on the two person team right now. However, sadly for Steph - I am never right with my guesses but....ya never know.

Ok - I've whined enough for today! Thanks for stopping by - I promise to be less grumpy tomorrow ~ :)


Monday, April 04, 2005


I haven't posted in a couple days - my bad. I've been a bit under the weather but starting to feel a little better. Might be a sinus thing. Ackk. Have managed to work my weak, sniffly butt into some needlework though! I think I would have to be in a coma to not feel strong enough to pick up a skein of yarn. Maybe not even then.

Worked on a mohair shawl thats been in my WIP pile for months. I am determined to have it done this week. I started it so I could wear it to the concerts/plays-in-the-park that we go to in the summer. Of course, it would be for the evening events as KS is killer hot in the summer. But once the sun goes down and the night air hits your newly sunburned shoulders - its chilly. I dreamed *sigh* of making a cashmere or a Rowan Kidsilk Haze shawl for this but its just too much money.

And of course - the Yarn Diet prevents me from buying any new yarn. Grrr. I have to say though that I am proud of myself with this - so far. I did buy some size 7 addis this weekend for a summer sweater but - NO yarn. Almost killed me.

I also am in the process of building a new blog. Outside of Blogger. I will keep ya updated when I'm ready to move - don't hold your breath as it may be a while.

Yes, I know - the thousands, no - Millions of readers I surely have are anxious for the new site.

Complete denial alert here.

Friday, April 01, 2005


I am pretty sure that the only reason my dog is so interested in other dog butts is because she has never had full access to hers.

Just a thought I'd wanted to share. hehe

Well, I found the missing knitting book. It was my new issue of Vogue Knitting. Duh. It was buried in the corner behind the couch where I stash all my current projects. I started not one - but two crochet scarves last night. I know - whats the deal with me and crochet lately? Its really just the lazy side of me I think....

Anyway, I am making two cluster crochet scarves. One in blue/gray alpaca from Knitpicks and the other in Patons Brilliance in gold. A couple of bad lighting pics for you.

I like the alpaca more but we'll see how they turn out in the end. Love the pattern, two row repeat that is very easy to remember.

Looking out my door today I realized that its official - Spring has sprung. A glorious picture of our beloved Magnolia tree. Its in full bloom, which only happens once a year for about a week - so enjoy!

In a few weeks the lilac bushes will bloom and our house will have their aroma wafting thru the windows. Again - only lasts for a week or two - but just heaven.

A short post today, on my way out for a evening of.....bowling! Yeah - bowling. I'm old people, its bowling or bingo. :) More tomorrow!