Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Temping today. I am sure there are a lot of different temp jobs out there but it seems that mine are all exactly the same. Different drive to get there, different building. But its the same chair I plop my arse into, the same telephone system I curse, the same internet that I surf 85% of the time and the exact same people that cross my path. Different faces & bodies maybe - but the same 'people'.

As I sit here today wondering if what I type is being monitored (they can do that you know) I dream of the day when I will have a normal job again. Normal being I can plan on a solid work week, solid pay, form friendships that will last beyond 1 to ?? days and actually have goals in my job. Right now my biggest goal is trying to not potty all day so I don't have to ask someone if I can run to the bathroom.

I know, things could be worse. I mean - Walmart. That was worse. The telemarketing job that got me thru college, much worse.

Ok. I feel bettah now.

Working on sock number 102859 now. I am a determined woman. The whole sock experience has pissed me off to the point now where I am not giving up this time - and one way or another... a sock will be made. Working on a toe up version. Its actually a very nice pattern, the whole cast on method scared me a bit but worked out very well. What I am worried about is that it seems to be really big. Not that I have tiny little feet - but its just looking kind of large. We'll see. If not, well - I am well practiced in frogging socks lately. If you know of any basic sock patterns - using #2-3 sticks - gimme a shout. I'm a girl in search of her perfect sock pattern.

Also spied this during my travels. Ohh...ahhh... I've been looking for a tank, was leaning towards one with a cable down the center but that one is pretty. I like the neck shaping on it too. Me thinks this might be next on the sticks.

Oh...and the Fall issue of IK is out. Take a peek!

Thats all for now. Everyone say Hi to the guy monitoring this - holla! Will have sock pics tomorrow... maybe! Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Show about Nothing

Did you see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry & George (canstandya) are developing the plot for their sitcom - "its a show about nothing".

Well, welcome to the post about nothing. Which is all I've got. Nothing. No interesting knitting news, no funny life stories to force upon you, no drama. Nothing.

Well, there was the guy at bingo who hit on me while my hubby was sitting next to me. Friggin bizarre stuff.

And there is the fact that I've frogged 4 different socks since I last posted. All of which had one problem or another, mostly a issue with sizing.

Oh - and I have finally given up hope on a situation that actually happened months ago. It a boring story. I was played, man. Lesson learned though so I did get something out of it at least.

No SJP hair yet. A friend told me that the hairstyle would look scary with bangs - and my giganto forehead needs bangs. So.... SJP may not happen. We'll see.

Planning on going to the Michigan Fiber Fest with Susie. Hopefully I will get to see some other chickies there too?!

See. Thats all I've got. Now you know why I've been such a negligent blogger lately eh?

I do have some interesting knitting in the works though and I'll post more on it later. That alone is worth stopping by next time right?



Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sarah Jessica Parker Hair


I'm thinking about getting a perm. I always had a perm til well, basically til I got married. Then I felt crunchy spending $100 on something that would only last about 2 months in my stubborn hair. We were broke. Broke broke. Of course, it didnt help that I was working at Walmart, oh the horror, and making about $7 an hour. And this was THE best job I could get.

For those of you who think working at Walmart sounds like a dream - trust me, it's not. I lasted all of about one month and every minute was spent with me thinking of somewhere new that might hire me. Walmart employee's - I feel your pain man. I remember vividly the store motivation chant they would make us do in the middle of the store. Clapping and singing and praying that the leader of this event from hell would not single me out. Make me sing - alone. This would be the day I walk out. Which, although I was not forced to sing - I did actually walk out. The only time I have ever left a job without giving notice and coincidentally the only job that will never appear on my resume. My business mgmt degree was not much appreciated in MA.

Anyway, after a perm drought (hehe) I think its time that I got back on that horse.

I'm thinkin' something along the lines of SJP in the early years of Sex and the City. I tried to post pictures but they are not uploading for some reason. Long, messy curls.

Not that I am the cute little waif that SJP is - but our hair is actually very similar. Hers of course looks cool and sexy while mine has that whole Unabomber feel to it. But with a little effort, I could have something similar.

It could happen.


In knitting news - I am still working on the sock. Just the one sock as I know the second will probably be the victim of procrastination. I feel really stressed while knitting socks, maybe its the newness of it. Maybe its the tiny sticks. Not sure, perhaps with time I will become more comfortable.

I did find these patterns today for ankle socks. Which would eliminate the whole ribbing scheme for me - and they are super cute. Who doesnt like the ankle socks with the little pompom on the back eh?

Ok - I'm off to run errands. Or walk errands? Toooo hot to run/walk anywhere. 90' degrees here today. Blech.

Have a great w/e chickies!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Ugly.

Ugly could be one of two things. First being me on a beach in a bathing suit. But that would also be scary so...we...are left with one thing in my world to describe ugly. Well, wait - there is that biotch from Salina who is now my sworn mortal enemy. But other than those two things - this is what I'd describe as ugly.

The partially completed sock

That was the first sock. Dayum. Hurts the eyes eh?

The second sock isnt half bad. Take a looksy.

After at least 28 starts and frogs on the first one it dawned on me that maybe it was not me. Maybe the yarn sucked. I mean, this would be a first for me. Not my fault, its the yarn.

I'm diggin' this idea. And for this one little thing - I think its an accurate statement. I am sooo not a yarn snob. I'll use acrylic yarns. I mean, those giant skeins of Red Heart really do make wonderful baby blankets. What a surprise to me that maybe ....just maybe.... the inexpensive (in the yarn world) sock yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby was sucky.

Either way - thats the story I'm going with. Not sure what the new yarn even is, just know its merino I bought from my LYS and I think maybe it was hand dyed...maybe by someone local? Looks good though and I'm not going to think about how this one pair of socks might cost me $20.

It shall become the socks that broke the budget.

The book where I got the easy peasy pattern that is really easy to read. A great pattern for newbies.

The Bad

I am afraid that I may be an idiot spinner. I mean, a serious idiot. Not just the old "i have no patience for this" excuse I use for socks. As in this may just be too much for my brain to take in. I've been holding the yarn, spinning the spindle, re-reading the directions and starting all over again. And. Its. Just. Not. Good. Bad in fact. Talked yesterday with Susie about this whole situation and she thinks I am an idiot also.

Ok, so she didnt exactly say that. Not in those exact words. But I knew.

Anyway, if anyone can offer help - I'd so appreciate it. I am going to visit some sites tonight that Susie offered in hopes that I will get a clue. Even a small clue.

The Good

Yum. 8 oz's of merino in purple. Just waiting for me. Got it in the mail today from Ebay seller "The Flying Ewe". She is very sweet and shipped it out super fast. I think...I just paid for it on Friday - so thats really fast shipping. I love this yarn, soft and very cotton candy'ish.

Another Good thing from this last week is our pup seems to be doing a little better.

Her bald spot where they did the spinal tap -

She is feeling a little better. Very sassy and kind of aggressive. Not mean aggressive rather - watch your fingers when giving her a biscuit -aggressive. Doc says this is normal due to the high dosage of Prednisone she's on. Also getting a little chunky, has a cute little tubby belly. Weight gain is also part of her getting better and since she has been so ill the last few months we pretty much give her (within reason of course) whatever she wants. The 3 Milkbone biscuits a day rule - is no longer.

A pic of Sable Sable for the cat people. Someone needs the nails clipped eh?

I'm also working on getting a couple of pictures framed as a gift for my Mother. I'll post them here over the next week or so. Here is a pic of my little Mikey and his wife Shannon. Mike is my nephew, I love him like he's my own son. Feel like I had a huge part in raising him and I couldnt be more proud of the man he's become.

Monday, June 20, 2005

What The Hell Is THAT?

I have a HUGE, SPECTACULAR, FUN FILLED post started that needs picture work. Til then - I leave you this to keep you amused. ;)

What is this? And all you cheaters who scroll down right away - shame on you. No scrolling man.

Clue # 1

Clue #2

Scared yet?

Clue #3

Uh, is that supposed to be a....

No. Surely not.

Clue # 4


I tried.

Mine looks like some sort of alien/mutated/ scary ass lamb.

When good crocheting goes bad.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

:ovomg i[ tp tje ma,e////

Because I must do everything that Susie does.... (well...except the gardening thing. And the whole having a couple kids thing. Oh and the being a kick ass sock knitter thing. And yeah, the queen of yarn dying stuff - besides all those things).... I bought this on eBay today.

Along with some extra roving (in purple).

Which I don't even realllly know what roving is. But you know. I must follow her lead. Well, that and when we do our little trip in August/September (?), I want to not look like a complete schmuck.


So - I am going to try my hand at spinning. Frankly, it looks a little scary. But dammit, I chose the name "Fearless" so I guess I will just jump off this friggin spinning cliff.

My next blog will be named "The Wuss Knitter" as I may go a little more realistic next time.

I also (and this is shocking, brace yourself) started up with the whole sock-knitting thing again. Yesterday, it took me 6 hours and a horrid bout of insomnia to get about half-way thru a sock. It was truly the ugliest sock evah. I mean, fugly. The heel was square, like a domino. The cuff was awful as I hate the whole ribbing game and tried to cheat. Just a little. I really thought it might kill me. But I am determined to learn this sock thing. I mean - who doesnt want a pair of hand knit socks for Christmas?

Went out today (after frogging Fugly) and bought some sock yarn. $10 for four skeins. That...I can afford. If perhaps you live in the area and see tiny, teeny, wee little wooden sticks flying overhead....... forgive me. And duck.

Check out the new purrty buttons. Finally - I may have mastered this whole button thing. Kind of. Also you can check out the side bar for a link of me in ....a...bikini. Yeah, thats right. A bikini. ;)

Must go... sock party calling my name!! Good night all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Acrylic, Electric Shock and Resume Enhancement

I am thinking about changing my comments over to Haloscan. They offer a wizard to change it for me - but I have to enter my Blogger password to do it. Doesnt seem like such a good thing. Has anyone else done this? Should I?


Started a crochet afghan blanket today. Using mostly scrap yarn as I just can't afford to buy any yarn right now - but its pretty so far. Simple ripple pattern and using (gasp) acrylic yarn. Easier to wash - and I won't stress over it each time we use it. It would be my first blanket I've made that we will keep. Which means it'll take me years, decades even - to finish.

Also finished with my massacre on the shrubs that line the front of our house. Used an electric trimmer and gawd was it fun.

Two tiny teeny little issues with it however. First, ahem - the blades not only cut shrubs but the electrical cord the machine is plugged into. I'm cutting along with that whole -slashing thru the jungle with my machete- feeling when the trimmer just dies. I figure I let go of the power switch by accident when...hmm...what is that burning smell? And why is my hubby leaning out the door saying "what the hell was that"? I apparently cut right thru the cord. Didnt hurt me, hell - I didnt even notice it, but it dimmed all the lights in the house according to the dh.

So. My dreams of being a professional electric trimmer girl - have been put to rest.

Hubby did let me use the manual clippers to trim the gigantic lilac bush though. Those - I can do little harm with.

Did get it all done before the massive rainstorm came in. Woo hoo.

Watched MTV's Road Rules/Real World challenge last night. Uh, what happened to Dan? Apparently he left last week eh? Too bad - granted he has the whole indecent exposure in the movie theater rap - thing going on ....but I liked him. He is a KC boy too. So , you know. You have to support the locals.

All right, truth is he just cracked me up.

SP5 stuff is starting to gradually die down. Funny thing is I thought the rough part was over - but this follow up stuff is just killer. I'm handling it though, and thankfully they are all really patient with me. I'm thinking of adding it to my resume. I mean, out of the 600 + participants - surely I could find 100 who could give me a decent reference on this job, right? :)


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Move over Spring....

Summer is here. Blech. Heat, scorching sun, window a/c roaring 24/7 and er - the heat. I am so not a summer person. Was reading Susan's blog and I thought - I hear ya sister. I am not one of the women who sweat and look sexy like you see in the beer commercials. I am the scary woman you pray doesnt sit next to you on the bus on a hot summer day. Its a curse I inherited from my Mother.

Oh sure, I could of inherited her Vegas showgirl legs - instead I got the sweat gene.


Do you remember when my blog wasnt me bitchin' all the time? ;)

Now - for fun stuff.

First of all - LOOOK at what Amy sent me! Amy has been asking me for a mailing address since day one of SP5 sign up, and when I would avoid the question..... she'd ask again. I caved and she sent me a wonnnderful, unexpected giftie for hosting SP5.

Look...and try not to drool on my pretties.

Gorgeous soft wool - Rio dela Plata Courage Wool

In pink. My favorite color...:)

A felted purse pattern. You know I got me a little felted purse party going on right now - so this was perfect.

A cooool notepad that I already scolded my hubby for using as a grocery list.

Yeah, I'm a lucky girl eh? Thanks so much Amy - I really appreciate this all. Most importantly, I got a new friend out of the deal. :)

To make your page loading even slower.....

Here is a pic of really the only thing I have been doing knit/crochet wise for two weeks. Its purrty but... I have got to get away from scarves...and soon.

Which leads me to my next set of pics. Bought the Knitters Universe summer issue. This is maybe the 2nd issue I have bought ever. Rarely see anything that catches my interest - this one was a good one though.

I'm really not a poncho girl. Really. And I know they are probably back on the uncool list now - but this one.... this one just might be the perfect poncho for me. Braided cables and knit in the round. Two things which just a few months ago scared me to'm a cable/kitr fool.

I liked this stole too.

There was also several tanks - most of which looked like pretty easy, quick knits. I love the neckline on this one.

So.... this one little magazine might of been just what I needed to get my knittin' engine to turn over. No more scarves til the Fall.


In non-knitting news. We got a diagnosis on the pup. I will write a little about her tomorrow as I want to research on the net to find out more specifics. The name is as scary as it sounds: Granulomatous Meningoencephalamyelitis. Its not the best news - but as always...we are hopeful. Thank you to everyone sending her your well wishes - you guys really are the best.

To is a before pic of the bushes around the front of our house. (no that is not the shack the unabomber lived in) See what a mess they are? Tonight....if the back is willing....they shall be slayed. I'm gonna take all my crankyness out on them. :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Updates & Stuff

Just stopping in to say to Hi!



Having another rough week. I know, I know - what else is new eh?

The pup is rapidly sliding downhill with her health issues. Docs now think she is either having seizures or she may be epileptic. The latter of which can be dealt with - the seizures alone are scary as they are not sure what's causing them. Right now we have her scheduled to see a neurologist on Friday morning. Its sad when you are hoping your dog has epilepsy rather than some mystery brain ailment that can't be fixed.

Needless to say - I havent really picked up anything yarn related much. A little crochet on a scarf I am trying to wrap (no pun intended!) up and thats about it. Nothing spectacular. And its really just an attempt at keeping my hands & mind busy. I do need to try and knit a little more often as its just very calming for me. My own meditation of sorts.

I havent been doing the temp job this week as we just didnt want to leave the pup unattended at home. I am not missing the job - but will be missing the extra money when the vet bills total up. But....then thats what the credit card is for eh? :)

Well - this was a dismal post and I apologize! I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still around. Hopefully I'll be back around the w/e.

Have a great day chickies - and if you have any extra pup luck to spare....send it our way. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cranky Magee

I'm feeling particularly cranky today. Lots of reasons and too boring to go into detail. I guess I've reached my crab-ass quota and need a day of general pissiness.

It happens.


I was just snooping around Lisa's blog and yet again - we have something else in common. Its bizarre really - we have never met but seem to have sooo many life-type things in common. I met her in SP4 - she was the pal I was to spoil.

Anyhoo, we have now started another common bond - we are both working at temp jobs. As receptionists. For the summer.

Oh the horror. This would add to my crankiness. I am just not receptionist material. Receptionists are personable, friendly and always smiling. Its too public. No privacy, people read my email as they are walking by and I think its kind of assumed that since I'm a temp - theres no real need to get to know me.

AND. This is the worse part.

They also have taken to calling me Roxy. Nooooo. I'm thisclose to correcting em'. But I figure I should wait til I am feeling less crabby so I will have a little self control. I probably wouldnt be recommended for future work if were to bitch slap a Engineer my first week on the job.

The good thing is I can knit. While I sit. And wait for the phone to ring. Or the hunka hunka UPS guy to show up.

See - this post isnt ALLLL negative.

Now that I have wasted at least 2 minutes of your day with my whining - I'll give you the good stuff.

First, I cast on for a summer shell last night. A real, live knitting item. That I havent frogged yet. I'm also working on a crochet scarf - must be ready for Christmas. Scarves are a wonderful item to give to charity also - so I always make lots.

I am going to start cruising the net to find out more on spinning. Spinning yarn, not the stationary bike that the Red Bull drinkin,' cool people at the gym speed-ride like an imaginary Mack truck is on their ass.

I also stumbled across a site that I'm embarassed to say - had my interest. Take a look. Don't judge me people.