Sunday, July 31, 2005

Scenes from Home

While in my travels this past week I took a couple on-the-go pictures. "On the go" meaning I was driving at the time.

I never said I was a perfect driver.

Anyway, anytime I meet someone from afar three things are always commented on. Always. The first is my name. Roxanne. Just the mention of the name usually brings the person to song. Yes, the song by the Police about the prostitute.

Oh how proud I am of that song. Not.

The next is always a 'Wizard of Oz' reference. Like "where is Toto"? Or "Why didnt you wear your red shoes". Or "where are the munchkins".

Aha. Ha. Ha. Uh. Ha.

Where is a falling house when I need one?

Anyhoo, the last question is usually about KS itself and the assumptions that comes with this state. First one is that the state is completely flat. Hill'less I say. Next is that there are no trees. None. The final one would be that we are ravaged by tornado's on a daily basis.

And once apparently a little girl and her dog were swept away in one and stuff.

Now - the facts on Kansas. First, its not all flat. Really. Walk a couple miles after running out of gas on any highway here and you will discover this yourself. Drive across Interstate 70 thru the Flinthills and you will see, er - hills. Beautiful hills in fact. There are some expanses of land that are flat - but every state has that. This is farmlands for Kansans. If its flat - then something is being grown on it and odds are you have ate it. Be it beef, corn, bread or soy.

Next the tree theory. Uh, we have trees. Not massive redwoods in miles and miles of forest - but trees nonetheless.

Trees. Trees without the forest fires. :)

Next would be the tornado issue. Lemme just say that tornado's are awful, horrible tragedy's. I don't want anyone to think I am downplaying the devastation a tornado can wreak. You've seen the pictures - and I am so sorry for those who have had this touch their lives.

I am blessed as living in Kansas my entire life (well - maybe 4 years were elsewhere) I have never seen a tornado, been anywhere near where a tornado struck nor do I know one single person who has seen a tornado. And I have family clear across the state. Again, I know that many (many) folks have dealt with this horror - just saying that I have not.

For which I am thankful.

I will say that one assumption about Kansas is dead on. No water. The lakes are just sad. Really, really sad. This is not a picture of a lake but a really fancy schmancy pond on property just down the road from my home.

A KS lake is maybe 30 times that size, weed ravaged and usually packed with campers thruout the summer. When I was a kid the lakes were wonderful, I spent most of the summer at Kanopolis lake. About 10 years ago we went to spend a weekend there and found a diaper floating in the water.

Just not the same lake I remember as a kid.

I really miss the water - which is why I wouldnt mind living somewhere closer to the ocean.

In writing this post I hope that you too will post about your home on your blog. What are the misconceptions about your area? Oregon - is it really rainy & humid? Canada - are the prices really ridiculously high? Australia - whats the deal with the roos? Belgium - do you really get sick of chocolate after a while? (no... can't be). Michigan - does it really snow like crazy all winter? California - is it really overcrowded?

Stuff I'd like to know. From one who knows.

Hoping you all are in the middle of a great weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Wow.... have I really not posted since last week?

Bad Blogger. Bad.

Let's see - what has happened since last week? Well, I'm over my pissy fit.

Kind of.

Wanting to Thank those of you who offered me support during that uncool tirade. I'm normally not prone to blow ups - but... every girl has her limits. I'm much better now - and once again am reminded of how sweet all of my online buddies are.

In knitting news.... well.... I am still in sock hell. I started yet another pattern that I think is starting to look a little small.

Yes, size does matter. Especially in the sock knitting world. I just made 3/4 of a sock that was friggin huge so .... I went down on dpn's size. Of course, this means that now the sock is too small.



I will not be beaten by these stupid little wooden sticks, man. I have decided that I will not start (nor finish) another thing until I have made at least one decent, wearable sock.

This I vow.

And stuff.

I also finally bought some of that Joann's boucle yarn. Think its called Rainbow Sensations? I am not big on boucle. But I couldnt resist the colors on this. Rather than patterned colors (what is the correct wording for this?) like... stripes or blotches of color - its a gradual color change that blends so pretty. I finished a shawl while sitting at the hospital this week.

Here is a peek:

Not sure what the deal is with me and the color green lately. I've always just hated the color - now it seems I am drawn to yarns in different shades of green. Must be my hubby's influence.

Also, to completely change the subject. Kind of wierded out. Noting visitors to my website I saw that two people searched the net using the phrases "having hair permed while epileptic" & "pictures of bitten nails".

Uh. Huh?


Going to my LYS tomorrow. Did I tell you we have a boy working at our store now? Yep. And he is very nice, kind of sarcastic with some charm thrown in.

Which means I love him.

And he talked to me last time I was there. It wasnt a -"can I help you find anything" - I'm paid to say that - kind of thing. It was "what are you making, have you made anything like that before, I just started something just like that" yada yada yada. He is the first and only person in that store that has gone out of their way to chit chat with me.

Not that I'm dissing the store or anything, frankly I think that I am just scary to approach. Well worn jeans, a 80's band concert t-shirt and flip flops. My friends call it the "badass" look. I call it cheap, comfortable and in denial about almost turning forty.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble so.... I must go. If you've actually read clear thru this have been tortured enough, man.

But Thanks... you rock ya know. And I don't say that to just everyone.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Ok. So.

I'm at that point.

You know what I'm talking about.

That point where you just cannot take anymore. You must/ have to/ need to get away from whatever has driven you to that point. Where your head will just explode if you do not remove yourself from the situation.

Thats me.

And thats also me removing myself from the situation.

I've been so stressed out for the last two weeks that last night I finally emotionally broke. Feeling awful about it as my hubby is 10 times more stressed than me and my flipping out last night didn't help anything. But it did feel good. In a round-about way. I think.

Anyway, after chugging a Dr Pepper and getting "its ok" nuzzles from my sweet kitty Sable - I am better.

Thats my story at least.

Have you ever reached that point? Tell me about it - it will make me feel better.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm a lucky girl. I have wonderful knitting friends - who all treat me so much better than I deserve. In the past few days I've received two gifties in the mail. Wanna see?

First from Ines. She sent me some gorgeous stitch markers that are much prettier in person - my camera just does not do well with stitch markers.

They were a TY giftie for SP5 stuff. Thing is I should be sending Ines a giftie as for the longest time I had her blog addy wrong. Even told the pal spoiling her the wrong address. Sorry about that - in my mind I'm a much better typist.

Sooo not the perfect host.

Thanks so much Ines - I really appreciate it and gawd knows I love me a purty stitch marker!

Next, Susie sent me a box of stuff. Knowing the suckster that I am at spinning, she sent me a different spindle (who knew?) and some pencil roving. She said - "really - all you do is twist". Pray for me.

Is that spun yarn?

More pencil roving:

And.... she sent.... my favorite....

A Crabtree and Evelyn Summer Hill gift set. Sigh.

Lovely stitch markers, potential spinning & I smell good. Tis a good day.

Thanks Susie - you know I love ya. Made my week.

Not sure if I mentioned this already here but my FIL is in the hospital. He had to have a leg amputation due to diabetes and an infection that had set in. It was a very rough week last week but he made it thru the surgery just fine. The next month or so will be tough as learning to get around and just healing in general will be a challenge. I have spent every day with my in-laws for the last two weeks - which is why my SP5 hosting duties have been lagging and I have not been posting here very often.

The thing about spending time in a hospital waiting room is that I can get a LOT of knitting/crocheting in. I sit, I knit. See - I AM a cup half full girl after all.

Kind of.

I am wanting to start a shawl collared type jacket. Similar to this. Or this one I really love - but the pattern is just not specific enough for me. I would basically need to come up with measurements and the body design myself. I like the idea of this one too but I'd have to add the shawl collar as thats what is most important to me right now. Do you know of any patterns out there that are kind of a wrap with a huge collar?

Working a bit on my fingerless mitts. Donni - check out these.... mine would be similar only I want them to go further up the arm and a different ribbing - lighter yarn. Yada yada.

Oh - and I almost forgot. I just got into the Fiber RAOK! Too cool.

Ok - thats all I've got for now. Got a ton of errands to run today!

ps - hi to my Secret Scarf pal! ;o)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Donni tagged me ...... and I have no interesting knitting content.... so prepare to be mesmerized. Or not. :)

10 years ago: I was single & living in Salina KS (redneck central alert) and working in a travel center. A job I loved. Just bought my own house, my cat Sable was a whopping 4 years old and drove my beloved (and later totalled by my sister) Ford Bronco.

5 years ago: Hubby and I moved to KC from MA and were struggling financially. Working two jobs: answering service & a secretary with an environmental firm. Inlaws had just moved out and life was chaos.

1 year ago: I was laid off for the second time from the same job and not happy about it and more than a little depressed. Went thru some physical issues that taught me some important lessons in life - love, family, friends and working to be a better person, thats what its all about.

Yesterday: I talked for two hours via IM to Susie about life. With a little knitting stuff thrown in. Hubby and I bought a couch and loveseat at a yard sale that are just gorgeous for $110. Visisted my FIL and the entire clan at the hospital where I listened to my sister inlaw drone on and on and on (and on) about her new pyramid scheme business. Managed to fend her off without pissing her off. Ate at least half of a watermelon. Stopped by Walmart to pick up plastic hangers, shampoo, cat litter, line reducing fancy schmancy face creme (ridiculously priced) and a Snickers. The latter of which was gone before I got home.

Today: I plan on spending a little time on my poorly neglected SP5 hosting duties. I've avoided it for a few days as I just havent had any free time. Don't fret SP5'ers - I'm on my way. At noon'ish I'm on day shift duty for my inlaws. I pick up my MIL and take her to the hospital where I sit with her and my FIL and shoot the sh!t til hubby shows up tonight around 7pm. Then I come home, tip the fridge into my mouth, wash dishes, put a load of laundry in the wash, take a shower, walk the dog & crash on the couch for the rest of the night. Don't be jealous - not everyone can have this life of adventure such as mine. sigh.

Tomorrow: I am going to stop, once again - biting my nails. Bit the living sh!t out of them this week at the hospital, now - I must climb back on the wagon. Also have a ton of chores around the house to take care of, along with my inlaws laundry and whatever may be needed over there. Then off to the hospital to repeat what I did today.

5 snacks I enjoy: What snacks don't I enjoy? That would be the question I could narrow down to just five. Snacks I don't enjoy would include black licorice (grossgrossgross), raspberries, onion or garlic types dip, Wheat Thins or similar & white chocolate.

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: The Foo Fighters, Alicia Keyes, Abba (gawd I love them), The Temptations ("the things I want to do the most, I'm unable to do") & Heart. Not the new folk band Heart though. The old 'heart' was the absolute best.

Things I would do with $100,000,000: Buy yarn. hehe. Set my inlaws and my Mother up for life. Buy a huge ranch and set up something where I could take in homeless pets on that piece of land. I would attempt to pay Antonio Banderas to be my pool boy. sigh. Liposuction. Figure out a charity I could start that would be helping the homeless - maybe housing or something like that. And after a major shopping spree.... we would travel everywhere. So many places I want to visit.

5 locations I'd like to run away to: Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado mountains & Greece.

5 bad habits I have: Nail biting. Nervous eater. Potty mouth. Panicky in crowds or even a room with more than maybe 5 people. I dwell on sh!t inwardly. Noone knows I'm stressing - but its going on.

5 things I like doing: Knitting, eating, going to see a good movie, board/card games & chatting with someone who has a sense of humour.

5 things I would never wear: A thong. And my ass thanks me. A tubetop. Everyone else thanks me. My hair off of my forehead, bang-less?. Stirrup pants. High heels - just ugliness for me, man.

5 TV shows I like: Survivor. King of Queens. Seinfeld. Twilight Zone oldies. The Amazing Race. Lost.

5 movies I like: Gladiator, The Matrix, Muriel's Wedding, Dirty Dancing (don't judge me, man), Open Water (although it scared the living sh!t out of me). All deep movies eh? ;o)

5 famous people I'd like to meet: Famous? hmmm. One would probably be Jesus. Cuz you know, we got some things to talk about and stuff. Nicole Kidman. Just cuz she seems really down to earth. The Wilson sisters from the band 'Heart'. Matt Damon, just to stare at him. Sigh. Thinking about the other one. Of course you know if I met any of these people I would just stare, be completely tongue tied and go into some sort of dork trance. Its true. And not pretty.

5 biggest joys at the moment: Husband, Dog, Cat, Friends, Knitting (by knitting I do NOT mean socks btw).

5 favorite toys: Susie just sent me a top whorl spindle (thankyouthankyouthankyou) with some pencil roving. This gives me the illusion that I am actually spinning - for which I am thrilled. I also love stitch markers. Not sure why exactly but I love em, both Danielle & Ina have sent me beautishus ones and I am constantly ogling them. The claw type hair clips. Those goo filled stress ball thingies. My early b'day present to myself - smoothie maker.
There. Whew. I'm done. Now - if you made it this far.... consider your self tagged!!! Yeahh ... you!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Short & Sweet.

Ohhh.... ahhhh.... I have a new tagboard thingamagig. Are you getting pop - up windows when visiting here? Lemme know - I'll try to fix it.

Lots of drama this past week. Thanks so much to those who sent me such kind words - Knitters really do rule you know.

Short and sweet. Gotta run!

And... where are the hordes of people that promised to sign up for LisaB's KAL? Come on man!

***UPDATE: the tagboard has been let go - due to a poor work ethic and harrassment of my peeps.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Full Set of Tires

Ok. The girdle story. Because the begging must stop.

So. You know how a tire has that balloon thingy inside of it, and then its surrounded by the thick rubber tread that offers not only traction but protects the balloon thingy?

Well. Imagine my ass is the balloon thingy and the girdle is the tread.

(Go ahead, imagine it. I dare you.)

Have you ever seen a tire on its very last breath? Where the tread has completely run thin and the balloon thingy is bulging out? I have. Both on my 1980 Chevette and my ass.

Its not ever, ever (seriously - ever) a good thing. This happened to me this weekend. Apparently my er, tire tread suffered a blow out. Right down the center which any tread wearer knows - rarely stays in the center. And I was unaware. Completely friggin clueless.

There were no telling signs. No cool breezes, no sound alerts no swerving as it went out and careening into a tree or ditch. Nuthin. Until I got home, did I quick turn about in the mirror and noticed "balloon thingy" bulging out of the "tread".

Oh crap. &*#%@

I was wearing a fitted skirt for gawds sake. It looked like I was packing a pistol back there. Which is really what I'm hoping people think. Better for them to think I'm confused about where to carry my firearms than the cold, bitter, hard truth.

Tire balloon thingy blowout.

So see. Now you have made me scare the boys who may or may not be reading my blog. And I'm betting you are sorry you asked too.

But you did.

Knitting news (like my not so subtle subject change there?).... just started the Plaited Poncho from the last issue of KR. Using Wool Ease and I think I just might have gauge. I'm annoyed that I have to go buy another circular needle in the same size - the pattern calls for a 24' and a humongous length. May try fitting all those stitches just to save myself the $10.

Yes, I am that broke.

I'm also working on a pattern for opera length arm warmers with a thumb gusset (similar hopefully to Fluffa's). I frogged the first pattern - but think I may have finally figured out the measurements. Using a Michaels smooshy yarn that Danielle gave me (she was my SP4 pal! - thanks chickie). When I can honestly say that its starting to look like a arm warmer and not a sock puppet - I'll send ya the pattern Mrs Donni!

I also joined another KAL. Its for the Knitty gloves "Cigar" and being sponsored by Lisab. Come on - join it. The yarn only costs about $6 at Knitpicks - and you might even have something on hand (no pun intended) that would work! Plus - what great gifts for the boys.

Gotta run! Have a great week! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Three Weddings and a Funeral

Three weddings happened this weekend. My nephew married a cute little pixie and two of my online buds attended weddings too. Susie's daughter, Katy married Mike. And Lisa did a little isle walk (in her kicky new shoes) at her Uncle's wedding.

There was also a funeral. My hip/thigh/tummy girdle passed away in a sudden unexpected death. It was very tragic and I am trying to deal with the loss. And now - the fact that I actually have to go out in public and buy another one of the damn things. Oh - the horror.

Ok. I'll wait. Go ahead, get the image of my girdle exploding out of your head. I'm sorry to put you thru that.

Now. My nephews wedding. First, a pic of my nephew - his name is Max. Look at the pic and see if he reminds you of someone.

Am I the only one who sees it? Does he not look like Dave Navarro (carmen electra's hubby)? I mean - maybe Max is a little skinny but - I'm telling ya - in person.... he's the spitting image.

Anyway (still thinkin' about my girdle arent you?), the wedding was at a courthouse. Which was no biggie really, but it was soooo akward. First the handicapped parking was just awful. My inlaws are unable to really walk, one uses a walker and the other is wheelchair bound. Next, the courthouse had these steps (maybe 50) that you had to use to enter the building. There was a machine that would carry a handicapped person up the steps but we had to (along with two police officer/security guys) screw with it for like a half hour. In the heat.

Next, the brides family were kind of snooty. I know that I really shouldnt say that, or maybe there is a better way of saying it. I don't know. I do know that the phrase "sticks up their butts" was mentioned. I'm just saying.

I think/know they were just horrified to see our side - imagine the Dynasty family meeting up with the Clampetts. It was ugly. Not that anything was said to anybody. But the undertones in that room were running rampant.

Anyway, we are in the courtroom waiting on the judge. And the Mother of the bride (we'll call her Alexis) was looking for an electrical outlet for her camera. My hubby, being the sweet guy he is... helps her search. He finds one behind a bench on the back wall. Thing is that the bench is nailed to the floor and there is just a few inches between the wall and bench, getting back there is pretty impossible.

This is where it gets ugly.

Alexis walks away in search of a better outlet. Smart woman. I look over my shoulder and my 250 pound hubby has his arm clear down behind the bench telling me that "I can reach the outlet". I watch in horror as he goes to pull his arm out and ..... its stuck. He is stuck with his arm behind the bench. That is (oh god no) nailed to the floor. At first I laugh.

I'm not always the best wife.

Then - when I see that he is serious and his face is starting to turn red .... I do what generations of women in my family have always done.

I flip the hell out.

First, I'm trying to tear the bench away from the wall. This is probably where my girdle went into cardiac arrest. Noone is paying any attention to us. So, I think - chill. I calmly get my sister in-laws attention, quietly. I mean - for the love of God man - don't call attention to us. I mouth out the words "George is stuck". And in a voice I could only call BOOMING she yells "oh my gawd, George is stuck".

A silence fills the room. At least 70 sets of eyes are all looking at me and the hubby now. Flashbulbs are lighting, video cameras have finally found something worthy to tape. News crews are filling the room.

Ok, there were no news crews. But there might as well have been.

Anyway, Alexis says "what on earth is he doing". At this point I am having vivid, graphic visions of taking her head and shoving it down behind that bench with my DH's arm. I could make it fit. I just know it.

My SIL's boyfriend comes over and with sheer weight/strength helps me to move the bench out of the floor/wall just enough for my hubby to pull his purple swollen arm out. This guy saved the day.

We retreat to a corner of the room. Where we laugh our asses off. And wonder if we should call an attorney right now to see what our rights are when this video shows up on "America's Funniest Home Video's" and wins $100,000.

There was a bit of drama at the wedding reception too - but its just toooo much for me to explain. And I look a bit like an ass in the story so I'm keeping this one to myself.

Its my blog, man. I can make those decisions.

I do have a wonderful wedding pic that I will try to remember to post tomorrow. My niece also has a great picture of my hubby with his arm stuck behind the bench that I have begged her to send.

I just typed out the whole girdle story then remembered that there are a few guys that read my blog. Yeah - I see you there. And they are my friends. And ...they would be horrified over the whole girdle issue.

So. For the boys - I'll resist the gory, jaws of life details. Just this once.

But its a doozy.

So now - I'm home. Working on yet another arm warmer with a thumb gusset pattern. My own pattern - pray for me. I want one just like the ones Fluffa had a few months ago. I of course, would not be nearly as cool as her wearing them - but.... I still want em'.

So - what did you do this weekend?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Insomniac Knitter

I am soooo sleepy. Thankful that I didn't have to work today as I am sure I would of been pretty worthless on the job. This week I am working in a mailroom.

Ah - I'm kidding. I just said the mailroom thing to freak out Lisa. hehe

My sleeping habits are straying back to insomnia. Not amused. I'm thisclose to buying some sleeping pills but I just don't want to medicate myself to sleep.

So. I stay up and knit. The only positive thing to insomnia is that its more quiet time I can spend knitting. Well, knitting and I get to watch the b/w Twilight Zone episodes on the Sci Fi channel at 1am.

Cup half full.

I started my Christmas list. My Mother told me that she really needs something to "just keep my arms warm", not a sweater though. A shrug, fingerless mitts, arm warmers? All three. My Mother is such a hard person to knit for though. Just because she is completely nuts in the cleaning department. Anything I give her has to be hardy as she will wash the hell out of it. So...must think....

I also know what I am giving my MIL - I am going to make her a bag for her walker. Gonna be a bitchin' bag I say. Darker colors and some kicky buttons. I'm searching the net for patterns but may just make up my own.

My nephew is getting married tomorrow to a sweet gal who has a three year old girl. Which means - happyhappyjoyjoy - there will be a toddler within driving distance that I can knit for now. This child will be well clothed in my knits.

Speaking of people getting married - Snooze's daughter is getting married tomorrow evening. Please drop by her site and give her props for raising such a wonderful daughter - and remind her that she's not losing a daughter.... she's gaining a son and..... someday... grandbabies!

To close .... my thoughts and well wishes to those of you over the pond in London. Hoping you and your family are safe. Thinking of you...

Be safe.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Three Things

Thinking about buying this needle case. I just wish it wasn't a lighthouse motif. I'm in desperate need for some sort of organization for my stash. I actually have a needle case that I bought thats kind of on back order right now, a friend is making it for me. But I am wanting something to at least start with getting the sticks organized. Plus - when my new fancy schmancy case comes along I am sure I can find someone to give this one to.

Just joined a scarf KAL that is kind of a secret pal KAL. Check it out - sounds fun to me!

The new issue of Knitty is up. I'm lovin' this pattern. Different colors for it - but what a wonderful sweater!

Thats it... :o)

**edited to add: "Iiiiii don't wanna work....I just wanna something something something allll day... Iiiii don't wanna work..."

The song stuck in my head today. How fitting.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


We just got back from a mini-vacation. Hooya!

Anyway, I'm tired...and I have a ton of SP5 emails sitting in my inbox awaiting my attention (some of which are not so happy that I havent responded in a few days) - so today .... its all about the pictures.

The pup and her Pop at Petsmart. Also known as Doggie Dreamland.

Sable in her new cat tunnel

My only knitting...

Doogster with the "I'm sooooo tired" face

And cuz we have no new pics...a pic of me and the guy on our wedding day.

I know. I know. We're too cute for shoes.


You should just see what the last seven years has done to this girl! The thirties were not kind.

Have a wonderful weekend kiddos! Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Please, man. Make it STOP.

Ok. I'll say it. The words I never, ever thought would cross my lips. Not me.

His biggest fan.

I sat thru Minority Report. When instinct told me to flee after seeing endless Pepsi advertising in the movie.

I sat thru Vanilla Sky with a stupid WTH look on my face.

I didn't believe the rumours that he left his wife right after they had a miscarriage.

I may have judged a little over his dating the girl who said in Teen magazine just a couple of years ago that when she grows up she wants to marry him. But I got over it. I mean, love is love. Right?

I forgave him for some of the not-so-great movies when I saw Collateral. A great movie and wonderful acting.

I will dish out the $12 to go see War of the Worlds - and am looking forward to it.

But now. I've had it.

I am sick of Tom Cruise.

," late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel said on his show last week. "If we promise to go see 'War of the Worlds,' will you please make this stop?"

Is it possible that all the hollywood type men that I've been drooling over for years are complete doofs?

And Denzel - where are you?

Whew. I feel better now.