Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I totally stole this from someones blog last week (think it was Jacqueline). Couldnt resist. Try it... kinda fun.

Google an image for the following things in your life:

First Car

Lovely diarreah brown Chevette.

Place You Grew Up

Abilene KS. President Eisenhowers birthplace, home and gravesite, Historical Old Abilene Town, Greyhound (the dogs silly) Hall of Fame and yada yada yada.

Place You Live Now

What shows up when you type your name in- first, and LJ/Blog name

Nothing worthy.

Favorite Food

Chicken Lo Mein

Favorite Drink

Favorite Song

" Soon we'll be married and raise a family. (Oh, yeah)
A cozy little home out in the country with two children, maybe three.
I tell you, I can visualize it all.
This couldn't be a dream, for too real it all seems.
But it was Just My Imagination, running away with me"

Or any song by The Temptations.
I'm a Motown girl with a secret bad boy band side (G & R, Motley Crue, etc)

Favorite Smell
*I was going for chocolate chip cookies here but when I googled that - these guys showed up too. Who can resist puppies. I change my answer....

Favorite Pair of Shoes Ever
*Ok, my fave shoes would be my Born clogs - but.... again.... this guy showed up in the search.... and wouldnt you rather see him than my fave shoes?

Consider yaself tagged, baby!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

An Exchange without a name

Ok. So the whole sock exchange thing.

I'm still in.

Make a pair of socks for someone... and someone makes a pair for you. Obviously not a new idea (sockpalooza and other much cooler ) but this is a smaller group of buds and since I'm not exactly confident in my sock makin' abilities.... I thought a small exchange with people who'd forgive me for an ugly ass sock...might be a good thing. What a sentence eh?

If you'd like to be a part of the little group.... then email me.... leave a comment.... send smoke signals.... or something. I think that I have eight people so far. I am working on one 'possible'. Feel free to go and harass her as she makes kick butt socks and we'd love to be the recipient.

Actually, I guess you'd better email me if you are wanting to be in the whole SET (sock exchange thing, hehe) so I will know for sure. I'm awful at this whole keeping track of comments thing.

We also need a more clever name than SET for the exchange. Ideas?

I have been knitting.... a lot. Mostly on the scarf for my Secret Scarf Pal (its beautishus I say!). But I also started the yummy arm warmers.

Sooo cute. As you can see I'm about 4 pattern repeats in. I think I have two more repeats til I get to the thumb gusset. I'm so diggin' these. And they will be great gifts too. The yarn is... the yarn we do not speak of. Can you guess which yarn? A hint.... its discontinued. And most knitters would scoff at even the idea of it.

I am not most knitters. I am a girl with a $250 plumbing bill, $300 car repair bill and no budget for yarn. This yarn I had on hand.... its soft.... and knits up wonderfully.

Is that soooo awful?

Don't hate the knitter. Hate the yarn, man.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Christmas In August

A wonderful weekend of gifties for me. For me I say. Want to see the three beautishus surprises that came in the mail.

For me!! Did I mention that?

I'll show them in the order they arrived.

Thursday: A set of gorgeous stitch markers from Shannon.

Did I tell you about Shannon? Well, she emailed me via the SP5 site one day when I was begging for Angels. Ok, I wasnt begging persay - but you know. I sounded pretty desperate. She was asking about volunteering to be an Angel for someone who had a pal that bailed. I immediately said anything she could do would be great - and sent her the invite to the blog for the Angels. She picked someone to send a giftie to - and then told me that she had just looked at the rules for SP5 (back from day one) and had only just realized it was an event for knitters/crocheters.

Of which she was not (I am working to change that!). And still - she wanted to participate. A-friggin-mazing. Blew me away - she ended up going out of her way, researching something that she thought us knitters/crocheters might like and came up with stitch markers. She made a set for her 'pal' and a set for me. (I'm a lucky girl) Plus, she actually entered the yarn mecca of Joanne's or whatever craft store and bought her pal some knitting type stuff (needles and yada yada).

Is that not just the best story ever?

Plus she's cool. You'd like her. So, I not only get a new friend out of the deal but she renewed my faith in the whole real meaning of the Secret Pals events.


Friday: Ohhh... ahhhh. More delicious stitchmarkers. This time a joint effort from Tahlia and Beth.

See the notes on the stitch markers. The absolute best part of this giftie. They wrote little notes and attached it to each marker. The notes said things like "because you've done a great job", "because its totally not your fault a spoiler gyps out", "because I trust you not to sell my address" and my favorite "because your efforts are not worthless". Which in truth made me a little teary eyed.

What? I can be teary eyed. I'm pms'ing AND if you know the story with the whole "efforts are worthless" story - you'd understand.

Thank you guys - it was just so thoughtful - and meant the world to me.

Saturday: Yeah, Saturday too. Today brought a giftie from Heather.

Wonderful cards WITH a knitter on the front. KNIT CARDS I say!! She must of knew how I just love to get a card via snail mail - and how much I love to reciprocate. These will be perfect - and they are Knit Cards. I know - I mentioned that already. Just love em'. Yay! Thanks Heather - just a perfect treat for me.

Thanks so much ladies. I really can't say that enough - really made my day. No, it made my month. Which after the month I've had - thats quite a feat!

Thanks again Chickies. You rock!


Friday, August 26, 2005

New Stuff

Have you seen this? Lion Brand is coming out with Wool. Ohhh.... ahhhh.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

THE most beautishus arm warmers evah. This would be the pattern I've been scouring the internet for. Donni - what do you think? Are these what you were looking for?

Short and sweet today as I have a truckload of SP5 emails to answer.

Pray for me.

Ah, I'm kidding.

Kind of.

Anyway, looks like I have a couple takers on the whole sock swap thing. Yay! Maybe 10 or so have stated an interest. I did read a comment though that Alison will probably be starting the next round of Sockpalooza in late September though - so if anyone would rather go that way... I understand.

I'll be heartbroken and bitter. But I'll understand. hehe. Christmas is not so far down the road - don't want anyone to get bogged down with sock responsibilities!

I will wait til maybe Saturday or Sunday and then we will get started on our little sock exchange. I'm way excited - a pair of knit socks.... just for me. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Swapping of Socks

So, I had a couple of people mention they might be interested in doing some kind of a Sock Swap. You know, like.... make a pair of socks and send them to a fellow knitter/crocheter. In turn... you too get a pair of handmade socks.

Are you interested?

Email me or leave a comment if you are.

Please keep in mind.... I'm a new sock knitter. And my socks might possibly suck.

But its the thought that counts.... right?


Either way - Emily and Christine.... I'm in!

And to the Spammers that have been attacking me lately - you suck.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Real Live Knitting Content

As promised .... a post that is just about knitting.

No bitching or whining. No SP5 woes. No family drama. No house repairs, car repairs or anything else that might need to be fixed.

Just knitting.

I've been hard at work on my scarf for my Secret Scarf Pal. If you followed that link - Celia is the hostess.... not my secret pal. Anyhoo, I had thought that maybe we were to keep the specifics of the scarf we were making a secret so the recipient would not know anything about it - but I see that others are posting with updates.... So I thought I would too. I just won't tell you who is getting the scarf. K?

Here is a pic of the scarf.

If you've read my blog - you probably recognize the pattern. I can't help it. I just LOVE the pattern - plus its crochet and super fast to make up. The recipient lives in a area where its usually warm - so I wanted something light and airy. This fit the bill.

I've also been back on the sock kick.

This is "Dye Your Own" fingering weight from Knitpicks. I dyed this a few months ago - thought it to be quite ugly. Changing my mind on that as I like the pattern that came out with this sock. We'll see if its mate is a unusual. Its much cuter in person. You'd like it. Awful light today so my camera didnt really capture the colors.

You will notice how I didnt bitch/moan about this sock? Yeah, I think finally - maybe... just maybe .... I've figured out this whole sock knittin' thing.

Who'da thunk it eh?

I also started another pair of socks - just started so we'll see how they turn out. Its the same striping yarn I used with my first attempt at sock knitting ("Fugly").

I'm really wishing I could of gotten in on the whole Sockapalooza thing. Maybe next time..... as I'm just dying to see in person what other handknit socks look like. I'm still not confident that I am doing the decrease after the heels right. Plus - it would be cool to make and receive a pair of hand-knit socks!

There. I did it. All knitting.

Tomorrow - the bitchin' shall resume.


Monday, August 22, 2005

I have knitting....

.....really I do.

Just no time today.... instead... a few knitting pics to keep you amused til tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Necessity of Water

We've been having problems with the drain in our tub. Clogged but apparently this is a clog that is not deterred by the 72 different bottles of Draino we have chugged down its chute. Hubby decided that today, after he got back from a roadtrip to Nebraska, he would go into the crawlspace under the house (ohgawdno) and screw around with the pipes to try and find the clog.

Ok. I have not bathed since Thursday night when the drain first started acting up. But. Ok.

Not really ok, but I'm trying to be nice. And save us the $200 (or more) a plumber would surely cost. Its worth two days of no bathing. Right?

Last night 1:08am thunder roared so loud that the house shook. I swear, I've never ever heard thunder this loud.

Anyway, this morning at 6am the hubby gets up and yells to me (soundly sleeping thank you very much) that there is no water coming out of the tap.


And other curse words.

After a call to apparently the baboons that are running the 'after hours' phone line with the water department, we find out that a major main water line broke and it will be a few hours before we have water again. And we had to pry this info out of them. Like it was top secret or something.

My only thought of course is not that we won't be able to use the bathroom but that I am a few hours away from being able to play the part of Pigpen from Charlie Brown without any makeup or special effects being needed.

Its 5pm now.

We are still without water. Unless you count the brown, spitting water that completely destroyed my tub this afternoon.

So far. This weekend sucks.

And how is yours going?


Friday, August 19, 2005


When I first heard about OLN showing all the Survivor reruns - I thought... blech. Who cares.

But then I accepted the addiction that has taken over my body.

Reality tv.

What is the deal with me and loving these stupid reality shows. To the point where I will watch them again - when I really already know the outcome. Its not like a Seinfeld or Cheers episode where you get a little laugh. Its not a classic. I did not miss something deep and thought provoking the first time around.

Its Survivor for gawds sake.

Yet every night at 9pm I see myself inexplicably drawn to channel 58.

And don't get me started on the other lame ass "reality" shows that I have spent too much time on. Why do I watch The Real World every year even though I'm at least 20 years older than the cast? Or The Bachelor or Bachelorette?

Or dare I say it? - America's Next Top Model.

Oh, the shame.

Perhaps there is subliminal programming going on. Yeah. Thats it. Its not that I'm a total geek/nerd/addict, its all brainwashing.

And stuff.

I'm going now. And not cuz its almost 9pm. Really.

Name that movie....

....and I'll guess your age.

Watched a old movie last night that took me back.... er.... maybe 30 years.

Gawd, man.

It did completely crack me up though. Here are a few quotes.... can ya guess the movie?

"I'll get you, you sumbitch".

"What we have here is a complete lack of respect for the law".

"East bound and down.... 18 wheels a'rolling".

Oldie but goodie. Hubby and I were talking about how they are doing all the remakes (dukes of hazzard, starsky & hutch and yada yada) and thinking about who would play the roles today.


This is what I am thinking about when I should be scouring the help wanted ads.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Planetary Alignment and stuff

I am sooo thinkin' the planets must be lined up all wonky.

Turns out I am not the only one in the midst of a craptacular week.

Christine - a family with colds, Grandfather is in the hospital and much more.

Susie - missing her baby, hubby missing his baby and having computer/electric issues.

Danielle - Just in a car wreck and although she's not admitting to it is probably having the aches and pains that go along with any car accident.

Lisa - in accupuncturist hell.

I am feeling better and far less cranky than I have been (shockshock) so I'm sending alllll my goood karma out to you guys........

Got spare good karma.... you know where to send it... follow the links!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sooo much to say....

This would be my third attempt at posting. The first post was all about a bug situation we are in the midst of. Spiders in the car, centipede spotting in the tub and a beetle scary ass thing in the laundry room. All uncool and all drama filled for me. But who wants to hear long in-depth stories about bugs and my phobia?

The next almost-post was about three scarves. All of which I have been knitting off/on for the last week or so. None are really interesting - but... it was all I had for knitting content. A glimpse at the scarves:

I have been in an anti-post kind of mood lately. You can blame it on the stupid cold that has totally kicked my ass or PMS or maybe some sort of mid-life crisis I suppose.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.

Yeah, lets go with the last one.

Plus the weather is finally not unbearably hot. Temps have been really wonderful lately and I am praying that maybe, just maybe - Summer is almost thru with its smackdown on us.

And... the end of summer also brings.... the end of SP5. Which is kind of bittersweet for me. I've made so many new friends thru the event but I've also had a not-so-great time with a couple people. And what is totally amazing is that I have not gone off (sooo 80's) on anyone.

If you knew me, I mean - really know me - you would understand the accomplishment this is in my life.

I once was a badass. Ok, I'm still a little bit badass. I'm leaning more towards the 'give peace a chance' reasoning now.

Kind of.

But not in a wussy sort of way.


Tomorrow - a real live knitting post. With yarn, WIP's and stuff. Prepare to be amazed.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Ok. So. I'm here.

I have the crud. Sniffly, sneezy and all the other dwarves.

I have managed to knit though.

Too weak to pull my butt off the couch, no appetite and barely the energy to bathe.

But I can knit.

Its a neccesity to survival you know.

Will post more tomorrow.

Don't miss me too bad, eh?

Friday, August 12, 2005

September 11th.

I've been listening to / watching the tapes from the September 11th attacks on our country. Just to revisit those days, weeks - even that month is truly heart breaking.

Although I'm a thousand miles away from the devastation - I remember the day so vividly. I came into work completely unaware. I went to the breakroom to put my lunch in the fridge. The room was filled with employees, both male and female - and all in tears. In my worst imagination I could not of come up with what had happened.

I walked in just in time to see the second plane slam into the second tower. Absolutely made my knees buckle. Shock, horror and a complete numbness washed over me. A sucker punch to the gut.

I am not sure what the coverage was in other countries but here in the states every channel was another angle of death & destruction. Every person on the scene was covered in grime and their eyes were filled with shock and hurt. Firefighters, Police Officers, Doctors and others were all driving, biking, walking and even rollerblading to get to the center of the devastation. To help. To hold a hand, to lead someone out of the wreckage - a shoulder to lean on. The lives saved by these folks alone has to be staggering.

As the hours went by more people showed up. These were the families of the ones still missing in the towers or the area. They had giant posters with pictures, they had tiny wallet photos and some were just yelling the names of the ones they were searching for. A desperate time and we sat helpless wondering what we could do.

What could we do? I know that in our area there were Firefighters standing on corners holding their big yellow boots asking for money for the Red Cross or similar organizations. If there was a Fireman on every corner - we stopped and gave. Everyone did. Traffic was backed up but it didnt matter. It was what we could do.

As the anniversary of this tragedy approaches I wonder if there is something right now I could do. In remembrance of those lost. This is where I think of you, my peeps. I've seen the generosity and compassion that comes from the online community. When knitters/crocheters - yarn people unite .... things happen.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on something we could do this year (and the next and the next and...) to maybe offer support via the "yarn people's" community to help those truly affected - heal.

I welcome any ideas, thoughts or whatever you think.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Life & times of a 38 year old.

Wow - thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes. My birthday even brought Eric (aka his highness) out of hiding! And a few people I am just getting the op to meet. I'm a lucky girl.

I feel the love, man.

Speaking of love, look at what Christine sent me.

A beautishus scarf. Nothing I love more than a handmade knit, you know. She also thoughtfully sent a couple of the Diabetes "care bracelets". Which goes beyond thoughtfulness as she remembered my FIL and the awful time that he is going thru right now.

You rock. I know you already know that, but I just wanted to say it in public. :) She is also co-hosting SP6. Pray for her. I've warned her of the nervous breakdown I am in the midst of. She said that she has like 23 children (ok, just 5) and ain't afraid.

I've been a knitting fool this week. Want to see pictures?


Heres the slew of (is slew a word? It should be) mittens I've been working on. Got me a mitten addiction lately.

These are pink/black mittens from SNB. I also made white/purple ones but the photos did not come out well.

And the Cigar glove from Knitty. (have you joined LisaB's KAL yet? Do it - these are super easy!)

I love the Cigar glove. This one obviously is not finished yet. My plan was to make a pair for all the boys in the family for Christmas presents. But - its really more of a pattern that I would need to get measurements for the wearer - and I'm all about having gifties be a surprise. So I might not be making a dozen of em' as planned. We'll see. The pattern is super easy though and I highly recommend it. It calls for using two circ but I am using dpn's and it came out just fine. I also went up a couple needle sizes.

The mittens are da bomb. So easy and so fun. And... I get to use all the extra chunky novelty yarn I had laying around the house. These will definitely be the mittens all the girls on the Christmas list get this year. Myself included. :)

Picked up the latest issue of VK.

Lots of great patterns in this issue. Sweaters, cables and a kicky pair of arm warmers that went straight to my must-knit list.

I really think there are a lot of patterns I will be knitting from this issue.

Ok, I'm off. Did I mention recently that I am in SP5 hell? Yeah. Hell. To those of you who had a pal that bailed - I'm doing my best to take care of you. I promise. SP6 is starting a little sooner than I prefer as I have only a few days after the end of SP5 to cover the whole Angel process before the new round starts - but.... I promise.... I'm doing my best.

Have faith. And patience with me.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ya Say its Your Birthday.....

....... Its my birthday too yeah. dadadadadaaaa

Sorry. Only one day a year I can sing that song and dammit, I'm gonna sing it.

Today is my birthday. 38 years. Was thinking back to when I was turning 30 and how depressed I was.

Oh, to have the boobs I had at 30.

Oh, to have the ass I had at 20.

This year, I am going to try and appreciate my er, youth. Yeah, youth. I don't want to be regretting bitching about my age now...... when I'm 60.

So, to be positive. Here are 4 pro's of being my young age.

1.) I still have some lift in my boobs. On a good day. Kind of. Especially if I take a corner really sharp in the Explorer. Gravity and all.

2.) No arthritis in my hands - I knit til I pass out.

3.) I have a great, full head of hair that although it battles every box of Clairol I buy - remains non-gray.

4.) The phrase 'bladder control garments' is not on my shopping list. Which is not saying that it is on every 60 year olds shopping list, but I am sure this will be the genetics that is passed down to me. Remember, I did not get the showgirls legs or tiny ass and hips that most of the girls in my family has. Arent you glad I shared?

There. See. 38 is not so bad eh?

Betcha can't wait. ;o)

Have a good weekend chickies.......

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Reluctant Poser

Pictures with actual dialogue included.

"Doogie - look at Mommy"


"Doogie, Doogie!! Hold still. Look at Mommy. Hold still. Who's the good girl, who's the good girl? You want a biscuit? Biscuit? Do you? Doogie....!!!!!"

"Sigh. For the love of God, man - look at Mommy"


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just in case....

hey, you know the house with the pond that I posted a picture of a day or so ago (scroll down, go on.... I'll wait) ?

Well its up for sale now.

And my birthday is this weekend.

I'm just sayin'.


I have a lot to post about today but... I am going to save most of it til tomorrow.

Today's post shall be dedicated to my latest completed project. Well, its 50% complete if you want to be specific - but you know what I'm saying.

So. You know - I've been bitching (not proxy bitchin either) non-stop about how I hate socks. How I am a stupid sock knitter, will never touch another pair of dpns EVER, cannot figure out what the hell I am doing wrong and yada yada yada.

You've been here. You've heard my whining.

Thanks for putting up with my sorry butt.

Behold the creation that will be known as my very first....SOCK!


Its purty huh.

Ok, its not spectacular but..... by God its a sock. That I knit. And stuff.

The ribbing is shorter than the pattern called for but there is only so much I can tolerate with that k2p2 crap. 4' was my limit. And it fits too.

I'm a little worried that I did the decreases after the heel wrong, look at it...does it look right? I get my needles and what number each should be confused. But - even if its wrong.... it will be worshipped for the vision of beautishusnous that it is.

Don't hate me cuz my sock is da bomb, k?

Thinking about naming my socks. Not the store bought ones of course. Cuz that would be just wierd. (hehehe). Just the ones I make. Come on .... join me in the sock naming lunacy... and gimme an idea! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Turns out I am a 'proxy Wollongong bitcher'.

This is a good thing, right?

Donni called me this and I think its a positive statement. I could be wrong.

prox·y ( P ) (prks)n. pl. prox·ies (per
A person authorized to act for another; an agent or substitute.

Ok - thats ok.

Bitcher is what my hubby says I am whenever I have to go to one of his work functions. I bitch.

Yeah, that would be me.

Wollongong. Well, I'm not sure about that. After Googling it I discovered that its a city in Australia, 1 hours drive South of Sydney.

So. Simple math. And making use of my college education I've come to this conclusion.

I am an substitute bitcher in Australia? Or I am authorized to bitch for another person in Australia.

Sounds cool to me. I have free will to bitch in another country. Moreso, I have freewill to bitch for another person in Australia. This will come in handy next year for my friend Jo who is going on the vacation with me. Can't hurt to be traveling afar with a proxy Wollongong bitcher!

Yep. Who knew?

Now, to get licensed in other countries too!

Tomorrow - I will post about a huge accomplishment I have finally completed. I won't say what it is - but to hint.... I have been proxy bitchin' my ass off recently about said FO.

That was too easy eh?

Tomorrow - the photos. Try to contain yourself, man.

Fabulous Post.

Knitting, blogging & friends. Check it out.

Monday, August 01, 2005

5 Things from Childhood

Tagged ! This time by Christine! I love this whole tag game - why is that?

5 things I miss from childhood.

If you want to participate the chain-letter part works like this: remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog’s name in the #5 spot; just check to make sure the links are still attached if you copy n’ paste.

1. dynamiteknits
2. Sassy Stitchess
3. Stitch!
4. Purls of Hope

1. My Grandparents. God they were the best. They both passed away when I was about ten but I never forgot the love, no - adoration they showed me. They made me feel like I was the most wonderful kid on the planet. They taught me what I carry today as morals and ethics (yes, even at that young age). My Grandmother was the best cook. She'd make pies that would bring in the neighbors by the hordes. She also always offered me a bowl of cereal on every visit. This was our special time - we'd sit at the kitchen table and talk about important stuff (you know - barbies, cute boys, mean boys & girl stuff). There is not a day that goes by where one of them are not in my thoughts. Miss them both dearly.

2. My Friends. I miss the friends that you have as a child or even into your teen years. Those were the friendships I thought would last my lifetime - but didnt. And I really miss them. You know, they know all your secrets - you know all of theirs. Your lives are in the exact same place, going thru the same issues.

3. My Siblings. See #2 and replace the word "friends" with "sibling. Is that cheating?

4. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I have since learned to make this from scratch by myself - but its not the same yummy'ness that my Mother used to make. Thick, plump noodles that she would spend an afternoon rolling out and perfecting, hearty broth and yada yada. Nothing can compare.

5. Er, My Youth. For obvious reasons. I can remember walking 2 miles from my home to the swimming pool and back - every day in the summer time. These days - I'm pissy if I don't get a decent parking spot at the mall. I miss the time when sunburns were .... sunburns. Not cancer or wrinkles or sun spots. I miss climbing trees. Swinging on tree ropes over a creek (we call em' criks here ya know). Or riding my bike full speed down a hill and fearing nothing. Those were the days eh?

Whew. Your turn. Danielle, Susie, Jacqueline, LoriB & Donni. And YOU, yeah you!

You be tagged....