Friday, September 30, 2005

Reality TV Friday

All the news that is news.....

Hey - I watch tv while I knit. If it happens to be reality tv - so be it.

Don't judge me, man.


Ok, so. Stephanie is seeming a bit cocky. I still love her but - I'm hoping the Ali ("I AM the greatest") impression she is doing lately will cease.

Last night I was freaking out as the woman I picked (Amy) to win in our Survivor contest (hi Lisa, Kathy & Cindy) sprained her ankle. Three shows in and she is injured. But - I had no need to panic as she is obviously in well with a few others - and safe. For this week. Crossing my fingers that she gets better.

I do have a good feeling about her though. She reminds me of... what was her name..... the blonde gal that won the Australia season.

On to Lost.

Sawyer update. He is ok. Pissed and cranky (and sexy and hot and hubba hubba) but ok. Whew.

Granted he washed up on shore and was attacked by a group of complete strangers that had obviously kicked his buddies ass.

But he's ok.

Shirts will be taken off in the future. I just know it.

Lastly - The Amazing Race.

Hmph. WTH? The Family Edition. Cuz I really wanted to see screaming siblings, unruly bratty children and parents at their wits end on the 'vacation' from hell.

One of my favorite shows - and they give us the Disney version. Destroyed it.


I'm waiting for the Family Edition of Survivor.

Thats when the cable is turned off.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Pro's and Con's of Insomnia


I look like hell.
I feel like hell.
It dumbs me up.
Late night eating.


Is this the cutest ever?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Day Late....

Alright. I'm here. What a awful blogger I have been lately. Especially when I have so much to talk about!

Combine the fact that I have absolutely no free time with the apparent brain fog I have been in = Bad Blogger.

Can you ever forgive me? Can we get past this little bump in our relationship? I'm lost without you, man.


Ok. First.... the gifts.

Let me just say that I have been overwhelmed with an abundance of gifties this week. Its been like Christmas for me. On days when I am lucky enough to be home when the mailman comes - its all I can do to not sit with my face pressed up against the window seeing if he leaves anything on the stoop.

The stuff.... the mailman has brought me. You better sit down.

First we have a surprise gift from Danielle. Danielle was my spoiler in SP4. And she never stopped spoiling me.

Yeah, thats right baby. 2 skeins of a tasty kid mohair from Filatura DiCrosa- a yarn that I've dreamed of but the budget screamed NO!! Its sooo soft. I have had it on my coffee table for the last few days just to gaze upon its beauty. And wonder what I will make with it. I'll pick a pattern then drop it cuz - its not yarn worthy. That would be how much I love this stuff.

And how badly I need counseling.

She also sent a bunch of stitch markers with a story behind em'. I foolishly once decided that I too would join the ranks of cool people who made kick ass stitch markers. I was wrong. I am sooo not talented enough to make these buggers. Mine were scary.

Trust me on this.

Or I'll show you the photos.

Babies will cry, windows would shatter and yada yada.

I gave up. I sent her my supplies. Which consisted of a few beads that I bought from a bead store and what I thought were suitable jump rings (only learned that term recently from Shannon!) and stuff. Danielle not only made up the markers using the supplies I sent (which I'm not even sure were right!) but she sent them back to ME! And they are beautiful!

Thanks sooo much Chickie! You rock!!

Next on my giftie week is a RAOK from Cheryl. Yeah, a RAOK. From a person I don't even know!

A lovely little bag that just screams sock stuff. Doesnt it look like a perfect bag to fit your sock knitting into? The bag reads "Love me, feed me, go away. Another healthy relationship". Apparently Cheryl has met my cat eh?

Thank you Cheryl - I LOVE it!

Lastly I have only a partial photo of the gifties I received this weekend from my friend Kendra. You may remember me talking about K a few months ago. She is a gal who I met online, she bought one of my knits in fact. We became fast friends. Which was probably a better deal for me than it was for her as she works in a chocolate factory. And... bestows chocolate on me by the truckloads.

Truckloads I say. I'd show you a picture of the candy but uh, well you know I gave it all away to the neighbor kids. And stuff.

Ok. Whatever. I did not give it away. Maybe we ate like three pieces of it.

Or forty.


But - here is a really bad picture (my camera is awful) of the bag she knit up for the charity blog.

Which is I think her first felted bag - pausing for the applause - :). My photo truly sucks - its much better in person. I think maybe she knit it with Lambs Pride (??) and used a ribbon/novelty yarn thruout. Its loverly!

Thanks Kendra - as always.... you surprise me!

Ok. That the mothaload (its a word) of gifts. As I said before - I'm a lucky girl! Thanks Ladies!

Now - what have I been working on? Welllll, there has been stick activity.

First, my sock for my SET buddy. Tina don't look if you want to be surprised. Ah, you know - I'll actually link to it so she doesnt stumble across it here so easily. Click to see my sock progress. You'll have to use your browsers 'back' button to come back. Or leave a trail of bread crumbs. Your choice.

Go on. We'll wait.

I have been soooo stressed over these socks. Dead serious when I say I have cast on for these socks (with many different yarns/sticks) at least 40 times. Each time - something was not right. The color was pooling weird. The gauge was off. The needles were too short. The wool was uneven. Yada yada yada.

Finally, I think that I may have found something - just right. Hoping.

Why does this whole sock knitting thing cause me such grief? Eh, I'm a determined girl. There will be socks. And they will be cute. And Tina will wear em' with pride.

And stuff.

Next, the shawl. A crochet project and an old familiar as far as pattern goes - this is the mindless crochet pattern I love.

A easy peasy shell pattern. Mindless I say. Using Knit Picks Alpalca Cloud lace. Its soft, smooshy and will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Next, a mitten. Just one mitten but the other is on the sticks right now.

Yeah, he's thumbless. I'm waiting to see if I have enough of the brown yarn left over after the second mitten. Might make the thumb tip brown. I actually think these are kind of ugly. But - we'll see. They too are much prettier in person. They are going to be for my SIL's guy. Unless they really do turn out to be ass ugly.

Thats it for knits. Kind of boring eh?


I also wanted to mention that Snooze is going thru a rough time right now. He son was in a car accident (he's ok) but the drama that follows any wreck is sometimes just as scary. She is going to be selling some of her book stash here in the next day or two. Check in - say hi - and maybe see if there is anything that catches your eye. I am sure she'd appreciate it. Love ya Snoozie.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bad Blogger. Bad.

I'm here. Draggin' ass. But here.

Feeling crappy lately - almost (almost) starting to look forward to the surgery just in hopes of feeling a little better.

Then again, maybe not.


Short post as the bed is calling my name (yeah - I know its only 5pm!!) but I just had to give a big ((hug)) to Cindy who sent me the sweetest little gift package this weekend. A box o'goodies. Look!

Fun fun fun!! A bookmarker thong thingie, wooden sticks to put in my purse for on-the-go knitting, a yummy soft skein of yarn, a notecube (ohhh ahhh), a measuring tape - this too shall go in my purse and a 'party in a box'.

The party in a box is really cute - has balloons, confetti and a whatchamacallit thing that you blow into and it unravels plus makes a goofy sound. Fun for me - scary as hell for my dog. hehe!

Thanks soooo much Cindy!!! I can't quit fondling the yarn - its sooo soft. Ya really perked up my weekend!

I also got an RAOK (tytytytyty), a wonderful box of yummies and a donation for the charity blog from a dear friend and a surprise from Danielle (tytytytyty) too! Those I will share tomorrow as I have to take pictures - what is a post describing goodies without actual photo's eh?!!

I know - I'm a lucky girl!

I am loved. :)

Ok. More tomorrow. I promise. And I will be in much better spirits. I promise.

ps - Lisa.... the postcard came!!! He could not be MORE thrilled. Will email you tomorrow with the scoop - thank you one!!

ps - LaurieMoo! - happy ya found that scarf pattern, lemme know if you make it too - dying to see what it looks like in another color!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm Lost...

Ok. What the hell happened on Lost? Eh?

There is a guy living in the hole. Ok. But - who is this dude? Is he the guy that Jack met while running the steps at the stadium?

Why does this show always leave me saying "Huh"?

And uh, where were the shirtless scenes with Sawyer? In fact, where was Sawyer?

Ok. There. Now. I feel better. Got that all out of my system.


Knitting stuff. Yeah, we have knitting stuff today. Kind of. Here is what I started a few days ago.

Have not spent much time on it as I seem to be in the midst of some sort of knitting ADD. Its actually a scarf from the Crystal Palace site. I can't get the CP site to load so I can link to it... but thats where I got the pattern! The yarn is the Knit Picks dye-your-own stuff I bought months ago .... and dyed it a variegated pink. Yum. It shall be named - Bubbleishous.

Did you know that Lisa is back? She went on this killer vacation for the last two weeks and is sharing her photos on her blog. Check it out.... be like me and pretend that you were there.

Next year. Australia.



Did I mention that the girl I was going to go with - cancelled out on me? Yeah - as in cancelled forever. Not delaying the trip but just not wanting to go at all. And she is my travel buddy. So this put a huge kink in my plans.

We'll see. Anybody want to take a budget minded trip with me to AUS next year? Eh? Sawyer - you out there?


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Stuff

I sooo have nothing interesting to write about today.

Not that I had something interesting in my last post - nor the 200 posts before that.

Yet, here we are. Wondering what the hell I am going to say today.

I guess - I could start with tv tonight. You know - Lost is on tonight. And... if you've read my blog from last season you know that I love Sawyer. Love em' I say. And I think that he just nixed the restraining order against me - he would realize that he feels the same way about me.

What? It could happen.

But, I did see him doing an interview at the Emmy's and well, lets just say that I prefer the island version of him. Scruffy, angry and bad ass. Much better.

Anyway, I'm dying to see whats in that damn hole in the ground. Dying to see what happened to the boy who was kidnapped at sea. Dying to see if Sawyer will take his shirt off in this episode.

And other important stuff.

Also - tomorrow is Survivor. Hooya. Now, you know I love Steph. But - I am wondering why on earth they brought back Bobby Jon. First - when I think of him... its not that he was a beloved Survivor player. When I think of him - he is the guy who shot snot rockets out of his nose.

Not beloved. Gross. And frankly I think the Kansas guy said it best - Bobby Jon seems a little stupid.

Did I mention that there is no way hubba hubba 'Kansas' guy is from KS?

As far as our little Survivor contest goes - well we have no winner yet. None of our picks were voted off - soooo.... everyone still has a chance.

Well, except Lisa. Who picked Rafe.


Ok. There. I'm done. Kept your attention with tv talk for a solid 3 minutes.

My work here is done.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Stuff

A peek at something I just finished.... ends must be weaved in and yada yada before the full pic is posted. But.... I was just sooo happy with it that I couldnt wait to share a photo.

ohhh.. ahhhh...

Not the greatest pic... but its purty. Trust me. ;)

Tomorrow I am finally starting on my sock for my SET pal. Yeah, tomorrow night is really when the bitchin' from me should start.

Consider yourself warned. I am not a patient sock knitter.

I'm actually taking my SIL to the hospital tomorrow (she's having outpatient surgery) and plan on putting all that free time into the to-be beloved socks.


Ok. Truth is I will probably be playing Tetris on the cell phone a little more than knitting.

But, the socks will be on the sticks... in my purse....just in case.

I've noticed that I don't particularily like to knit in public. Too many distractions. Plus my husband told me recently that he can tell when I'm deep into a pattern, like its really complex (aka socks). He says, and this is horrifying - that I pucker out my lips - like a fish face kiss kind of thing.

Yeah. That HAS to be attractive.

Not to mention - oh no - my Mother does the same face. The hubby told me about the fish face thing - and I thought.... my Mother. I really am becoming my Mother.

I wonder when the 'must- have- a- clean- spotless- house, what- if- the- neighbors- stop- by- or- even- a- random- stranger- and- they- see- a- fleck- of-dust anywhere' gene kicks in.

Aging gracefully. Over-rated. Hmph.

To close on this wandering post... a pic of the boss in the house enjoying a few rays of sun. My baby... Sable Sable.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Must Make Must Make Must Make

I sooo want this. Yeah, I could buy it..... but it would be so much more fun to make.

Does it look like a long unshaped rectangle to you?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Scarf a'lishous

I joined Celia's scarf exchange a while ago. You basically make a scarf for a person assigned to you and someone else makes you a scarf. Fun fun fun.

Just recently finished my scarf for my pal and sent it off to her.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail all the way from Australia. When I first saw the post-stamp - I thought... no way did Donni (my SET bud from Aus) make socks already AND get them shipped to me.

But the box was from the wonderful, talented, fabulous Judy. This has to be the absolute most spectacular scarf I have ever seen.

Blue wool that is super soft and she actually knit it so it kind of curves around your neck. That made no sense - but, its kind of boomerang shaped I suppose. Which in itself was impressive but then your eyes wander down to the beautiful flowers that she has added to the ends of the scarf. Look.

Is that not absolutely wonderful? I have to say that I was just speechless when I saw it. So much thought and detail went into the scarf and its just so special. I was truly touched.

Judy - this really is such a wonderful gift - I Thank YOU soooo much for your effort and the time that you put into this. Its even in blue - my favorite color! It will be worn with pride this winter (just around the corner here in the states) and cherished forever.

She even threw in a kicky shawl pin that she made - wayyyy too good of a day for me!

Thank you - and I hope your scarf buddy is as wonderful to you as you were to me.

Da Contest

Survivor Contest.

Cuz I know all of you Survivor haters were just dying to know.

Rox picks:

Amy will be the winner

Rafe will be the first booted

(of course, Steph is who I want to win if she is indeed on this season)
Kathy picks:

Judd will be the winner

Morgan will be the first booted
Lisa picks:

Rafe will be the winner

Jim will be booted first.
Cindy's picks:

Margaret will be the winner.

Brian will be booted first.

There. Now we have it documented. For when the time comes that I win. And stuff. hehe

The person who picked the player that lasted the longest (before being voted off or wussing out) wins the contest. We have not completely decided on what the winner gets but the losers (hehe) will cough up something to give to the winner.

(and lisa... Rafe is soooo not making it past tonight)

**If you want to be in the contest - you MUST email me your picks before the show starts tonight!! **

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Hey - have you been to the charity blog yet? Eh? We now have hand dyed/ hand spun yarn.

Yeah, thats right. Yarn!

Also soooo many cute knits (scarves, leg warmers, shawls & more) and the absolute kickiest handsewn bags EVER.

Ever - I say!

Go on. Check it out.

All of the proceeds go towards helping those affected by hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Even more on Survivor.

Will I ever shut up about this damn show?

Its my blog, man. See the little X in the right upper corner of your screen... think of it as your escape pod.

Anyway, I took a peek at some of the contestants this season and noticed that two are from KS. Normally I'd be excited over this.

But I have learned my lesson. I have a friend who worked with Osten from the Pearl Islands Survivor. I did not know him, but I used the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon theory to say that I did.

Kind of.

He actually wussed out (sorry Osten but you did) and walked off the show. Quit. A opportunity to win a million bucks, probably thousands waiting in line behind him for that opp and he decides he's too hungry or tired and quits.


So now we have two Kansans & I'm hopeful that one of my own can win.

One is all but a super model. Absolutely perfectly beautiful.

The other is a supposed farm boy. But he too looks a bit too purty to be a farm boy. Farm boys don't have long hair. Well, I guess I should not stereotype. But.... you rarely see anyone driving a tractor with the Fabio hair thing going on. Trust me on this. Maybe on the cover of a romance novel but rarely in a wheatfield in Kansas.

Out of these two - the supermodel will last longer.

But Stephanie will kick both their asses.

Ohh... I have an idea. We should have some contest. Just for the Survivor junkies such as myself. What do ya think?

Lemme know...... sounds like fun!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Just a comment. My favorite tv show starts this week.


Now, I have always been a HUGE fan of the show. But I have to say that I am really sick of Rob & Amber. Their 15 minutes are over already.

So, if the big mystery surprise guests that are coming back turn out to be R & A.... well.... I will not be a happy camper.

Anybody out there heard about who the mystery people might be? I'm dyin' here. I heard it was Steph and Bobby Jon from the last show.

Personally I think its going to be my girl Stephanie and the weasley Rob C.

As you know if you read my blog last season - Steph was robbed. And I was pissed.

So - here is to hoping she's coming back. To kick ass & stuff.

Ok, a picture heavy post. And on a rare day when the sun is not blindingly (its a word) bright so my pics are not the greatest. Stupid sun.


Ok. First, the gifties. Yeah, more gifties. Don't be hatin' a gift getter. Again - its a word, man.

Dozens, no - thousands of stitch markers from Bethie & Tahlia. (these are in addition to the thousands they sent me the week before!)

These girls must of read my blog wayyy back. Cuz they knew stuff that even I had forgotten. :) Such beautishus markers with cards attached. Written on the little cards are things like:

"Because Sable is every bit as adorable as you think she is"
"Because they shouldnt let baboons run customer service lines"
"Because you hate Noro's slubs as much as I do"
"Because girdles shouldnt explode"
"Because I will never forget Officer Pain's name either" (hehe)
"Because people should not call you Roxy"

And many many more. I'm in a stitch marker frenzy. Thanks soooo much chickies!

Next we have a crochet book from Shannon.

A complete wonderful surprise for me and I was lost in the book most of the night. Already have added to my 'to make' list - which should keep me busy til I'm maybe 50. Totally made my day - Thank you!!

Speaking of Shannon - have you visited the blog o'charity recently. Got some new stuff up there, Ms. S just donated a handmade bag that I am drooling over. Check it out.... all of the proceeds go towards helping those in need due to hurricane Katrina.


Moving on..... has anyone else had huge spider issues lately? I mean - we have just been under attack by these giant ass spiders the last couple of weeks.

By scary ass spider - I mean this guy and his cousins:

What the hell? He was huge. Kind of beautiful I suppose. He was outside (thankfully) but we've had these huge brown spiders inside. Every night we see/slay another one. Which means there are 20 that you don't see.... just lurking. I am not amused.

What to do?

Knitting scoop.... yes, there has been knitting.... and crochet. More bad pictures:

Can ya guess what thats going to be? Eh?

Nah, not a good enough pic! Its actually maybe 3/4 complete - its one of the capelets from Wrap Style. This one -

I know - it looks nothing like it. But.... it will - I really think its gonna be cute. Using a cotton that I got from Webs a couple of months ago. Its much prettier in person, kind of a black pearl sheen to it. I almost passed out when I saw how many beads I need to complete the bugger. I think its like 800 glass beads.


But I am gifting it out to a friend..... so its worth it. I'll just buy 20 Sunday papers and use the 40% off Michaels coupons to buy the beads. hehe

Oh, like you havent done similar.



I have not made much progress on the arm warmers. Just a couple more pattern repeats on the first half. The gusset scares me and I think thats why I hem/haw over finishing it. I'm not really fearless you know.

Also bought some yarn on eBay recently. Patons Seasons - 6 sk's for under $6. A linen/cotton/acrylic blend. Love it.

I started a simple stockinette scarf on giganto sticks with it. (again - sucky pics...much more beautishus in person)

Its mindless knitting. Using the one and only skein of cashmere I have ever bought to add a few stripes to it. Yum.

When I'm rich - I shall knit only in cashmere. Sigh.

I'd like to say I have made progress on my Sock Thingie exchange. But I havent. I've been searching the net for the perfect pink sock yarn. Tina, who I am making socks for - is a pink-aholic. But you know, I can't just pick any old pink. It has to be the pink. I have a couple possibilities..... but I'm not telling. ;o)

In closing.... I found out on Friday that I might be having surgery. Its nothing major - but my first surgery in 30 years and I'm a nervous nellie about it. Not to mention that I just really hate hospitals. Not cuz of the normal reasons you might think - rather I am claustrophobic as hell. The tiny little rooms, the stranger in the bed just a few feet away from you - ick. I'm wiggin' out just thinking about it.

But - its not a big deal and I am not even positive that it will have to happen yet. So.... I'll save the official flip out /wiggin' out/ freak out til then. Eh.

Yeah, something for you to look forward to eh?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The sun will come out tomorrow....

Bet your bottom dollar that ....

Tomorrow - I will post.

Prepare to be astounded, man.

And stuff.

Lots of knitting news. A little personal drama. Good news. Bad news. Sock Thingy progress.

Ok, you'll probably be bored. But just stop by. K?!


Thursday, September 08, 2005


The new Fall Knitty is up.


My fave.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Just a reminder asking you to visit our little blog o'charity. We have had a few offers but would so love for the turnout to be higher ($80 so far). Please check it out. Lots of scarves, a baby sweater, leg warmers & more. All of the proceeds will go towards helping those suffering in the Katrina disaster.

Go on. Ya know you are curious. And its for a good cause.

I actually got an email on the SP5 account yesterday from a participant in New Orleans. She was evacuated from the city in time and is doing fine. Not sure about her home though. At a time in her life when she may not even have a home to go back to - she was worried that the gal she was spoiling in SP5 was not going to get a final package from her.

This is why you give what you can.

Our goverment failed to offer much needed assistance for the first few days, family and friends died unnecessarily. In supposedly the richest country in the world - our goverment took five days to react in time of crisis.

Now tens of thousands are sleeping in gymnasiums, church pews or other shelters far from their homes - or whats left of their homes.

They need their neighbors help. This is the time. Step up. Give a buck, give a hundred.

Just give what you can.

Do you have a room to spare?

Help someones pet.

Donate cash.

Click here for a site with a lot of the charities listed that are working with the hurricane survivors.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wrap Style.... is here!

Thursday I went to Borders in search of something new for a knitting book. I've been anxiously awaiting the new Pam Allen book - Wrap Style.

It was not supposed to be out (I thought) until the end of September. But they had several copies of it. Woo hoo! I scarfed on it and the newest Knitters Review. Which if anyone is interested in the latest KR issue - email me. You can have it.

Now - Wrap Style. I love this almost as much as Scarf Style. Oh hell, I love it more.

I am soooo diggin' the capelets. Especially this one. (out of focus... sorry)

I'm thinking that maybe I could use Wool Ease with it. I'm on a serious yarn budget right now.

Anyway, I have not seen a lot (still trying to remember to put that space in 'alot' just for Lisa :)-) of pics from the book out there on the web so I thought I'd share a few with you.

Please don't forget about our blog to take in donations for the Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Helping Those in Need....

Christine & myself have just started a little blog.

We are offering items for sale, most of which are either handmade or other craft related items.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the United Way in hopes of helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Our neighbors are in need - and this is one way we thought we could help out. I give you my word that every cent donated will go directly to the charity.

If you would like participate in the blog ie; have something you'd like to offer up to sell for charity - please contact me and I will add you to the list of members. You can then list your own item.

Thanks so much guys.

**this is the same post from a few days ago. You are not seeing things. :) **

Sock Exchange Thingy People

Look - I have buttons.

I wanted something scary. And not willing to put my bathing suit pictures on a button.... so we shall settle for these. ;)

And I also matched everyone up. I have sent everyone an email with the name/blog and email for the person you will be making a pair of socks for.

Matches are as noted below. We have no secrets ya know.

Susie is making socks for Kim.
Kim is making socks for Beth.
Tahlia is making socks for Laurie.
Beth is making socks for Susie.
Donni is making socks for Rox.
Christine is making socks for Cindy.
Tina is making socks for Christine.
Emily is making socks for Donni.
Laurie is making socks for Emily.
Cindy is making socks for Tahlia
Rox is making socks for Tina.

Lets all ask that Tina be forgiving and understanding of the scary ass socks I am sure to produce. :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive

Christine & myself have just started a little blog.

We are offering items for sale, most of which are either handmade or other craft related items.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the United Way in hopes of helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Our neighbors are in need - and this is one way we thought we could help out. I give you my word that every cent donated will go directly to the charity.

If you would like participate in the blog ie; have something you'd like to offer up to sell for charity - please contact me and I will add you to the list of members. You can then list your own item.

Thanks so much guys.