Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ok. So. We are definitely gonna have a Christmas Ornament Swap.

For more information visit the blog.

And, you know - sign up already!

Hurry - the deadline is SOOON!

*edited to add - I fixed the link. Sorrrry!

Ornament Swap

Hey Guys - I've been thinking about trying to start up a ornament swap (christmas ornaments) before the holidays.

You know - you buy or make an ornament for someone.... and someone does the same for you.

Would have to be done before Christmas....

Any takers?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

SET People

Hey Ladies! Ok - so. We've had a couple requests to extend the deadline for the socks. To this I say - yeah buddy.

New deadline is.... November 20. Work for you?

Have you sent yours off already? Started em'? Lemme know - I'll link to your post so the group can take a peek.


Yet another attempt at a felted purse. This one - I used only recycled yarn.... cost me all of $1.25 to make. Plus I have a LOT of yarn left over! Doing all I can to make the yarn diet work.

Of course I talk about the yarn diet now - after just placing a $50 order thru Knitpicks. Hmph. Whatever. So, I cheated a wee bit.

A peek at what I just started. Old familiar shawl pattern - new funky colors. Ohhh... ahhhh.

And.... my newest addiction. Have you had these? I'm in love, man.

...... yet another deep, thought provoking post from me eh?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The year of the shawl...

Look at the Spiral Petal Shawl towards the bottom of the page.

Calling my name.....

Reality TV Thursday





Did you forget about the contest??



Here's a few of the pics so far.


Mary Ellen
Ms Pixie

Wonderful pics - all of em'!

*Did I forget to add you?? Holler!

Monday, October 24, 2005

All Pictures....

....... short on time.... heavy on pictures!

A few shots of the beginning of foliage (the little that we have) here in KS - just for Shannon who is strucken with the awful disease of being foliage'less.

Our neighborhood.

A random pic that showed up on my digital camera - not the most flattering shot of me but.... I thought the lighting was kinda funky. Please forgive the Nellie Olsen ringlets. I'm a victim of the 80's.

In knitting news - I have been in sock hell. Hell I say. The socks I am making for my SET pal are due by November 1st. Which means I would need to mail them out this week for them to be on time. Tina (bobina) there is the slightest (hugemammothgiganticenormous) chance that your socks will be late.

Here is a pic of what was going to be Tina's socks.

I know. They are kinda cute. But if you look close you will see the toe area is uh - (insert bad word here). I apparently do not understand the whole toe decrease thing. Even Doogie knew which part of these socks sucked.

See how she looks as if to say - oh no Mom, don't take a picture of this area. People will laugh at us.

She is right. Can anyone help me with toe decreases? It seems to be an issue with me numbering my needles - per the pattern. And I am not so fabulous at the kitchner stitch either.

To close - I was going thru our photo albums today. Actually looking for wonderful pictures I took a few years ago in New Hampshire of the fall season with foliage at full peak. Instead I stumbled upon this photo of me and my guy.

Smooching. Our wedding smooch. This would be my favorite photo from our wedding. Wanted to dare (doubledogdare) you to post the same. If you are a single gal or guy - how about a post of your fave photo? In fact, do you remember - the Wool of the Woods yarn (wool and 200 yds) I had that I was going to make a scarf with (for my Scarf Me pal)? I ended up going with something else - if you post a pic on your blog (must be wedding or your fave pic) and lemme know about it - I will pick one person to get that skein of yarn.

Go on.... I dare you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tonight on COPS....

Tonight on COPS Kansas City:

After lengthy surveilance, a team of police detectives have nabbed the pumpkin vandalizer that has wreaked havoc on our neighborhood.

Behold the facts.

First, the destruction.

A close up as we check this bugger for prints.

Next, notice the trail of debris.

Hiding in our SWAT van we were able to catch this shady character acting suspicious in the area.


Reason number 14 on why I can't have pretty flower pots on my front stoop.

(no animals were harmed in this post)


Dawn of the Knitted Dead

Way, way too funny! Thanks to Shannon for the link!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hubba Hubba

Eye candy. Cuz I'm too lazy to do a real post. ;)

And for Kathy - since I so rudely dissed her man recently. Sorry Kat.

Soon - a real post. But, really - was this one soooo very awful? ;0)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Morning Scoop

I just realized that one of my posts from last week vanished. Hmpph. I think it was the one where I told the complete stranger at Walmart that I had to pee. Perhaps Blogger is not amused by pee stories. Or maybe the guy at Walmart.... works for Blogger. or...

Just saw this news article - 'rosemary's baby' cracked me up. A awful thing to say but... ya gotta admit the similarities are scary.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Reality TV Saturday

Please check your local program times as Reality TV Friday has been moved to a Saturday slot - til further notice.


If you have not seen Lost or Survivor this week - don't read further!!!


Now. Lemme just start with Survivor. How on earth was (my pick to win in our contest) Amy NOT booted off last this week?? She clearly was on the top of her teammates list to be the first to go - yet somehow .... in her brilliance talked them into booting off someone else. I was positive that she was gone.

Yet - she's still there. Whew.

But.... the drama continues.

Crap. *&^$%

Did you see the previews for next week? They are having a challenge of some kind and from what I could tell a big ass boulder rolls right on top of Amy. She is under it flailing and screaming. Like a scene from the game Tomb Raider - where the boulder crushes Laura Croft - only Amy was in her place.

Say it ain't so.

This can't be good. We've only just gotten over the whole sprained ankle thing. Who recovers from a boulder rolling on top of you? But. Maybe its just shady editing. Leading me to assume that she is hurt. And stuff. Cuz - she made it thru this week - maybe...... she will be alright.

Next we have Lost. Which is not reality tv but I will chat about it anyway. The scene where Sawyer was in the hole and the girl (his future love interest no doubt *jealous sigh*) slammed the trap shut on him. All you hear is him say "bitch". Way, way too funny. And way ... way... what I dig about the character. I'm still trying to figure out who the Others are though - next week previews - did you see them? Did I see hairy apelike legs? What if.... oh.... this is like Planet of The Apes. Blech - what a let-down that would be.

Did anyone see Sayid on the Ellen show last week? Wednesday I think.

Well, and Kathy - forgive me for this, but.... he was icky. He was digging at his scalp like it was spider infested. I am sure this is a nervous thing that he does but - it was unattractive. He seemed really akward too, really hard to explain I suppose but..... just kind of not what I expected.

Sawyer still is tha man.

I got an email from Adele this weekend regarding my man, Sawyer. She gave me a link to visit and the header of the email was "did you hear the news about Josh Holloway"? I thought - oh no. He was caught with a hooker. Or drugs. Or running around the airport with a pistol or he's a wife beater.

Or similar crazy actor stuff.

But - turns out he was robbed at gunpoint at home. How scary that must be - I think that him and his wife are both ok though.

Ok. I'm off to felt. Finished another purse, this one is going to be mine! Photos tomorrow..... have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Felting and Your Opinions... and stuff

Ohhh... ahhhh.


Ok. First - felting news. I'm back on the felting bandwagon. I decided to try and make a couple purses with the yarn that I dyed months ago.

This one - the pattern just worked out to be a diamond.

Cool pattern design, ugly ass bag felted. No pics as the pics I took were out of focus. This is a good thing.

Next bag.

Gawd, man. I love this bag. Before felting - a bad on-top-of-the-washing-machine picture:

And... after being felted.

Killer gorgeous. This is going to be a gift for Shannon. She is making me a bag (for my FIL at that!) and I thought it would be a good trade - since she avoids all talk of payment. Hmpphh! What do you think Shannon - do you want the flower or not? I can't decide. Hope you like this..... :o)

Now - I need your help. You have heard me panicking (should that 'k' be there?) lately over making a scarf for my Scarf Me pal. I decided after much casting on, gauge checks, and trial and error to go with Wavy from Knitty.

But - I'm stuck on two different yarns. One is Cascade and the other is the Wool in the Woods stuff I bought last weekend. Help!

Cascade on the left, WOTW on the right. Opinions? Lemme just say that she used the word "bohemian" in her description of scarves she'd like to have. Which neither of these are - but as close to her other likes/dislikes as I could get.

Whatcha think??

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Linkage Baby

The new VKI

New Mens Issue of VK Knit 1 (waiting to hear what Jon says about this)

Family Circle Easy Knitting (its out right now)

New MagKnits issue is out.

An interesting site that offers both knit and crochet pattern links. (sooo much work - thanks Martha!)

There now. Go. Explore. {{{Muwawwww}}}

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Ducky

Alright. Who is having a baby cuz I MUST make this!


Ok. So. I maybe, possibly might have found the pattern I am going to use for my Scarf Me pal.

I hope that once I finish my SET socks and this Scarf Me scarf - my blood pressure will return to normal levels.

Who knew I sucked so much doing KAL's?

Actually, KAL's don't bother me. I enjoy seeing others progress on something I am also knitting. Its the making something for someone else part... that I don't do so well with.

What if they don't like it? What if it doesnt fit? What if my talents are not up to snuff? What if....

I know. Shut up already.

Insecurity. Something that came with age for me. Still working out the kinks. ;)

Onto more interesting stuff.

Did I show you this pic already?

This is a FO that I finally finished late last week. Its going to be a Christmas gift for my SIL who LOVES the color orange. I am going to use the extra lace I have left over to somehow work it into some mittens. Its my trusty crochet pattern that I've made a dozen scarves with. Easy to remember and great for working on while I am waiting around in the doctors office or yada yada.

I also finished one sock for Tina. Just one. And... I may frog it but.... its not going to be a stressful frog for me. I cheated on the cuff ribbing, just did the top for a inch and then kitr. It looks kind of unshaped and icky so.... I may rip and work a k2p2 for the cuff. The yarn is yummy. I went with a different yarn than I showed here recently and it seems to be working really well for me.


What else do I have.

Well, Shannon is in my area this week. Visiting family in Missouri. We had talked about maybe trying to meet up somewhere but I got an email from her saying that her family might not be thrilled with the idea of her leaving them on her visit.

Sooo... she was spared.... this time.

An update on our Survivor contest. Well, I am most likely out this week. But.... sooo far.... we are all safe. None of our picks have been voted out. For those of you in the contest (all 14,000 of you) I put our picks on my sidebar - just for easier access. I hate having to go back thru my posts to find stuff.

Those of you not in the contest, you know, like, if you wanted to just you know, say a little prayer for Amy and her sprained ankle this week, well I'd be grateful. hehe

Man, I know that last sentence gave Susie and her grammar police self a heart attack. You ok Snooze?

Ok - I'm off to check in on all of you.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday II

Ohhh. Ahhh.

My newest 'family' members.

Wool in The Woods in earthy, autumn type browns.

Not the best picture in the world but its very pretty. A merino blend that I have never worked with before. Never even heard of the brand before actually - but.... it was the only yarn I could find that I thought kind of fit my Scarf Me pal.

I also bought some Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Sherbert that I am going to attempt Ella with. I could only afford one skein though.... so I may wait until I have enough to complete the whole shawl.

Speaking of affording things - I did not buy the two circulars after all. I am such a big needle snob (when did that happen?) that I didnt want to buy the cheapie circs - and the addi's were $17 each which is wayyy too scary. I will use the sticks. And I will like it. Man.


Saw this button somewhere.... on his site I think. Yeah, I went to his site. I'm that smitten.

A little bit o' eye candy for my sidebar. ;)

ps - more stuff that I didn't know about....


I am sure everyone knows about this site, although.... I didn't!

But, did you know they have a bunch of downloadable patterns. Which for my impatient self - is a wonderful thing.

Going to my lys today to maybe, possibly break down and buy two same size circs for my sock knitting adventures.

I also need to find (panicpanicpanic) some yarn to make a scarf for my Scarf Me pal.

Will post tonight or tomorrow what my little shopping adventure brought me!

Have a gooood weekend folks!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Whole Lotta....

.... nothing.

Ok. So. I see your comments. I hear your whispers behind my back. I know you are talking about me.


But I just have nothing to blog about. Especially in the knitting area. Right now I am crocheting a motif type scarf for my Scarf Me pal. Its gonna kick ass. Maybe.

Thats it.

Everything else is uninspiring to me.

Not that I don't have a million WIP's, cuz... gawd knows... I do. I'm really just in the mood to start something new.

Something different. Special.

And stuff.


And - don't say socks. I have determined that I am going to come up with something new for Tina's socks. I am going to just give in and buy the two pairs of circs in the super small size and try socks on those - cuz I am not doing so well with the sticks. There is also this technique using one long circular. Who knew? I may even see what I can find for patterns in something more of a worsted weight. This weekend - I visit my LYS and beg for help.

Things that may or may not inspire me:

Hot Lava Cardigan


Something like this only with a big shawl collar

A cute caterpillar

Ella from Knitty. Which is wonderful as I am on a shawl kick lately. What does "tbl" in that pattern mean?


Ok. See. This is why its been quiet here lately? :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

National Blame Larry J. Day

Monday. Blech!

Had a decent weekend though. How was yours?

Did you see the ass kicking my beloved Chiefs got? Second week in a row, man. Not looking good. Not to mention they were the ass kickers in the first half and then lost it all.

Stupid Larry J. blew it, ended up giving the opposing team some confidence after we had beat the crap out of them

I shall blame him for everything that goes wrong for me this week.

Feel free to blame him too if you need to.

I have not had the most productive knitting weekend. I finished NOTHING on Tina's socks. Nothing. Its the tiny sticks again, they hate me. Stupid LJ.

I did manage to get some Lion Brand Landscapes yarn this weekend, have you tried this stuff? Its kind of got a handspun feel to it. Very nice. I'm making a couple of items for a friend and the yarn has really made this a pleasant experience. My only complaint would be that there is not a lot of yardage.

Of course, this is Larry J's fault.

But - its no biggie. Thats the joy of the Michaels and Joannes flyers in the Sunday paper.... 40 & 50% off. Hooya!

In a rush - just wanted to stop by... say hi.... and blame LJ for some stuff.

How was YOUR weekend? Eh?

ps - I put the kicky little pink baby hat up for auction on the charity blog. Just in case, you know - you wanted to be the person that sent us over the $300 mark in donations.