Wednesday, November 30, 2005

That Girl in Florida.....

I asked Shannon to make a special present for my FIL. He recently had his left leg amputated and has been using a walker to get around. I asked her if she might be able to make him a bag for the walker.

Shannon sews. Quite well in fact. To the point where I am thinking about dragging the dusty sewing machine out of storage. She ended up making this spectacular bag. I mean - it is amazing. Pockets, straps, photo holders, a key ring and more.

I'm half tempted to just keep the bag for myself and whats surely to be my future.

She also sent me a kicky denim bag that I all but shamelessly begged for. Its cute but did not want to photograph in all its cuteness glory. So - I will post a photo of it a little later.

Looking into the box, expecting to see the bottom - what... uh... whats that?

No way.

The non-knitter chick actually sent me yarn. She. Sent. Yarn.

Oh god. Theres more. More. Yarn.

Can you believe it? I was shocked. And its wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The first is Knitpicks Gossamer in Autumn. Stuff I've never worked with before.... but always wanted to. The bottom pic is Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Lace in a dark rich rust color. Which is actually one of my favorite lace yarns.

She also sent candles (yum), a toy for Doogie and toys for Sable. The toys have been well abused in the past few days and the candles are perfect as I love a wonderful scented candle!

Shannon - dearie. With all you have been going thru in the past few weeks - I am just beyond words. Thank you so much for all of this. I was soooo very surprised and even without wonderful giftis - I'm really such a lucky girl that you came into my life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If you listen closely....

.... somewhere in this cruel, cruel world people (you know who you are) are listening to my voice on an answering machine.... and laughing.

And.... gasp.... comparing me to a hillbilly.

Life is simply not fair.

Can I help it if I was born into a hillbilly legacy? Is it my fault that even though I've spent years hiding the vocal tones God gave me - they sometimes peek thru.




I am still battling Blogger over my posts. If I write up a post longer than a paragraph or two - it does not save. Not sure what the deal is but going to try and post while at work tomorrow as maybe its my computer.

I have such wonderful pictures to show you! Ailsa - the package arrived safely. And its wonderful. I'm floored. Thank you so very much!

Shannon - your package arrived too - and as you know.... I love everything! Going to call you a little later.

Short and sweet here as who knows where this will be cut off at!

Asking that you guys put a couple of my friends in your thoughts this week. Shannon & Eric are both going thru some difficult times right now. If you get a chance - just say a little prayer for them.

I'll be baaaack!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Ok. So. I've been trying to write up a post that has 4 pictures in it - and each time I try to save or post.... only the first paragraph ends up being saved. I think its something to do with the pics.

What the hell?

Will try again later. Grrr.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Day After

Just a couple of the things I am Thankful for....

1.) Chocolate

2.) Shannon, who must of sensed I was having a bad day (week) and sent me a box of fun to arrive specifically today!

3.) My new SET wool socks that keep my feet toasty.

4.) Milk chocolate

5.) A hubby that is willing to pick up girl stuff for me while at the store

6.) Donni who cracks me up no matter how foul my mood

7.) Dark chocolate

8.) Snooze - who lets me be her pretend sister (noooo sibling rivalry here!)

And YOU!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Blog therefor.....

...I have free time.

How have you been? Eh?

There has been knitting and a even a little crochet. Here is the handbag I just finished.

Made with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. Quite possibly one of my favorite yarns. And - this might be the best bag I've made to date. Its just like the pink/green I made a few months ago only a little bigger and I've kind of figured out the whole felting process. Kind of.

I do dig this bag though!

And here is a scarf I finished in a few short hours this afternoon.

Crocheted with Patons Divine (love love love) with a crochet flower attached to each end. Its soft, pretty and foo foo. A little too girly girl for me but its a gift for my Mother and I think she will like it.

I also finished my SET socks. Tina (bobina) should of received them already so I will post the pic. Tina - if you havent gotten them yet.... look away!

Are they beautishus? Nah. But they were made with love. And cursing. But moreso on the love thing. These were made with yarn I bought off eBay (lidika) and I used a pattern from the winter issue of FCEK. I'm hoping she likes em' - just happy that my first socks have a home. :)

Many Thanks to all of you who offered up help on these. Especially to Susie who phoned to walk me thru the toe decrease and the deadly kitchner stitch. :)

Now to close - I randomly picked a winner for the 'favorite photo contest' I had a few weeks ago. I had said I was going to pick my favorite but there was no way I could just choose one so.... my hubby picked a name for me. The winner is Lisa at Oliphaunt Knits! Check out her pics of the boys in kilts.

There were some great pictures up in the contest - Thanks so much ladies for sharing. I LOVED them all!

Oh - and a shout out to Ailsa, Shannon & Kaela who had birthdays.... and I lamely missed. Happy Birthday Chickies! I'm still older than all of you. Does that help? hehe

Friday, November 18, 2005


Ok. So. I can talk about the show now. I believe that my new strategy appears to be working. Notice that the guy I soooo (not) wanted to win was voted off last night.

Its true. My vow of love is indeed the death sentence to the players.

I really love Judd. Deep down in my heart. Really.

(will my evil ever end?)

I do hate to admit this but the one guy who I thought would be the biggest weenie is turning out to be pretty smart. I won't mention names (LY you owe me for that one) but - proof once again that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Is anyone else watching "Run's House" on MTV?

A peek at what I'm working on... and getting ready to move aside for another attempt at Knitty's Ella.

Back soon!! How are YOU?!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Neil Diamond

I know its wrong.

But I love him.

And he is coming here!
To my city ("to a new and a exciting place")(oh like you don't know the song).

Right when my hubby is asking me what I want for Christmas.

Life is good.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I am going to be away for a few days. Just wanted to give a shout out to the SET & the Ornamental girls.

SET is due by November 20. This date scares me - but I'm determined to be finished. Count on me Tina! If you think you might be late in delivering your socks - please email your SET pal and let em' know. We all know each other - and I'm sure noone will be pissy if you are a little late. Donni - have I mentioned how much I love my new socks? Really wonderful.

As for Ornamental - if you have links to some kicky ornaments .... please post them. There are a lot of cute patterns out there - if ya see one - let us all know. And as Melissa did - if you need help.... just post a question. Someone out there will be able to help. I'm sure of it!!


I'll be back soon - try to keep the "missing Rox" sobs to a minimum. Eh. hehe

Have a good week!

Friday, November 11, 2005

SET Arrival

Feast your eyes upon the most beautishous socks a girl could ask for.

Ta da!!

(Sorry about the blinding white legs attached to the socks)

Its a poor day for pictures for my sad little camera - but.... if you dare to imagine.... these babies are even prettier in person. These socks were handmade by Donni just for me. Part of the whole SET KAL. Nice pretty blue, lovely cables and no constricting ribbing on my chubster calves. Could not be a better fit (Ailsa - we apparently are 'sole' sisters eh? hehe).

Sole sisters. That was a good one. Ok. Probably only to me and if I'm lucky to the other two people connected to these socks - but.... still.... good. (Donni used Ailsa as a foot model since we are similar in sizes)

Thanks so much Donni. You know.... I could not love them more.

Donni also sent me a bodacious scarf of which I have no pictures as the camera is just not having a good day - but... its truly lovely and so original. Here is a pic of the magnet she also sent.

Again - camera. Issues.

All lovely - and such a wonderful package. She sent some candy too. Um. Yeah, lets blame that missing picture on the camera too.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Busy Busy Girl

Been sooo busy lately. Both at home and away. Have I mentioned recently that I hate my temp job?

Cuz I do.

Finally got my order from Knit Picks yesterday. I'd show you the bag of goodies but some of it is gifties and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I can show you the "Dye Your Own" stuff though.... cuz its mine. Allll mine!

Dyed this yesterday using some cheapy dye from Walmart. Worked really well, not to mention you didnt have to use boiling water so there was no chance of any accidental felting.

Ohh. Ahhh. Purty eh? Light green and a light teal. I'm digging these colors together. 2 skeins @ 880 yards each. Yeah. Right after I post this.... I will be googling for shawl patterns. :)

Also have been working on a ornament pattern for the Ornamental Swap.

Say Hello to Mrs. Sheepster.

Cute eh?!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Reality TV Saturday

Yeah, I just talked about Survivor recently. Its my blog, man. My addiction.

You can skip this post. I won't be offended.

Really. I totally understand.

If I went to your blog and you were talking about Days of Our Lives or Fear Factor or similar - I'd just skip the post.

Its allowed. ;)

Its been brought to my attention that I might possibly be death to the Survivor contestants. As in, if I pick them to win - they will immediately be booted off the show.

This could be true. A cruel realization that maybe I was the reason Amy was booted or the kinda hunka hunka Brandon ( i see you A, all droolin' and stuff). Who, you remember I completely dissed at the beginning of the season.

I was wrong. I realized this recently, admitted that I was kinda digged him now. And *poof*. He was gone.

Therefor (is it therefor"e"?) I am going to take a chance and talk to you about my intense love and affection for Judd and Jamie. Yeah. I'm really digging them both now. Oh. Baby. Baby.

I soooo hope they DOn't get voted off anytime soon. Definitely. Cuz I am really so very completely positively sure that they are going to win.

And stuff.

(if this works - no thanks needed. Send yarn. )


Friday, November 04, 2005


Ok. All you SP5'ers out there.... listen up!

Recently I deleted the SP5 blog. I was getting a lot of spam via the account and decided to just delete the whole bugger.

Thing I didnt know or have the devious mind to think of is that someone would make a blog using that same SP5 blog name.

Schmuck alert.

Whats worse is that he/she put links on the site to go to porn sites. Don't go to the site and look - traffic will only encourage the schmuck. And trust me - you are not missing anything.

I just wanted to ask all of you that might have links to SP5 on your blog - delete them. If you want to keep the button - thats fine but you have to delete the link back to the old blog.

I apologize for the inconvenience and know now to never ever delete one of my blogs!

Sorry guys....

Deadlines and Stuff

Sign up ends in two days. Come on! You know you want to!!

Scarf ME!!

Wooooo Hooooo!!! My scarf from the Scarf Me exchange arrived !! The talented Maglia created this wonderful swirl of pastel reds and orange. I'm sooo loving it!

Behold its beautishusness....

My camera has been acting wonky lately - the scarf is soooo much prettier in person! Thick and plush and so very soft.

Its Misty Garden from Scarf Style, one of my all time favorite patterns! Thanks sooo much Chickie!!

Bring on winter!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well. Finally now after 5 days I can talk about the show.


First - my apologies to those of you who read my post and had yet to see the show. It won't happen again - special circumstances and I was pissed. And stuff.

So. They voted out Amy. My pick to win the Survivor contest.

This means its down to Kathy with her pick of Judd (ick)and Lisa with her pick of Rafe. Who knew?

Personally .... I'm thinking this might be one of those "Vespia" years. You know, where the gal that we really are not paying any attention to ends up winning. I guess since I can no longer root for Amy.... I am gonna pick Brandon. Who by the way is Ailsa's crush although she does not admit it easily. I really only pick him cuz he seems to be loyal to his alliance buddies & he's a Kansan.

And well, he is kinda hot.

This week there is supposed to be some kind of a immunity challenge where there is an extra immunity idol somewhere hidden. Whoever finds it - gets to use it at whatever challenge they want. This was in the previews - and on the CBS site - no spoilers from me, man. :)

So. I shall root for Brandon. Or Lydia. Whatevah. Hmmmph.