Saturday, December 31, 2005


Hello. My name is Rox and I am an America's Next Top Model junkie.

Please do not judge me.

I just started watching the reruns (did you see the one where the girl fainted or the one where the girl had the weird face ouchies going on??) and.... I kind of like it.

I see your smirk.

Sure. Like you havent watched it or something equally scary.

Come on - confess.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005 Top Ten

A meme I just started. Consider yaself tagged baby!

Top Ten for 2005

The Best Things about 2005

1o.) Pot roast soaked carrots. (who knew?)
9.) My kicky new Skechers.
8.) My kicky new warm socks from the Donnster.
7.) The Tribe.
6.) I finished an actual pair of socks. Following thru on my New Years goal to be a sock knitter by years end. Even if its only one pair of socks.... still makes me a sock knitter. Dammit.
5.) Trading in the Kia for my bad ass Explorer.
4.) Fried okra.
3.) Friends new and old.
2.) I managed to make it to the one year mark with my blogging commitment. Shocking eh?
1.) My wonderful hubby put up with me - yet another year. Took me 30 years to find him - so very worth the wait.

The Worst Things about 2005

10.) The Amazing Race - one of my favorite tv shows - sucked.
9.) Bush was not impeached.
8.) The brown bugs that attacked my foo foo pink mohair yarn in the laundry room.
7.) Diabetes.
6.) My ever expanding ass.
5.) Brad and Jen's breakup.
5.) I'm kidding! As if I care. But it does remind me of my real celebrity peeve in 2005.
5.) Tom Cruise. Gawd, man. Who taught him to speak? He was doing just fine with that sparkly smile, the 8 word vocabulary and the chiseled bod. Then someone went... and taught him a few words.... why?
4.) Poor health standards at hospitals, restaurants and yada yada. Don't ask. Its really one of those things that you don't want to know.
3.) The fact that moving into a new tax bracket just really means that you might be making more money this year - but the goverment is going to take away all the extra via a tax hike.
2.) Arthritis. (gawd I'm getting old)
1.) The countless that were lost in the awful storms, a war we can't win and senseless violence.

Your turn!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Twas the night before.....

..... the night before Christmas.

Christmas is less than 48 hours away.

Panic. Rush. Frantic list making. One more trip to the mall for the giftie you forgot. Then one more trip to the grocery store for the sugar. Or the coffee. Or....

Then panic some more.

The holidays. Gotta love em.

I probably will be busy the next couple of days (pulling my hair out) - so I wanted to take a minute and wish you all a wonderful holiday! I owe so many of you a Thank YOU for the wonderful gifties and cards that have graced my doorstep this past week. Photos and a proper Thank You to follow! Cookies, pictures (of the elusive handsome shy son at that!!), Christmas ornaments, a wonderful Ornamental giftie, tea towels, notepads, a bitchin' mug with my lovah's (Holloway hunka) picture on it (wait til you see THIS!!) and the prettiest yarn (evah!).

And a big HUG and Thank You to all that stop by here to read my babble - and let me call you friend. This year was so much better with you all in my life.

Wishing you the very best - and I'll see you in a couple days!


Saturday, December 17, 2005


I can't seem to get home in time to take some decent pics in the sunlight.... so.... these will have to do cuz I just can't wait any longer!

Mrs Donni sent me a little care package earlier this week.

(I know - awful pic.... just pretend its focused and clear!)

Ohh la la eh?! First some yummy wrist warmers that she designed. She made these in Camel - and they are so warm. They are my official 'driving' mitts now!

She also sent a wonderful skein of Karabella Gossamer in a wine red. I've never used this stuff, never even saw it before and I'm in love. Kind of lacy, mohair blend with a intermittent strand of gold running thru it. Lovely. And... she even sent me a pattern!

Next we have a Rowan booklet with the Birch pattern in it. Which I have seen on other blogs - but I could not find the pattern anywhere. Some other cute patterns too! Me. Digging this book.

She also sent a lovely ornament that came from a funky shop "just down her street" & Kaela sent me a packet of Princess stickers. Which of course is the best part of the whole package! Thanks Kaela!!

Thanks so much Donni. Yet another one of the good friends (tribey's) I have made thru this blog. Again - I'm such a lucky girl.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Easily Distracted

Got the Dixie Chicks song "Cowboy take me away" on my mind.

"I want to walk and not run
I want to skip and not fall
I want to look at the horizon
and not see a building standing tall.
I want to be the only one
For miles and miles...."

Tonight I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. All alone, deep in thought and happily knitting along on a mitten. This gal walks by, stops and says "make sure you look at the moon tonight" - and walks right on.


Strange, but this has been the week of people saying strange things to me (more on that later) so I just figure that later.... I will take a look at the moon.

Driving home I had forgotten about the woman. Besides, living in this giganto city - there is little opportunity to even see the sky. I miss living in more rural areas. I remember starry nights or nights with light cloud cover and seeing the stars peeking thru. I remember sunsets & watching a storm roll in.I miss it and wish I had appreciated it more when I had the opportunity.

I get a glimpse of the moon over the trees. Just a peek here and there and all of a sudden I luck out at a stop sign and the view is clear. A beautiful sight. I take it in and step into the 'way back' machine remembering back when I could see this view everyday.

Then the guy behind me jams on the horn. But... for one moment.... a spectacular view.

Now your turn. Go on. Step outside... look up... and breathe.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Meet Harry Elephante

(again, bad picture!!)

Yes, he does only have one eye. I sewed the first eye - decided it was blech. So I'm going to buy some glass beads for the eyes instead. He's cute eh?

He may be looking for a good home here shortly. You want?

Postcard Alert!

Look! Its a wonderful postcard from Norway... from Jacqueline... in Canada. :)

(Awful pic - poor lighting today and my photos are sucky - sorry!)

I LOVE postcards - especially ones from a traveller on vacation herself! Thank you for thinking of me Chickie!

Knitting news. Been very busy knitting lately. All the last minute fuss for Christmas presents. Why do I not think of this time in August, when I actually have time before the holidays?

Here is a shot of a mitten (well - just the yarn really) I'm working on. One down, one to go.

Recognize that yarn Danielle? The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts merino superwash. Lovely stuff that Danielle gave me when she was my spoiler in SP4. I've been saving the yarn as I could not deem anything worthy to make with such pretty fiber. I thought some mittens (for me for me for me!!) would fit the bill. Of course - there is still going to be 400 yards of this left over for me to fret over til the next "perfect" project! Thanks Danielle - I love this yarn and the pattern is perfect.

Also got a wonderful giftie in the mail from Donni today. Camera is not cooperating so I will wait to rave - cuz I'm sure you guys will want photos. Spoiled readers that you are. All five of you.


Did you see the Survivor finale? Eh? Danni won! Hooya! I was actually going to be fine with either of the final two winning. I mean - I was a Steph fan, I just didnt like her cockiness much this year. But... the KS girl came back and ended up kicking ass. Impressive. And a good end to this season of my favorite show. Previews for next year look really interesting too.

Now... what shall I do with my Thursday night 7pm time slot?

Exercise? Read a good book? Learn judo? Volunteer my time? Clean the house?

Or maybe.... I'll just start watching "Joey" instead. ;)

Monday, December 12, 2005


Just bought this. Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Her blog has some of the patterns free - check it out!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

10, 9, 8.......

*because I can't talk about Survivor til tomorrow... *

10 Random Things about Me…
* I am not a morning person
* Onions or tomatoes - nothing nastier
* I'm horrible at responding to emails or phonecalls
* I don't like the heat* I can't dance, sing or rollerskate
* I don't trust easily and burn me once - its over
* I am afraid of hospitals
* I was in a youth center for girls in my teens
* I have no patience
* Cheese popcorn is my favorite food/snack

9 Places I’ve been….
* Maui, Hawaii
* Albuquerque, NM
* New Hampshire
* Massachussetts
* Arizona
* Oklahoma
* Colorado
* Vermont
* I-70 East as far as it goes

8 Ways to Win My Heart….
* Laugh
* Goofiness
* Be kind to animals
* Chocolate
* Flowers
* Random kindness
* Honesty
* Loyalty

7 Things To Do Before I Die….
* Extensively travel (hello Australia)
* Pay off my house (to what point I don't know)
* Scuba Dive
* Forgive
* Ice skate (yeah, right!)
* Make peace with the past
* Have or adopt a baby

6 Things I’m Afraid of….
* Small spaces
* Crowds
* Spiders
* Snakes
* Death
* Being unprepared financially when I'm a senior citizen

5 Things I don’t like….
* Liars
* Fake people
* Interviews
* Garlic
* Black licorice

4 Ways to Turn Me Off….
* Only pretend to care -
* Be a bully/ass/obnoxious
* Not listen
* Sexist

3 Things I Do Everyday….
* Drink Dr Pepper
* Read my email
* Hugs/Kisses to the hubby, the pup and kitty.

2 Things That Make Me Happy….
* Doogie tossing a toy over her head, barking at it, jumping on it and starting all over again
* Email from friends

1 Thing on My Mind, RIGHT NOW….
* My feet are freeeezing!


Friday, December 09, 2005

The 1983 Mystery Man

From yesterday.... this dude:



Peter Billingsley in "A Christmas Story".

"You'll shoot your eye out".

You remember, right?

Who knew Ralphie would grow up to be such a hottie, eh?!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where were you in.....

.... 1983?

Remember him?

Think about it.....

(cruel ain't I?)


Requests for hints. Hmm

He was a child actor in 83. This is his current photo.

Look at the eyes. And the smirk.

Red Rider.

Man, I just made it way too easy.

Or maybe I'm the only one who loved this movie?!

Survivor - one more post to go....

Ok. So. For all of you that hate the show - just know that this is the final week for the season. And I will shut up talking about it.... til next season.


Well, Judd is gone. He was not a very happy camper about it either. To quote his fabulous departure speech - "scumbags, scumbags, scumbag, eaten by alligators, mumble mumble mumble".


In our Survivor contest, out of the hundreds of entries (ok, so there were only four) - Lisa has taken the grand prize. She picked Rafe to last the longest and.... he is still there. Shocking. I picked him as first to go. Proof again - I could not be MORE off on my predictions.

Lisa will be getting a prize or two for winning the contest. You lucky dawg.

Now. My predictions for the finale. You ready?

Rafe & Cindy to the final two. Thats what I think will happen.

What I'd like to happen is Dani & Rafe to the final two with Dani winning the bucks. Think about it. I first predicted that Rafe would be the first to go and that Dani wouldnt last. So - because my predictions are always completely off - I think that at least Dani has a shot. And I will admit that I misjudged her right from the beginning.

Plus, she's a KS girl.

Who do you think is going to win? Eh? Come on Kathy, Cindy, Lisa, Ailsa, Donni and all of you that watch the show but don't admit it!

And since I'm already talking about TV - lemme comment on Lost. What? Uh. The video dude and the book and the connection between the two? What is that again? Am I so focused on Sawyer that I am missing key parts to this show?

To close..... a pic of the newly shoveled driveway and sidewalk I just finished. 9 inches of snow in 24 hours. Gotta love this state.

I think I was probably shoveling this at the same time some certain chicks were off poolside relaxing in the sun.



Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Glimpse.....

..... from my neck of the woods! For all of you Chickies in warmer climates - try to keep the jealousy to a minimum eh?

Mission KS today - 4' degrees & windchill of -11'. Snow expected 4-6 inches.

Oh, the joy.

Taken from the safety of my front porch:

Yeah, its really that dark at 3pm.

Lovely eh? Making you want to look into relocating to this area eh?

My apologies to the board of tourism for KS.

ps- Thanks ladies for making me laugh over your 'most stupid moments' stories! I feel much better now!


Cuz I'm having that kind of day.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And the award for most stupid....

....ever.... goes to....


My Mother gave me these Avon samples. Ok, so I stole them out of her Avon bag. Whatever.

I'm a sucker for samples of anything and these were in these cute little bottles, all the more special. So into my purse went 2 lotions - one in Vanilla and one in Peach. I love lotions and creams, always looking for new stuff. Or for that one magic brand that will take 20 years off my face!

That night I slathered the Vanilla on my arms and legs. Later I even used some more on my hands. Had a really strong scent and I thought it was kind of wierd that it left a glisten on my skin. Didnt give it much thought though. Maybe the glisten was just temporary while it soaked in.

Next morning I get ready to hop in the shower and there is a rash on my arms and legs. What the hell? Stupid lotion. I'm pissy and itchy and a really lovely shade of red is making my pale arms/legs all the more attractive. Not.

I call my Mom to warn her. This lotion is toxic, man. Don't use it. I'm a mess.

Mom says "Roxanne, those bottles were not lotion. Those were free samples of SHOWER GEL".

And..... it said so on the friggin bottle.


And you know whats worse? This is actually not my most stupid moment EVER!

Your turn.... go on.... I dare you. Whats your most stupid moment?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Link Happy

New Knitty is up? My faves are Tubey & Marley. May even start Marley tonight as my wonderful I-Cord machine has been lonely lately.

And who is this hunka hunka?

While I'm here.... and feelin' link happy:

Kinda digging this cape.

Thinking this would be great for Ornamental. How cute is that?

Very pretty lace scarf.

Just found this site - free patterns. Lots of them!

Thats it for now. Linkage takes a lot out of a girl. :)

More tomorrow!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Cuz I'm busy and stuff. Pics of the kids with tails.

Sablesable in her "I'm a supahmodel" pose.

Doogie giving a shout-out from the dog couch.

Everybody... all at once... "awwww".


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taaaa Daaaa

Not one - but TWO finished items.


My fancy schmancy mittens.

And a pink lace ruffle scarf. Garter stitched on big needles. (look tina - will I ever run out of that sock yarn?!)

Of course - you know what I always have to say when I post pictures with my mega million dollar camera.....

...... "these are much cuter in person!"

Two down. 36 to go.