Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stuff I Wanted to Share

Ok. I'm tired. Here, take a look at these while I nap.



Paula has started the knit something for your pet KAL - you know you wanna!

Josh news.

Stuff I want that needs translated. Any Norwegians out there?

Gonna cast on for these as I saw that Tami made a pair - and they were so cute.

My friend Shannon has a new site - stop by and say Hi!

Quite possibly the funniest site I've visited in a long time - Stuff on My

Fairvue Central Bloggies - lots of sites to visit.

Heard their song on the radio - was not sure who sang it. Went thru the bowels of Best Buy hell to find out - and bought the cd. I may be the oldest woman ever to buy an AudioSlave cd. You can listen to a sampler of the song - click here, scroll down and listen to track #4.

Tomorrow I will know if we are moving to the Phoenix area. Or not. I'm planning on pushing my husband off that fence he's been sitting on. One way or another. A decision will be made.

Are you all linked out yet?

One more - look at the the Iknitiative Magic Fringe Shawl. Diggin' it.

This concludes the tour of what Rox has been doing for the last three days.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reality TV Thursday

So. Next week Survivor Panama starts. My absolute favorite show. Have you seen the previews? There are supposed to be four teams/tribes this season. Older men, older women, younger men and the younger women.

I'm thinking about how this doesnt exactly seem fair. Especially in the beginning of the season where its really not about who the smartest player might be - rather the strongest. Seems like a team of young men would kick ass in the competitions.

But this is Survivor. And God knows I am always off on my predictions. But... I'll play anyway.

Last season we had a little contest to guess who would last the longest in the game. Lisa won with her prediction of Rafe going the furthest. Hmmph.

This season, while I am not going to have a contest (but will join in if anyone else does!!), I am going to post my predictions. Because - surely - after years of guessing this.... I will eventually get one right. Maybe. Or close at least.


It could happen.

So. Panama.

The first to go is tricky as there are four groups to choose from. My first instinct says Dan (the astronaut) will be the first to go. Just because. But I have a feeling that the older women are going to lose the first challenge so I will go with Ruth.

Shane will be shady. He just looks shady to me.

Aras or Tina will win. Most likely Aras.

There I said it.

Aras, please forgive me for the jinx I've surely put on you.


And what is going on with Lost? Charlie is seeing Jesus? Sawyer is all cuddly?

Echo and the whole smoke monster thing was pretty kick ass though.

Maybe I'll make Echo my new man. Cuz Sawyer...... babe.... it kills me to see you all wussed out.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Wow! Many many Thanks to all of you and your wonderful support during my whine-fest in the last post.

I'm better now. And I really should not be worried - we are not sure about anything yet. Hopefully Thursday we will know more.

Ironically enough, last year around this same time we were in a similar situation. Rumour was my hubby was going to lose his job and we were looking into other areas. Back then - it was Denver. But he managed to hang onto his job. This year its a whole new ballgame with the company being bought by another. Its definite he will lose his job - the weenies just won't give a date.

Again -Thank You so much for soothing my grumblings. :)

Now for the Pet KAL Thingy girls. Don't hate me but I am going to put it on hold right now. I feel like maybe I should wait as I've got too many eggs in my basket right now. But - don't let me stop you from making a giftie for your pet - or a homeless one! And maybe later - I'll start the KAL again.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Its all about me

This last month has been nothing but a giant ball of stress. My hubby is going to be losing his job in the next "45-60" days. Or so his current employer has hinted at. His company was recently bought by the competition and the future for the Kansas City offices - is bleak.

With this area being so very lacking in jobs for his trade - he's started looking in other states. Right now he has a interview in Phoenix next week - and I am really freaking out about it.

Phoenix. Land of 110 degrees in the summer. I hate the heat. I hate summer. And I am not a big fan of the sun. I have a skin pigment where parts of my skin doesnt tan. So any tan I get - is always accompanied by a blotch of white. Its not attractive. Not to mention the blotchy parts - burn. Big time. So I do my best to avoid the sun. Which in KS is bad enough. We have awful summers here. But nothing compared to AZ.

I was reading here about a record heat day in Phoenix where the temp topped out at over 120 degrees. *#&%. Don't get me started on the bitch factor I enter when I'm too warm either. If you've been around me in the summer - you've seen it. It aint pretty.

There is also the whole "critter" thing. Spiders. Snakes. Scorpions (and not the band either).

Ok. But..... there is the fact that its a couple hours drive to the ocean. Or the kabillion places in CA I've never been. And Vegas. And I'm a little closer to my sister in AK.

Ok. Maybe its not that bad. I can wear hats. Sunblock. Stay in a/c during the nasty months. I'll avoid the critters. It will be a fresh start and maybe I will not be so shy - and actually join a knitting group. New yarn shops to hit.

And.... we will travel. A lot.

Done whining now.

Thanks for listening.... I feel better. :)

Friday, January 20, 2006

The great thing about being a blonde.....

.......The absolute best blonde joke ever.

(pet kal thingy people.... havent forgotten about you.... this weekend .... I promise!)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What did Your stock close at today?

Just stumbled across this.


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Pet KAL Thingy

Been thinking about a KAL that is just for making something for our pets. You know, a dog sweater or cat toy... yada yada.

Then I thought - what about a KAL that is not only for our kids with tails but also includes those pets less fortunate.

Have you ever been to a homeless animal shelter? If so - then you know the gut wrenching feeling you have when you leave. And all the eyes in all the little cages follow you. Then you go home and your thoughts are plagued with the little pup or kitten that caught your heart that day. You can't help them all (although you want to) but maybe if you could do just a little something for one or two of them......

Here is the plan Stan.

I am starting a KAL named "Kids with Tails". The plan is to not only make something for your little bundle of fur - but for one currently in a shelter. You can either see to it yourself that your giftie for the homeless animal goes to one of your local shelters or you can send it to me and I will donate it (in your name of course!) to a shelter in my area.

Think of how much your pet will love a new special gift just for them? Then imagine how much a animal in need would so welcome something made with love.

Just starting on making the blog purty but I will be adding free pattern links to the sidebar here in the next day or so. I'll even make a kicky button. Cuz you are worth it, man.

This is KAL is for all crafters. Knit, Sew, Crochet or whatever your talent. And you don't even have to have a pet to participate.

So.... you wanna play? Email me or leave a comment!

Perchance to Knit...........

Susie's Etsy store ..... lovely handspun and hand dyed yarns. Look!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Tabletop of Shame


The clutter in my house has now taken over my tabletop too. This is the coffee table that people who visit my home see. Its the center of the room. The focal point if you will. It used to have a lovely vase of flowers and magazines perfectly fan shaped on it.

Now its this. Two different knits that I'm working on. And you see, I can't put one away and just work on the other. No. I'm physically unable to do that. So they both sit there with one looking at me jealously while I work with the other.

The table also has my other 'need to do this' stuff on it. See the addy labels? Yeah, those all need to go on boxes that I should of sent out yesterday. The little book with the sunflower on it - well thats the address book that I will use .... for the labels.... for the boxes..... that should of gone out yesterday.

And I won't even show you what my sewing/craft table looks like. The table might even be gone - and now just a giant pile of stuff that I want to do but never seem to get around to.

What happened to my neat and tidy house? When did I become Clutter Woman?


Calling out to all the neat freaks. I know you are there. I've seen the pictures on your blogs. Help!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

One hour of surfing the web.....

.....and I've managed to add a dozen items to my to-knit list for this year.

New MagKnits is up.

Small Knits - some cute free patterns.

A cabled scarf I think I need.

Herringbone Lace. On the list.

Still on the list from last year - Irish Hiking Scarf.

Bonbon Wrap. Cuuute. (Susie.... is this like the scouts scarf you were talking about?)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th

hehe - the post yesterday with the er, interesting outfit is actually from here. Defined as "wearable art". Which I guess is kind of true. Art should capture your attention, be unique and make you wonder what the artist was thinking at the time the piece was made. Definitely did all of this for me.

And then some.

Yesterday I bought a couple of these,

and a little of this.

Malabrigo Yarns. Have you heard of this stuff? Wonderful soft, handpainted merino. All of these will be winging their way off to new homes this weekend. Along with a contest win giftie to the ever so patient LisaB (sorrrrry!).

Also Shannon - look! Do I have the exact yarn for this or what??? Eh??? A gorgeous shawl pattern that looks within my limited range of knitting skills. Hooyah!

And finally - reality tv news. What are they doing to my man on Lost? Cuz it seems to me like they are trying to make him all cuddly and stuff now. Blech. He is not cuddly. He's a bad ass with a soft side for chunky blondes from KS. Yeah. Thats how you guys see him too.... right?


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A peek at progress with Ella.

Still fence sitting on using the Noro Kureyon but.... we'll see.

I also stumbled across this bell sleeved shrug pattern. Way too cute. And I even have a couple skeins of Wool Ease on hand. Donni - you wanna?

Whats the deal with me and not wanting to knit anything alone? Am I a co-dependent knitter?

Don't answer that. Cuz I'm getting ready to start a new KAL here soon. There is already a Ella KAL so I can't do that..... but I have a few other ideas in mind. Maybe a swap thing.

Maybe. What do you think? Eh?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ok. So. Do you think I could make Ella using larger needles and ..... Noro Kureyon?

Already kind of started it.

And I'm on the fence about whether it will work. I know it will be a larger finished item and thats ok, but worried about how this yarn will block. The pattern (deceptively easy peasy for the first 25 rows!!) looks complicated and I'd hate to have to frog.

What do you think??

And to those who asked.... here is the link to what I've started with the eBay sales. Posting more stuff each day as 'Operation Stash Reduction' has begun!

Weather is crap here today. Snow, rain, slush, sleet and muck. Tomorrow its supposed to be in the 50's. Pick a season.... and go with it already.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Little bit of this.....

.... little bit of that.

My newest obsession. Obsessed I say.

Wrist warmers. Have made probably a dozen pairs in the last month. A three hour knit. Easy peasy and they make great gifties! These were made on #10's using Bernat Denim. Which might just be my favorite cheap yarn.

Next we have a photo of "where I knit". Cece tagged me for this last month! Behold the red loveseat in the den.

Yes, I will take the sheet off of the cushions when Better Homes & Gardens do their photo shoot in my oh-so-fancy designer home. If you've ever had a dog chew on a rawhide (brown stains!) while sitting on your NEW couch - you would have a lovely sheet on your loveseat too. Kim, that is my Dr Pepper mug. The little box in the mid right corner holds all my crochet hooks, dpn's and stitch markers. Don't forget about Sable Sable laying on the end - she's all about the warmth coming from the lamp.

Ms Danielle once again surprised me last week with some wonderful PINK stitch markers. A bad shot for you:

Cute eh? Also sent me some mints in the cutest little bear tin and a lovely card! Thanks chickie - I lucked out in SP4 you know. :)

Working right now on getting some knitting magazines up on eBay. Doing some serious stash reduction. Magazines (IK, VK and others), a couple Debbie Bliss books & eventually I'll have some yarn. Seems like things I sell on eBay always go very fast and I usually get a good price but its so much work. The pictures, the description, figuring out shipping, yada yada.

Which reminds me. I need a nap.


See ya tomorrow!

ps -thinkin' about starting a KAL for those of us making something for our pets. Any interest?? Eh?? Cuz I'm KAL free right now and feeling lonely. And stuff!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


There are reasons why I have not posted since Wednesday.

Good reasons.

Here's one.

A brand new puter. Ohh. Ahh.

I've been trying to figure out new website software we just bought too. Its called Namo Web Editor. And its scary as hell. The outside of the box made it sound so very simple. I swear I can't get thru the first twenty pages of the booklet. Easy my ass. If anyone knows anything about this program - holler at me.


We also found a affordable digital camera that I'm hoping is a HUGE step from our current. Kodak EasyShare. Was the cheapest camera we could find that offered Optical zoom so we took the plunge. Soon - I will hopefully no longer bitch about my poor quality photos.

What will I do with all that free time eh?

Just got the new Jil Eaton book "Puppy Knits". Oh my gawd. These are some of the cutest dog patterns I've ever seen. One is even in fair isle. Maybe.... just maybe.... this will be my first attempt at FI? Maybe?

So a knitting book, a camera and a computer. Visa should be sending us a big fat Thank You card any day now.


Ok. So - I've got a software book calling my name! Tomorrow - real live knitting. Promise!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey There....

Doogie just wanted to say hello.

If you could - please don't tell her about the choppy, scary haircut I gave her last night. There are some things a beauty queen pup just doesnt need to know.

I would love to get an absolutely awful haircut and still be this cute!

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Stuff

A few minutes here to say Hi (!!!) and wish you all a wonderful New Year!!

I have four resolutions/goals this year.

Lose weight. (gawd, man - do I need to lose weight).

Stay in touch with my friends and family better.

Learn to do Fair Isle knitting. Remember me with the sock knitting drama/woes in 2005? Well, this time around it will be me bitching my way thru the year with the fair isle saga. You've been warned. ;)

Start sewing again. See, I have this new friend who sews wonderfully. And I think that if I ask nicely - she would offer help and advice. And stuff.

So thats it.

Oh, wait - I plan on spending the full year swooning over my lovah too.

Can you see the pic? Its Josh! The Donnster sent this to me and I have deemed it the most pretty mug evah. Thanks Donni - its my new diet cola drinkin' mug!

Happy New Year everyone!!