Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Haircut

Ok. So. I have this thing about posting photos of myself on the blog. I don't know if it stems from insecurity or if I'd rather just stay anonymous or what. But.... its a thing. It drives friends (yeah, you Susie) nuts. But..... its me.

So to break my rules and because you were so nice about asking to see the new haircut - here goes. Brace yourself.

The wet look in all my un-makeup wearing glory.

Shannon - see the sewing machine - its out! You shocked?

Bubble head back

Its ok - taking me a bit to get used to but..... I think I like it. If it wasnt so bowling ball'ish I'd dig it a bit more. But I like that its soooo short in the back yet I have something to work with in front. Just dawned on me - I have a reversed mullet. hehe. My sister will never let that one die.

As I look at these pics I am also reading Susie's mind. Want to know what she is thinking? She will probably even IM me and say this.

"Oh sure. That was a full picture of you. You can't even see your eyes."

Do I know my friends or what?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

We're Here

We made it thru the move to the new house alive.


Still a lot to do at the old house. Cleaning, yard work and all that blech. I'm heading over there today to take care of a good chunk of it.

I'm also getting my hair chopped off. All of it. Short. Considering it falls to the middle of my back right now - I may have balance issues when its all gone. Although I look like hell with short hair, I am just soooo tired of all the hassle. Not to mention I rarely wear it down anymore. Always clipped on top of my head. And looking in the mirror this morning it dawned on me that I'm a little too Peg Bundy for comfort.

So.... its gone. Depending on the ug factor - I may post a picture. Be afraid.

A quick word to those of you I terrorize daily (you know you love it) with emails or phone calls or IM's - sorry for my slack ass. I'll be back!

I'm off! Pics to come of the new digs.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another Sunday

I was going to bore you with a big whiny post.

You know, like most of my other posts.

Crack myself up.

Anyway, I changed my mind and thought I'd share with you my internet adventures today. I've been all over. From California to Boston, up around Canada, briefly in England, a quick stop in Australia and then back home. (Remind me in about two weeks to hide the credit card statement from my hubby)

I'm exhausted.

I resisted but I'm pretty sure I need this purse. Just a cheaper version. Much cheaper. Like thrift-store cheap.

I also think that I want to try my hand at making my own lip balm.

A sneak peek at what I am making you for Christmas.

A kick ass futon that I love but the hubby is not a fan of. Its cute, don't ya think?


You tired yet?

Just bought #453 and am going to make that neck cosy. Cute.

Also bought this. Scared a'me.

Figured out what a crumpet is.

There. I'm done. Well not really. But everything else is really dull. As opposed to all the exciting, mind blowing other stuff.


For Kaela

For Ms. K who kindly shares her moon with me each day.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Big Plans. Wanna Come?

So. A group of us crafterly chicks have been toying with the idea of having a big meet up/ get-together in Vegas next year. Figure it would be a way for all of us to meet and it would be in a neutral (yet fun fun fun) location. There are lots of fun things to do in Vegas besides losing all your money in a slot machine. Might even be able to get really discounted rates if there are enough of us.

What do you think? Any interest? You'd have a whole year to save your money! And I'd do my best to get us discounts.

Pup Cuteness

Doogie in her new red jacket. (shannon, see your purse in the corner?)

She was allllll about holding still for me that day. Not. Couldnt get a picture that was not blurred by her moving til we were in the car.

But dayum she's cute!


Well, we got the house. Hooya. We hope to move in either Sunday or at the latest on Tuesday. I'm very excited but the whole idea of MOVING sucks! The good thing is that when my hubby was trying for the job in Arizona and I had packed up the entire house in a panic - I never unpacked. We've been using the same two forks, plates, glasses and pan (aka eating a lot of fast food) but..... everything is packed and ready to go. Now - to just go. :)

Got a wonderful Valentine giftie from the also wonderful Bethieee and Tahlia. In all the drama and stress that SP5 cause me (or I let it cause me) I am always reminded of the wonderful people I met that allowed me into their circle. Bethiee and Tahlia are two of those people. (along with the donnster, kim, shannon, Adele and soooo many more!). Thanks so much ladies. They sent me three little valentine boxes stuffed with goodies. Also a bag of jelly beans that uhm, didnt make the picture.

I also received (another surprise) a wonderful RAOK from Ms. A. Super soft merino from Painted Yarns. And a postcard to add to my collection. Thanks girlie - I'm dreaming of what to make with this gorgeous colorway!

In all thats going on around here I have managed to take some time to knit. Just a simple moss edging, stockinette scarf. Going to be similar to Knitty's Flora, just my own version. Its my Knitting Olympics entry. Doubting I'll win gold for it - but at least I showed up for the race eh. Pics when its finished. Using Rowan Kid Classic and leftover Reynolds Brushed Alpaca for the flower.

Off to the temp job from hell. ;)

ps - did you see my lovah kill the frog last night? Uncool. I said "bad ass" not "asshole". May have to find me a new lovah.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Last Four Days.......

Look - proof that I have been knitting. Here is a pic of the kicky little dog sweater I started for the FurKids kal.

(I know that pic had to be HUGE for those of you reading via Bloglines - sorry....how to fix?)

This is the yarn I was using for Knitty's Ella. Which was a huge disaster with the Kuryeon. More on that another day. Hmph. Anyhoo, this is a pattern from Jil Eaton's Puppy Knits. And while I still need to finish the leg part of the sweater - its really quite cute. Too small for my pup but I'm sure I'll find a good home for it.

Here is the reason (or at least one of em') I've not been knitting lately. Rug obsession.

The first one is a little too latch hook'y to me. Kinda lame. The second one.... I may be digging. Very kicky, funky and cool. We'll see. The owners of the house we are trying to buy had this kick ass rug in front of their kitchen sink. I've been obsessed with making something similar. Obsessed I say. Have you ever had that happen? Where it just takes over your brain?

I've also been long overdue in thanking a couple of people for some wonderful gifties sent my way. First, there is the package from the Donnster and Sharon.

Sent to me via San Francisco from Australia! Sharon made that bag. Cute eh? I love em it!~ Has a litttle handle on it and a toggle button to gather for closure on the top. Just perfect design.

Donni sent me the notebook (for my knitting adventures), candy that has long since vanished (yum) and strangely enough - she sent me a tube (is that what I'd call it?) of Vegemite.

For all of you outside of Australia - if you are like me and curious about the stuff - a few words on Vegemite.

Its scary. I mean, scary. Its a dark brown oil resembling substance which completely caught me off guard. I had imagined a mayo type of spread. The taste is kind of bitter, very salty and it lingers. I can't imagine you would use much on whatever it is you use this stuff with! Then there is the smell. Its like bread dough that has soaked in soy sauce. Just bizarre. Yet, so interesting. Completely forgeign to this country yet - made by Kraft Foods.

Now, I'm hoping that my Australian buds know that I love you even if you eat Vegemite. And you feel the same about me too. Right?

Thanks Sharon & Donni - soooo much fun in that package!

Next in the giftie parade.

Shannon, also a fabulous bag maker, sent me a wonderful HAND WRITTEN pattern for my first sewn bag. As in she wrote it all out, dimensions and all and gave it to me. Killer thoughtful. Now to get my ass in gear..... and start!

I've received some other surprises in the mail that I'll share with you tomorrow. My post from yesterday vanished - and I fear it was because of too many pictures. So - I'll not poke the bear today.

Did you know that today is Kim's birthday? Stop by.... wish her a happy 31st!

(hehe - she will sooo love me for that)

Off to see what you've been up to lately!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Olathe Hillbillies

Despite the crossing of fingers/toes worldwide - we didnt get the lovely house we placed a bid on. But not to fret or check your toes for signs of weakness..... we did find another house that we also love. And its cheaper. And they accepted our offer. And....

**pause..... building anticipation.......pause**

...... it has a pool. Which - if you know me or have stopped by here on a day when I was bitching about KS being landlocked and me be being a fish out of water - a pool is my dream.

A little peek at the new house.

And then.... I will shut up about the house. Maybe.

Screened in room out back :

My hubby and I thank you all for all your warm thoughts, well wishes and toe crossing. I owe you one. And.... you know.... its a given.... if you ever are in the area - dinner at our house!

Tomorrow - real live knitting content. And also tomorrow - proper Thanks to Sharon, Donni, Shannon, Kim & Adele for special stuff I've been slack ass on telling you about!

Thanks guys..... all of you.

See ya tomorrow!

For Kim

This one is for Kim who cracked me up today.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What I've been up to .....

House shopping is hard work.


But our realtor is very cool. If you are in this area - and needing a wonderful realtor, he's your guy. Holler at me if you want his info.

A sneak peek at THE house we are wanting. We placed a bid today at 6pm. We will know by 3pm tomorrow. Any extra finger and toe crossing you could do for us would be kindly appreciated.

Closing costs, appraisal fee's, inspector fee's, taxes and yada yada yada. Ack!

I'm off now to search the couch cushions for change. hehe

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Alright. Decisions have been made. Spousal asses have been whooped. All of this means that we are going to stick it out in Kansas. Hubby is currently job hunting.... and I am house hunting. It was a compromise. And really, you don't want me to go into details. Trust me on this one.

Absolutely no knitting to report. None. Its been hell. I packed up all my projects except for one item. I've been so tired lately that I just have not had it in me to knit. I know. Thats scary. But true. Not to mention I broke (girly girl stuff coming, lemme apologize in advance) a fingernail wayyyy back and its really just too painful to knit.

I do miss it though. I'm restless and my brain is cluttered. Time spent knitting is relaxation for me. So, soon. I'll be back with the sticks...

I have so many things I want to work on. Shannon's wonderful bags, some new ideas for fingerless mitts, an idea for a giftie for my Tribe buds and more.

The new Interweave Knits comes out in a few weeks. Some really cute patterns in this round. Sooo loving the belt bag.

Magknits is up too.

Survivor starts tonight. Hooya! Rumour has it (and they say this every season) that this is supposed to be the best Survivor ever. We'll see. You know I'll watch either way. Its an addiction.

**edited to add - Just watched Survivor. Do I know how to pick em' or what?