Friday, April 21, 2006

Breaking up...

Wrote out a long post earlier today.... and Blogger apparently went down during my writing. Of course, they don't tell you they are down when you are in the middle of a post. Nor do they save said post.

And its happened to me more than once.

Its official.... I'm moving to my own site. Working on it this weekend.

And maybe the Blogline users won't cuss me for the ginormous (so love that word Lisa!) pictures then!

Linkage .....

Pretty handspun yarn

Lace KAL.... resist.....resist....

Building steps help (this link is really just to make it appear that I am actually putting in time on the damn deck steps)

My to-do link list

Felt beads?

Furryarns - new to me but interesting

Sewing talent

My hubby dreams of this lamp. Won't that just class up an area? Hmph. But we do have an anniversary next month.... and he is a good hubby...... and really, I'm no Martha Stewart. Ok.. maybe.

Dr Pepper flavored beef jerky. It is as scary as it sounds. Kim can vouch for its flavor. Or lack of.

See ya this weekend. On the new blog. Huge party. Wouldnt be the same without you....



At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are realy great!


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